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  • 1. AEC 2015 Make “Think” DifferenceSuphajee SuthumpunChief Executive OfficerThaicom Public Company Limited
  • 2. AEC Master Plan on ASEAN ConnectivityPhysicalConnectivity • Roads • Rails • Seaports • Broadband Network • Energy Network 2
  • 3. AEC Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity Institutional Connectivity • Cross Border Transport Agreement • Customs Systems connection and integration • Legal Equality 3
  • 4. AEC Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity People to People Connectivity • Asian Passport • Cultural Connection • Education Network • Cross border labor movement 4
  • 5. ICT as enablers of AEC Master PlanPhysical Institutional People to PeopleConnectivity Connectivity Connectivity • Roads • Cross Border • Asian Passport Transport • Rails Agreement • Cultural Connection • Seaports • Customs Systems • Education • Broadband connection and Network Network integration • Cross border • Energy • Legal Equality labor movement Network ICT as Enablers 5
  • 6. ICT priorities as enablers to AEC Connectivity success... Increase infrastructure  Improve resource  Achieve security Conserve energy simplification by further optimization with and resiliency with energy-smart consolidation and a managed within dynamic IT infrastructure standardization virtualization environment environment and analytical capability 6
  • 7. Potential is beyond ASEAN 10… ...but threat is unavoidable 7
  • 8. The international era -- exporting 20th Century 8
  • 9. The multinational era -- replicating 20th Century 9
  • 10. Today - a globally integrated enterprise…… business without borders 21st Century 10
  • 11. Operations are becoming more globally integrated… Dalian Japan Okinawa Shanghai Manila Kuala Lumpur Brisbane 11
  • 12. The 21ST Century Economy Landscape in the Flat World. Globally Integrated World Global Resources Global Production Global Infrastructure The Globally Integrated Enterprise is an open modular business that, regardless of its size, is integrated into the fabric of the networked economy. 12
  • 13. Where the work will flow to… 21st Century 13
  • 14. Most industries seizing some benefits of Global Integration today… Industry ExamplesCustomer Service: Derivative Processing: Centers in Nova Scotia Global Investment Banks send handle warranty inquiries to Dublin for US Shoppers Fashion Design: Asian clothing manufacturers outsource design to Italian designers Manufacturing: 60,000 manufacturing plants Medical Procedures:Chip-making: Asian built in China by foreign Patients travel to India firms source US firms from 2000 - 2003 engineering expertise Fast Food Orders: X-Ray Integration: McDonald’s drive- US Radiologists send through orders routed x-rays to Australia to the Philippines and back 14
  • 15. How Do We Prepare… Positioning Education Training • Thorough • “Core Plus” • Collaboration SWOT analysis - language capability among vendors, • Identify Niche - analytic capability universities and or Unserved associations areas Industry Incentive Standard Scheme • IEEE, SOA ? • Tax incentive for; • Security Skill Development, • Compliance Tool Deployment • USO fund • R&D fund 15
  • 16. Thank 16