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  • Massive shift due to technology\nripple effect\nsocial media\ndisruption\ncommunications ~ \npush message marketing to engagement\nRunning the show as ‘business as usual’ is complacent - Time to get Proactive!\n
  • Licensed just ahead of market crash and Social Media Revolution \nEarly Adopter\nDidn’t want to market traditionally after selling Radio Advertising\nUnderstand the pain of the consumer AND the Agent/ ANd Brokerage AND associations\nsat on Communications Committee 2 years \nRecognized the shift early \ncoined it #feeltheshift\nSaw everyone get excited about Social Media Revolution....because of ability to connect\nNew opportunities\n
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  • Brian says: “Landscape for business isn’t changing because of social media - it’s changing because consumer expectations are evolving.”\n
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  • Matthew Shadbolt\nDirector Interactive Produce and Marketing Corcoran Group Manhatten\n\nFoursquare strategies - leaving tips for where to get\n~ best steaks/hamburgers/beat lines\n\ninteractive digital home search on their window\nStrong use of images: \n~ architecture; fashion; food porn and lifestyle \n\nCarving out huge mind share with their consumer - optimizing the experience - FOCUS on giving less on promoting themselves.\n\nMatthew understands: Real time engagement...Ticker on Facebook; personal responses; identifying interests and delivering.\n
  • So Digital Darwinism is the “Evolution of Digital Behaviour”\n~Don’t need to embrace all of the technology. Social Media is only part of the equation. Mobile, tablet, Geo location, touch and swipe ...the entire experience has changed.\nFirst seek to understand it...do your research. \n
  • paradigm shift\n
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  • YouTube link: http://youtu.be/y-LffjqYJjk\n
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  • YouTube Behind The Brand: http://youtu.be/cU2yzDZRMwk\n9:05 min mark\n
  • Simon studied at Harvard.\nSpeaks to organizations globally \n
  • YouTube TedTalk: http://youtu.be/qp0HIF3SfI4 \n2 min mark\n
  • Determining your Value Proposition is key and then being able to articulate that to your members \nembrace the technology\nembrace the style of communications your members prefer\neliminate friction\nmake it easy\nFocus on Culture *Zappos\nhelp everyone grow personally and professionally\nSeek to change the world #Inspire\n
  • Billy would have had an easier time with buy in if he had been able to share his vision - known clearly his WHY. Once the team understood they were inspired to take action!\n
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  • Actionable steps:\nStrip down barriers - CHANGE the rules\nEliminate FEAR!\nOpen Dialogue!\nEncourage discussion at all levels \nand BE a Change Agent!\n
  • no more status quo.\nThe Future is NOW!\nTake the lead!\n
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  • Feel the shift presentation (1) pc version (1)

    1. 1. Feel The Shift Presented by: @TeriConrad
    2. 2. So What’s My Story•What led me here?•Why is my story relevant?•What do I see?•What’s the FUTURE?
    3. 3. Disruption Where did these GIANTS go?
    4. 4. Disruption How the ConnectedConsumer likes to gather their information.
    5. 5. Future is NOW “Adapt Or Die” ~ Brian SolisAuthor “End of Business as Usual”
    6. 6. The Connected Consumer•Conversations happening IN the STREAM•Optimized Experience•Storytelling ~ make it meaningful
    7. 7. Matthew ShadboltDirector of Interactive Product & Marketing
    8. 8. Digital Darwinism andthe Connected Consumer
    9. 9. Fear of Change•Ego•Personal Agendas•Scarcity•Holding On•Justification
    10. 10. • Perception IS Reality > Paradigm Shift• We can choose how to frame Reality• What do you see?• Young beautiful woman or old woman?
    11. 11. Bold and Brave • Oakland A’s General Manager: Billy Beane (2002) • Competed with $41 Mill against NY Yankees $125 Mill budget • Embraced whole new system of statistical analysis • Flewin the face of conventional baseball wisdom • Changed the game forever.
    12. 12. MoneyBall“First guy through the wall always gets bloody”
    13. 13. MoneyBall“First guy through the wall always gets bloody”
    14. 14. Brian Solis onBehind the Brand TV
    15. 15. Brian Solis onBehind the Brand TV
    16. 16. Simon SinekStart with Why
    17. 17. Great LeadersInspire Action
    18. 18. Great LeadersInspire Action
    19. 19. Golden Circle “People don’t buy WHAT youdo....They buy WHY you do it.” ~ Simon Sinek
    20. 20. Lessons from Billy Beane• Consider what NOT to do• Ask the right questions• Define the problem• Identify your WHY and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)• Buy-In is KEY ~ But don’t be afraid to ‘get bloody’.• Articulate your Vision clearly
    21. 21. change agent
    22. 22. change agent
    23. 23. So what’s the Metaphor?•Take that Chance.•Do something New.•Be a Change Agent•Just MAYBE you’ll hit aHome Run!! :)
    24. 24. “Make a DENT in the Universe.” ~ Steve Jobs
    25. 25. Connect with me @TeriConradwww.tericonrad.ca