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Resumes tell you where you worked, I want to show you HOW I get results. …

Resumes tell you where you worked, I want to show you HOW I get results.

This PPT presentation is an overview of my body of work, how I have grown revenues, profits and relationships and more detail of who I am and my style.

If you are not satisfied with your sales results, or you know of someone where my style may fit, I look forward to your contact.

Good Selling!

-Tim Karnitz

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  • 1. Tim Karnitz
    Results are the ONLY measurement
    Over 20 years of Direct Selling Experience
    Specializing in High End Sales, Sales Management & National Accounts
    “I Grow Revenues, Increase Profits and
    Build Long Lasting Relationships”
    Website : http://www.jobfox.com/people/tim-karnitz
    LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/timkarnitz
  • 2. I Am In An Active Search for the Right “Fit”
    • It’s what I do . . . I grow revenues, increase profits and build long lasting relationships – through sales and sales management.
    • 3. With Fortune 500 Companies and Global Leading Brands that include . . .
    Toro/ Division – The Global Leader in the Turf Management Industry
    - Developed Training Process, Increased Profits, Introduced Sales Comp Plans
    Caterpillar / Dealer – Heavy Construction Equipment Leader (slides 3& 4)
    -Grew Market share, Increased Profits, implemented sales pipelines, Hired “Dream Team”
    Tennant Co- Leader in Industrial Floor Maintenance Equipment (slide 5)
    - Increased revenues by triple digit margins, Ranked in to 3% nationally, won Key Accts.
    Thermo King, Inc. - World Leader in Transport Refrigeration (Slide 6)
    - Increased revenue, C-Level National Account relationships, created innovative programs
  • 4. What Is My Style?
    • Described as a “Coach,” a “Partner” and a “TeamMember”
    • 5. Key strengths: Bringing people and solutions together
    • 6. Complimented by C-Level Management on building customer relations as, “you get it ”
    • 7. Have been told that I bring a creative , adaptable and approachable way of getting things done.
    Does this Fit Your Style?
  • 8. Participate More, Win More: Growing Market Share Selling Caterpillar in 2009
    • As the Sales Manager,
    increase market share at one of the lowest producing Caterpillar dealerships in the U.S., during the economic collapse of 2009
    • Evaluated sales staff skills. Re-positioned three non-hunters, recruited industry “hunters”
    • 9. Created sales pipeline to evaluate Probability to Win (PW%) of each deal – focused on 50%-90% projects as targets
    • 10. Implemented sales blitz to increase participation
    • 11. Field travel focused on coaching, target projects and moving projects to the next step for PW%
    • Increased Heavy Equipment Market Share (CMI) by 5% between June and December 2009 to 38% YE
    • 12. Additionally raised monthly market share to 70% December 2009 and January 2010
  • Focus on Profit Margins in 2009Selling Caterpillar and bringing results in Profits
    • As the Sales Manager,
    Meet or Exceed Division Profitability Goals in the Economic Recession of 2009
    • Targeted Governmental opportunities as Emerging Market for 2009 and 2010 – higher margins in downturn economy than private industry
    • 13. Personally approved all division expenditures & travel
    • 14. Created demo policy to reduce equipment charge backs
    • 15. Changed order process-all orders approved by me with Gross Profit worksheets.
    • Exceeded 2009 profitability goal by 1.5% of a $24M profit center
    • 16. Additionally, exceeded 2008 YE profit margin by 3%
  • Goal Setting Drives ResultsTennant Co. - KC Territory To The Top 3%
    • As the Factory Direct Sales Rep taking responsibility of the most challenging territory in North America
    Kansas City Missouri area ranked last of 155 national sales territories at the Tennant Co.
    • Implemented coverage plan, assigning customers and prospects A, B & C call frequencies based on historical sales, size and potential
    • 17. Targeted Five Major competitive accounts with action plans for each
    • 18. Selected State, Local and Federal Government as my emerging market
    • 19. Made 5 calls per day, 2 demos and 5 prospect calls per week and tracked my action plans and results
    • Increased national ranking to #5 of 155 territories (Top 3%) in 5 years
    • 20. Increased sales from $500K to over $1.7M annually
    • 21. Recipient of individual category awards including the annual award for Governmental Sales – Central United States
    • 22. “Award of Excellence” recipient, received by less than 1% of worldwide employees for “continued outstanding performance”
  • Building Relationships Is The Key National Account, Prime Trucking Sole Source Agreement with Thermo King, Inc.
    • As Region Manager I was assigned Prime Trucking, the largest refrigerated trucking fleet in the United States.
    Goal: Increase Prime’s overall sales revenue as a key account through building a stronger relationship
    • Negotiated 5 year, single source contract worth $64M
    • 23. Renegotiated agreement within 2 years increasing corporate profit margins
    • 24. Exceeded region sales revenues by 22% and increased profit margins
    from 2003 to 2004
    • Through this business relationship, based on trust and follow through, the former Fleet Manager at Prime continues to be a friend, in business and in life, as well as a trusted mentor. This business relationship changed both or our lives for the better
    • Established quarterly meetings with Prime C-level management, aligning expectations and quality issues
    • 25. Implemented QualityGuarantee program, paying Prime for load costs due to unit failure
    • 26. Introduced Corporate Service Program with PM checks at 25 nationwide locations to lower breakdown time and costs
    • 27. Partnered with Prime Fleet Manager and corporate service reviewing top five breakdown items, implementing “replace” before “break” programs
  • Companies & Industries I could see myself working with . . .
    Alamo Company and Divisions
    Toro Company and Distributorships
    Ingersoll Rand Divisions
    Green Industry Companies
    Little Manufacturing
    John Deere - Olathe, KS Training Center
    Commercial Sales & Sales Management
    Capital Equipment Companies
    “That Company” with “That Idea” that needs sales leadership to get to the next step of results
  • 28. Tim Karnitz
    Telephone: 913-579-6622
    Email: tim.karnitz@gmail.com
    Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/timkarnitz
    Personal Profile, Peer & Customer References, Business Networking
    Website: www.jobfox.com/people/tim-karnitz
    Overview of Past Responsibilities, Reference Letters, Resume
    “I Grow Revenues, Increase Profits and
    Build Long Lasting Relationships”