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Listing presentation 2013

  1. 1. Real Estate | Results | Relationships
  2. 2. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate ServicesThe Three P’s:PresentationMaximize potential buyer appeal throughprofessional presentation of your home.PromotionBe aware of consumer buying trends topromote the property in the mostefficient capacity.PricingEvaluate market analysis for your homeand help you determine the property’sfair market value.Yard Sign12%Friend/relative6%Builder5%Newspaper2%Seller2%Real EstateAgent37%Internet36%How Buyers first found their home
  3. 3. Remarcable Real Estate ServicesThe key to living in a house is comfort.The key to selling a house is presentation.Knowing the difference between the two is the key to your profitsHome StagingMatters:“80% of what causes a property to sell is the way it is priced andhow it appears to the buyer.”Gary Keller175 Days35 Days050100150200Non-Staged homes Staged HomesAverage days on market before soldPresenting Your HomeBeforeBeforeLandscaped and neutralizedNeutralized
  4. 4. Preparing Your HomeRemarcable Real Estate ServicesImprovement Typical Cost Increase in salespriceAvg. Return % of agentsrecommendLighten &Brighten$233 - $370 $1178 - $1566 355% 97%Clean & Declutter $190 - $318 $1505 - $1937 578% 97%Landscape & Trim $378 - $546 $1718 - $2158 319% 97%Staging $403 - $584 $1330 - $2431 343% 91%Plumbing, Ect $438 - $621 $1205 - $1590 164% 93%Kitchen & Bath $1404 - $1828 $3216 - $3934 121% 87%Repair flooring $628 - $878 $1633 - $2061 145% 94%Exterior painting $863 - $938 $1757 - $2205 147% 88%New Carpet $562 - $808 $1532 - $1950 154% 98%HomeStagingHomeRepairImprovements that cost the least but bring the most return
  5. 5. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesThe way the world sees your home.State of the art Schneider – Kreznach Ultra wide angle24mm dual IS lens capture the angle and light that makeyour photos stand out. Digitally mastered through adobephotoshop and state of the art enhancements.ReMarcable PhotosActual FMLS PhotosDark, Low-resolution, poorquality images.
  6. 6. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate Services
  7. 7. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesCustom Property websiteone. custom property videotwo. property photosthree. links about communityfour. shows local business within walking distancefive. prospects can directly contact agentsix. lets prospects schedule a showingseven. share button for facebook twitter ect.We’ll share with our friends if youshare with yours!
  8. 8. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesCommunity Videos Custom Property VideosThe #2 used search engine on the web.
  9. 9. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesKeller Williams Luxury Homes
  10. 10. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate Servicesone. yellow showcase bannertwo. more detailed descriptionthree. Open house alertsfour. Link to virtual tourfive. Prospects can directly contact agentsix. Printable brochuresseven. Up to twenty five is the number on searched website for home buyers and each of our listings are posted here.
  11. 11. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesVoicepad – 24 Hour HotlinePro Agent Solutions – Feedback systemWe get a record of everyprospective buyer who callson your property so that wemay follow up with themOur state of the art systemkeeps you informed of thefeedback from the buyersand realtors who see yourhome
  12. 12. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesFMLS – First Multiple Listing Service35,000+ agentsGAMLS – Georgia Multiple Listing Service32,000+ agentsRelationships with other Top Producing agents are important becausethey are quick to show their colleagues listings. Often resulting in bettermore qualified buyers. These are relationships I have built over the pastthree decades as an active broker in the Buckhead market.82% of home sales are the result of agent connections
  13. 13. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate Servicesone. prepare and present comparative market analysistwo. photograph the property and enhance photosthree. secure copies of house keys and install lockboxfour. order custom post sign to be installedfive. prepare flyers for printingsix. record ask agnes 24 hour property info and install yard signseven. install street corner directional signseight. deliver flyers and custom home book to propertynine. place reminder “special feature” cards throughout the propertyten. upload photos and virtual tours to websites, enhance listingseleven. post property on Craig’s listtwelve. send announcements to neighborsthirteen. promote listing in office sales meetingfourteen. search prospect database daily for potential buyersfifteen. follow up with agents who show the property for feedbacksixteen. call top agents and email flyers to increase awarenessseventeen. review marketing plan for revision or changeeighteen. upload to multiple listing servicesnineteen. implement ReMarcable custom pricing strategytwenty. stage your home to be appealing to the buying publicTwenty PointMarketing Plan
  14. 14. Take ActionIs there any reason, you wouldn’t choose me torepresent you in the sale of your home?Based on the marketing strategies we’ve discussed…
  15. 15. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate ServicesThe number of properties listedfor sale compared to thenumber of properties whichsold each month, illustrates therelationship existing betweenSupply (listings) and Demand(sales)Using a 3-month average of 3Q2012 sales yields a 4.2 monthsupply, meaning that at thecurrent sales rate, it would takemore than 4 months to sell thecurrent inventory of listings ifno new listings came on themarketA supply of more than 6-7months is considered to be aBuyer’s market
  16. 16. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate ServicesWhat is the REAL STORY?Many times listed properties will have expired orbeen withdrawn one or more times prior to thelisting period in which they sold. Including theoriginal listing prices and cumulative days onmarket from those previous listingsperiods, results in a more realistic set ofmeasurements.
  17. 17. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate ServicesWe have seen that out of every100 finalized listings in 3Q2012, 34 failed to sell and 66soldOf the 66 sold listings, 34(51.3%) required a pricereduction when includingoriginal listing prices forprevious listing periods, inorder to sellTherefore, if 34 failed to selldue to overpricing and another34 required a price reduction inorder to sell, 68 out every 100listings were initially overpricedin 3Q 2012, resulting in eitherno sale, or a sale at a muchreduced price after a muchlonger listing period
  18. 18. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate ServicesSeller: “I’d like to try listing at a higher price for30 days and if we don’t get any offers then we canlower the price….”Traditional TheoryA Seller required to take a price reduction in 3Q 2012 needed amedian of 174 days to sell, compared to only 23 days for a Sellerwho priced correctly with the market – a difference of +5.0months, or +7.6 times, longer to sell
  19. 19. Market TrendsRemarcable Real Estate Services$ Sales PriceX_______%$ Listed Price $ Listed Price$ Sales PriceX_______ %Median L/SP%___QuarterRequired ____Days Required ____DaysMedian DOM___QuarterDesired Seller Price Suggested Market PriceSummaryEven though the Suggested Price is $__________________ Lower than the Desired Price, theFaster Sale Nets the Seller $____________________ More and Saves__________Months in TimeThe Case for Getting it Right the First Time
  20. 20. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate Servicesone. am I serious about selling and open to advice?two. are there powerlines nearby?three. am I on a busy roadway?four. do I have a steep driveway?five. do I have synthetic stucco?six. is my home a split-level?seven. is the master bedroom lower than the front door?eight. do I have less than three bedrooms on the main levels?nine. can the basement be finished?ten. how high are my ceilings?eleven. do I have a garage and is it below the main level?twelve. is my garage front or side entry? Three car?thirteen. do I have a private or shared master bath?fourteen. have I only renovated half of my home?fifteen. how would I rate my landscaping?sixteen. what school district am I in? Do I need good schools?seventeen. do my furnishings match the price of my home?eighteen. how many homes am I competing against?nineteen. how many homes like mine are selling each month?twenty. how do I stack up at my price point?Questions EverySeller Must AskSeller Controls:Property conditionavailability for showingpriceSeller doesn’t control:CompetitionBuyer’s or seller’s marketInterest ratesWhen the perfect buyer appears
  21. 21. The Remarcable DifferenceRemarcable Real Estate ServicesThere is much to discuss regarding showing and selling a property. Many of the necessary strategies and detailsinvolved in the process of selling your property include:Showing proceduresShowing with children, petsOffers and counteroffersFirst, low, and multiple offersSurvey issuesTermite issuesProperty contingenciesNegotiation strategiesFinancing, closing costScheduling pricing reviewsContract to closingHomeowner concerns