The Guzman Monthly, April 2014, v1 i4


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In this publication I will collect and list some recent articles on higher education issues, online learning best practices, deliver some app suggestions and links to interesting videos on the web published in the past month. Planned release schedule is between the last week of the past month and first full week of the current month.

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The Guzman Monthly, April 2014, v1 i4

  1. 1. The Guzman Monthly April 2014 | Volume 1, Issue 4
  2. 2. Index • Welcome • About the author • News • Apps & Tools • Online Learning (2 slides) • MOOCs • Student Learning (2 slides) • Upcoming Movie & TV Trailers
  3. 3. Welcome to this issue of “The Guzman Monthly”. In this publication I will collect and list some recent articles on higher education issues, online learning best practices, deliver some app suggestions* and links to interesting videos on the web published in the past month. Planned release schedule is between the last week of the past month and the first full week of the current month. * Suggestions on apps will mainly be based on my exposure or research of said apps on iOS mobile devices. Feel free to suggest other apps for my review. My intention is to have the apps be similar in functionality each month.
  4. 4. My name is Tony Guzman and I serve as the Director of Online Programs at the University at Buffalo (UB) School of Social Work (SSW). Shameless plug: I also oversee the UB SSW Podcast series: inSocialWork®. Feel free to listen to some of our podcasts.
  5. 5. News State-authorization regulations will only get more complicated as time moves on. What I still wonder is why impose these regulations if a traditional student from out-of-state does not have their home-state require the institution they are attending to be approved by their home-state so why should an online student be singled out? If the institution is approved by their state and accreditation body, that has always been sufficient for programs in the past, what does the online modality change in this? The new Associate Vice Provost for Online Programs at Penn State. NMC Horizon Report 2014 Higher Education Edition, 6 high-impact technologies within Higher Education. Blackboard joins Internet2. I have not bought many wearable devices yet, outside of my Bluetooth earpiece, but this certainly looks like a strong technology trend to follow in the coming years.
  6. 6. Apps & Tools Got to try out VoiceThread at a recent conference and was amazed at the level of engagement this allows within an online course. How do you assess that your students are learning the course objectives? Here is a good tool to use. way-assess-student-learning/ This self-assessment tool peeks my interest and I wonder how well it might help our students. look-effective-lifelong-learning-inventory/
  7. 7. Online Learning U. of Maryland to offer new online masters in Technology Entrepreneurship online-masters-degree-in-technology-entrepreneurship.aspx D2L teams up with Internet2 to offer cloud platform services to Internet2 members. to-offer-cloud-platform-to-schools.aspx Excellent tips on how to increase the student participation in online courses. trends/encouraging-online-learner-participation/ Great pointers on how to keep the same, if not higher, level of student engagement when converting a F2F course to an online one. online-without-losing-engagement/
  8. 8. Online Learning (cont.) While we only have online masters students at the UB SSW, I am glad to say that our Student Services Advisor has done great things to keep our Online MSW cohort connected and it consists of these tips, and more. number-helping-doctoral-students-build-connections-online/ Enhancing your discussion thread areas in your online courses. audit-metacognitive-wrap-assignment/ Enhancing the learning experience in your online classroom by adding technology tools. (Parts 1 and 2 on separate links) technology-online-classroom-part1/ technology-online-classroom-part-ii/
  9. 9. MOOCs UCF developing a MOOC on Blended Learning with Educause. central-florida-launching-blended-learning-mooc.aspx To the best of my knowledge, this is the first MOOC having its entire content available for others to re-use as they see the need. mooc-teaching-materials.aspx edX teams up with CourseTalk to enhance the review rating system of their MOOCs. edX chooses VitalSource as their eBook publisher. etextbook-platform.aspx
  10. 10. Student Learning Excellent tips to keep in mind, as a writing instructor, to help students improve their writing skills. How do you respond to different learning needs in shared learning spaces? students-stretch-grow-learners/ How effective are cumulative exams? Do they promote learning among our students? Dealing with the many challenges in faculty development in today's digital age. effective-faculty-development/ How do your learning spaces measure up? Doctors and medical schools jumping on the technology bandwagon.
  11. 11. Student Learning (cont.) What does it mean to have an empowered student? Many faculty members avoid being strict but I have found that as long as the syllabus clearly states the assignments and assessments, as a faculty member, we need to keep to the dates and requirements. Enjoy the silence. Let your students contemplate for a bit before offering the response in class. classroom/ Great tips on moderating the classroom discussion for more learning opportunities. students-respond-others-comments/ I have done this in my face-to-face classes and it has been a great benefit to the students. Great idea on helping ”stretch” your students abilities. discussions/
  12. 12. Upcoming Movie & TV Trailers Godzilla, Release Date: 5/16/2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past, Release Date: 5/23/2014 Full Favorite Trailer playlist on my YouTube channel kEs3McWG18x5UmIcSsVhNjq0
  13. 13. Thanks for checking this monthly newsletter out and hope to see around again next time!