Wasabi Ventures Academy: Startup Ecosystem Landscape


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There is a great deal of talk about the "ecosystem" of the startup world, but what does that really mean? This class will give an overview of the startup world and all of its aspects and components.
In addition, the class will cover the areas where WV plays in the environment.

This is the first class in the Wasabi Ventures Academy Analyst training program.
If you are interested in taking part in a future WV Academy class, email wvacademy @ wasabiventures.com

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Wasabi Ventures Academy: Startup Ecosystem Landscape

  1. 1. An Innovative And Dynamic Approach To Venture Capital And Incubation The Startup Ecosystem Landscape Part of the Wasabi Ventures Academy – Startup Foundations
  2. 2. Startup = an early-stage technology entity that is trying to position itself for rapid, measurable growth in customers, revenue, and market influence. What Is A Startup? Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  3. 3. Difference Between A Startup And A Small Business Small Businesses Startups Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  4. 4. How To Define A Startup PEOPLE MONEY STAGE OF CUSTOMER ACQUISITION/DEVELOPMENT NOTE: The next three slides are the way that Wasabi Ventures defines the ecosystem. Not everyone defines it this way. Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  5. 5. Startup Measured By People More than 100 people EARLY STAGE BUILDING STAGE GROWTH PHASE REAL COMPANYOnly the founders still involved Founders + less than 10 employees Founders + less than 100 people Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  6. 6. Startup Measured By Money More than $10 MM raised EARLY STAGE BUILDING STAGE GROWTH PHASE REAL COMPANYBootstrapped or less than $100K raised Less than $1MM raised Less than $10 MM raised Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  7. 7. Startup Measured By Customer Acquisition/Development People use it in ways never intended EARLY STAGE BUILDING STAGE GROWTH PHASE REAL COMPANYNo one can use it except in PowerPoint Only people who are hand-held with help can use it, i.e. it is not perfect Anyone and everyone can use it Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  8. 8. Monetary Startup Ecosystem “Friends and Family” NOTE: You will have no idea what these mean if you just listen to people say the words. “Angels” “Early Stage VCs” “Late Stage VCs” 1 2 3 4 Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  9. 9. The Startup Ecosystem The Founders Schools and Universities Financing Folks Service Providers Hanger OnsOutsourcers Lawyers and Accountants Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  10. 10. Where Does WV Fit In The Ecosystem? The real goal of WV is to create as many founders as possible and help them be successful The Earlier the Better “Early Stage” is where we are happiest Can play up to the “Growth Stage” Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
  11. 11. If you are interested or know some interested in the Wasabi Ventures Academy, email wvacademy@wasabiventures.com Academy.wasabiventures.com @wasabiventures
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