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Get mobile 2010_-_apple_app_approval_process


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  • 1. tailwave
    Apple App StoreReviewGuidelines
    Polle van Elsacker, Tailwave
  • 2. History of App Store Approval Process
  • 3. Introducing App Store Review Guidelines
    Lots of kids downloading lots of of Apps, not too many parents using parental controls
    250.000 Apps, new Apps need to add something useful or some form of lasting entertainment
    There are many serious developers who don’t want their quality Apps surrounded by amateur hour
    Real life legislation and rules apply to the App development environment
  • 4. Terms and Conditions
    You are bound by terms of the following documents:
    Program License Agreement (PLA)
    Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
    Read these documents carefully and subscribe to Apple
    Development newsletters, Twitter or RSS feed to stayup
    to date of changes.
  • 5. Functionality
    Apps that crash, exhibit bugs, are in beta/demo/trial, use non-public API’s or download any kind of code
    Apps larger then 20 Mb will not download over cellular networks (automatically prohibited)
    Apps that browse the web must use the iOSWebKit Framework and WebKitJavascript
    Apps that are intended to provide fake functionality or inccorect diagnostic data will be rejected
  • 6. Metadata (name, descriptions, ratings etc.)
    Apps with metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected
    Apps with placeholder text will be rejected
    Names and icons displayed on iTunes Connect and on device should be similar, so not to cause confusion
    Manipulating user reviews is carefully monitored and punished with iOS Developer Program exclusion
  • 7. Location
    Apps that don’t notify and obtain user consent before collecting, using or transmitting location data
    Apps that use location-based APIs for automatic control over vehicles, aircraft, other devices
    Apps that use location-based APIs for dispatch, fleet management, emergency services
  • 8. Push Notifications
    Apps providing Push Notification without using the Apple Push Notification API (APN)
    Apps that charge for Push Notifications
    Apps that use location-based APIs for dispatch, fleet management, emergency services
  • 9. Game Center
    Apps that display any Player ID or use Player ID for anything other then approved by Game Center
    Game Center information like leader boards may only be used when approved for use by Game Center
    Apps that excessively use network capicity or bandwith of the Game Center
  • 10. iAds
    Apps that artificially increase number of impressions or click-throughs
    Apps containing empty iAd banners
    Apps designed predominantly to display iAd banners
  • 11. Trademarks
    Apps must comply with all trademarks, terms and conditions outlined in Apple Trademark List
    Google Maps API may be used when all brand features from original content remain unaltered
    Use of 3rd party material requires a documents right check which must be provided on request
  • 12. Media Content
    Apps that don’t use the MediaPlayer framework to access media in the Music Library will be rejected
    Audio streaming over cellular network may not use more then 5Mb over 5 minutes
    App user interfaces that mimic any iPod interface will be rejected
  • 13. User Interface
    Comply with the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
    Apps that alter functions of standard switches (such as volume keys) will be rejected
    Apple sets a high bar for user interfaces
    “If your user interface is less then very good it will be rejected”
  • 14. Purchasing
    Apps that don’t use the App Purchase API (IAP) to puchase content/functionality/services
    Content subscriptions using IAP must last a minimum of 30 days and be available to all user iOS devices
    In general, the more expensive the App, the closer it will be reviewed
  • 15. Scraping and Aggregation
    Scraping from Apple sites is prohibited
    Apps may use approved Apple RSS feeds such as the iTunes Store RSS feed
    Simple web clippings Apps, content aggregators, collections of links etc. may be rejected.
  • 16. Violence
    Apps portraying realistic images of anything with a heartbeat getting hurt will be rejected
    “Enemies” cannot target a specific race, culture, coporation or any other real entity
    Apps that include games of Russian roulette will be rejected..
  • 17. Pornography
    Apps containing pornographic material as defined by the Webster’s Dictionary will be rejected
    Apps containing user generated content that’s frequently pornographic (eg. Chat Roulette) will be rejected
  • 18. Privacy
    Apps cannot transmis data about a user without prior permission from user
    Access to and information about how and where the data is located should be provided
    Apps targeting minors for data collection will be rejected
  • 19. Contests, Sweepstakes, Lotteries
    Must be sponsored by the developer of the App
    Rules must be presented in the App and make clear Apple is not involved in the activity whatsoever
    Direct purchase of lottery or raffle ticket is prohibited
  • 20. Review Board: Appeal App Rejections
    Login to the iOS Developer Center.
    Click on the App Store link on the right sidebar.
    Click on Approval Process link.
    Click on App Review Board.
  • 21. App Store Submission Tips
    Prevent a blank Ad spacefromappearingwhenAds are notavailable
    Don’tforget to includenetworkerror alerts in your code
    Provide additionalinformationfor the AppReviewProcess, use the field “Demo Account – Full Access
    Assignkeywordscarefully to getfoundbetter, readthis article
    EasterEggscanbefun, justmentionthatthey’re in there!
  • 22. Useful Links
    App Store Resource Center
    iOS Developer Program User Guide
    iTunes Connect Developer Guide
    iTunes Connect FAQ
    Developer Support Center
  • 23. Thank you, happy devving!
    Polle van Elsacker
    Twitter: @tllmn
  • 24. References
    Image slide 1:
    Image slide 2:
    Main source of text: App Store Review Guidelines, Apple Inc. available from App Developer Support
    App Store Submission tips: