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If you\'ve ever dreamed of owning your own business and being your own boss, the Tint World® franchise system offers an unbeatable combination of an exciting concept with a high-quality product line at a surprisingly low initial investment for a proven business system that works.

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  • This module pertains to Section 4 of the Tint World Operations Manual.
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 46
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 45
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 45
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 45
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 45
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 45
  • Operations Manual Section 4.02 – pg. 47
  • Operations Manual Section 4.01 – pg. 46
  • Operations Manual Section 4.03 – pg. 48
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 49-50
  • Operations Manual Section 4.04 – pg. 50
  • Tint World Franchise Introduction 2012

    1. 1. Welcome to: Tint World® FranchiseNew Franchise Prospect Discovery Program
    2. 2. About us: First store in Tamarac Florida in 1982 Started with specialty Window Tinting Added Auto Alarms, Stereo Video and Detailing Created Unique “Auto Styling Center” Concept Grew multiple stores in South Florida Became the leading aftermarket Tinting and Accessory Center Developed key system trade secrets for success Began offering Franchising in 2007
    3. 3. Our Mission at TINT WORLD® is to provide superior products and services ofexceptional value to its customers as the leader in window tinting andautomotive styling centers and to inspire and guide others to succeed asindependently owned franchisees.We will conscientiously seek to establish and maintain close lasting relationshipswith our franchise owners and employees, and continue to grow through theadoption of new technologies in our industry.We pledge to be a caring and honest franchisor to those around us and to ourcommunity. We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects oflife.We aspire to be the finest franchise company in the World.
    4. 4. Since 1982,Tint World® has provided consumers with: highly desirable products and services, fast courteous service, at competitive prices.
    5. 5. • Tint World® is one of the largest and oldest specialty window tinting and automotive accessory companies that was founded in 1982, and began franchising in 2007 with 6 stores in South FL.• In 2011 Tint World was recognized by Inc. 500 I 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America.• In 2012 Tint World is celebrating its 30 Year Anniversary with over 30 Stores growing throughout the US.• Tint World® continual advances and improve by adapting to new technology and staying on the cutting edge of the industry.• Strong vendor relationships ensure best pricing and programs• Successful franchise system that is easy and profitable to operate
    6. 6. Tint World® is Well Known For:• Window Tinting• Car Audio Video Electronics• Auto Detailing Services• Automotive Accessories• Residential and Commercial Window Tinting• Marine Tinting, Detailing and Audio
    7. 7. Tint World® Distinguishes Itself With:• Quality products• Quality installation• Comfortable atmosphere• Professional sales staff• Professional technical staff
    8. 8. • Professional yet friendly salespeople• Exciting showroom – well displayed, well merchandised• Quality products allow customers to: • Maintain their vehicle • Accessorize their vehicle • Personalize their vehicle • Protect their vehicle • Increase convenience in their vehicle • Increase performance of their vehicle• Wide-ranging options reflect current technology and current trends• Options-based price points fit every budget and customer type
    9. 9. • A pleasant place to go shopping with friends and family• A store that has positive sensory impact, thus positive memory impact• An attractive, thought-provoking atmosphere• Valuable merchandise, professionally presented at value pricing• Confidence in continuing quality products and services
    10. 10. • Our Team’s Professionalism and Passion are Key• Highly knowledgeable and well-trained• Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about the industry• Happy, friendly and healthy, with a well-kept appearance• Enjoy helping customers and get excited to see each client’s results• Trained to promote the Tint World® brand and image so customers feel they are a part of the Tint World® “team” or “club”
    11. 11. • A place where their contribution is appreciated• Training geared toward teamwork and pleasant relations with other employees• A strong management team• Good systems that aid the staff in obtaining results• An established clientele who appreciate and expect the level of assistance and knowledge the employee displays
    12. 12. • Store Setting• Atmosphere• Attitude• Customers• Special Events• Theme
    13. 13. • Energetic• Innovative• Professional• Knowledgeable• Friendly
    14. 14. Ambiance and image is just as important as location• Comfortable décor• Well-merchandised displays• Personal service (most business is from repeat customers)• Avoid an impersonal, assembly-line or cookie-cutter look
    15. 15. Window tinting and automotive accessories can be found elsewhere, but highly skilled managers, technicians, installers and detailers along with a neat shopping experience must be created from withina proven system that has been successful for over 30 years
    16. 16. • Tint World know its customers and cater to each one - “Soccer Mom” - “Man on a Mission” - “Teen Driver with First Car” - “Executive with Exotic Car”• Tint World exceeds expectations of first-time customers• Tint World provide personalized service for returning customers• Tint World delivers the “big three”: - Incredible service - Quality merchandise - Reasonable pricing
    17. 17. • International Automotive Trade Show• Local Car Shows• Automotive Events• Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc.• Local Community Events, Festivals, etc.• Non-profit Events & Fundraisers• Holiday Decorations
    18. 18. • Elegant Centers• Energetic Staff• Excellent Services• Valuable, High Tech Merchandise
    19. 19. Auto Aftermarket Industry A 38 billion-a-year market Most comes from accessories and appearance American drivers have a love for their vehicle Auto enthusiasts want personalization Consumers desire our services Our products increase auto resale value Streamlined systems and supplier relationships Solid reputation as the leader in auto accessories
    20. 20. As a Tint World owner you will offer: Computerized Window Tinting and Films Clear-Bra Paint Protection Film Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics Alarm and Security Systems Audio and Video Systems Mobile Electronics, Radar Detectors, GPS… Auto Wash and Wax, Detailing and Appearance Car and Truck Accessories Adapted Vehicle Products And much more…
    21. 21. Choose the program that works for you: Traditional startup single unit franchise Develop and operate multiple units Convert an existing tint or auto service store Co-Branding program for existing businesses  Sign Shops  Car Washes  Auto Repair Centers  Car Dealerships  Quick Service Chains
    22. 22. Some key elements are: Sales Brochures and Catalogs Point of Purchase Displays Sign and Identity Package Customizable Website CRM Direct Sales Tools Yellow Pages Program Trade Show Displays Direct Mail Program On Hold Messages Radio and TV Spots And much more…
    23. 23.  Classroom & In-Store Training  Operations Manuals  Employee Manuals  Easy-to-Understand Training Videos  And much more… Operational & Technical Training  Sales and Service  Staff Development  Product Knowledge  Production Management Up  Installation Techniques  Proprietary Software  Business Management  And much more…
    24. 24. Startup Assistance Includes Site Selection Lease Negotiations Store Layout and Design Equipment and Fixtures Renovation Assistance Initial Inventory Order Recruitment Assistance Grand Opening Promotion And much more…
    25. 25. Proven Operating Systems Ongoing Support Customer Service  Online Training Sales and Marketing  Profit Assessment Pricing Procedures  Marketing Support Point of Sale Systems  Preferred Suppliers Technical Operations  Technical Support Team Personal Development  Research and Development Financial Management  Toll-Free Telephone Support Production Management Crew Selection and Staffing  Operational Troubleshooting  Regional Meetings and WorkshopsOngoing Education Conventions E-Learning Systems Regional Workshops Employee Certification Specialized Training Sessions Vendor and Supplier Programs
    26. 26. An automotive background is not required Desire to be on the leading edge of growth and income opportunities Passion for providing their clients the highest level of service Desire to operate in a clean, high-tech work atmosphereThe Tint World® franchise lifestyle Regular daytime hours Casual business dress code Desirable products and services Professional customer services Clean and Safe work environment Providing good jobs to good people Building a future for you and your family Opportunity for strong community involvement And you’ll always drive the coolest cars
    27. 27. Investment*The investment required to set-up and open a new Tint World center variesdepending on the size and location from $99,974 to $158,818.The minimum liquid capital required is $50.000.Franchise License Fee*$ 30,000 each Individual Franchise. (Standard Fee)$ 25,000 each for 2 Franchises purchased simultaneously$ 20,000 each for 3 Franchisees purchased simultaneously$ 20,000 each for qualified Conversion or Express centersFlat Glass Territory Fee*$ 10,000 each for adding Residential and Commercial Program
    28. 28. Initial Franchise Fee* MINIMUM MAXIMUMSingle Store Initial Franchise Fee $ 30,000 $ 30,000Real Estate and Improvements $ 2,100 $ 6,800Equipment, Small Tools & Signage $ 29,997 $ 38,862Showroom Display Package $ 20,206 $ 35,206Signage Package $ 2,598 $ 7,306Base Equipment and Small Tools $ 2,892 $ 3,896Computer PRO-CUT/POS Hardware/Software $ 11,497 $ 12,715Center Administrative Supplies $ 3,181 $ 4,941Initial Inventory & Supplies $ 10,000 $ 20,000Grand Opening Advertising $ 5,000 $ 10,000Freight & Delivery $ 500 $ 1,000Deposits & Pre-Paid Expenses $ 2,000 $ 4,900Business Licenses $ 300 $ 900Insurance $ 1,200 $ 3,000Travel & Living Training Expenses $ 2,000 $ 4,000Additional Funds (3 months estimate) $ 5,000 $ 10,000Legal & Accounting Expenses $ 500 $ 3,000Miscellaneous Opening Costs $ 1,000 $ 2,000Total Estimated Initial Investment $ 99,974 $ 158,818
    29. 29. RoyaltyThe ongoing royalty is 6% of gross revenue.Advertising FundTint World National Advertising Fund group marketing is 300 weekly up to 4% ofgross revenue.Advertising and MarketingTint World provides all materials and negotiated national advertising programswith discounted rates to promote your franchise and get the most out of yourcenter.
    30. 30. IncentivesTint World offers incentives for the conversion of existing independent windowtinting, auto accessory centers and express co-branding of existing centers.FinancingTint World is approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration SBA FranchiseRegistry. Tint World assists you by providing lenders to obtain financing or alease option for signage, display fixtures and equipment.Protected TerritoryTint World provides you territory protection from another Tint World center.
    31. 31. Site SelectionTint World will evaluate key information such as traffic count, populationgrowth, zoning and retail shopping patterns to determine the viability ofdevelopment.Market SizeTint World will consider markets with a trading area of 25,000 or moreregistered vehicles. Each market requires a feasibility analysis, which is heavilydependent on actual vehicle population.Size of CenterWe recommend 2000 to 3000 sq. feet of space with two to three service bays.We also consider centers with larger sq. footage and service bay capacity.
    32. 32. Tint World® offers the flexibility, creativity and resources that today’s serious businessperson needs to be successful in our growing industry. The Right Opportunity – Lower Operating Costs = Increased Profits The Right Industry – $38 billion-a-year market and growing The Right Leadership – Tint World®, LLC Network The Right Products – Profitable, Desirable & Improves Resale Value The Right Strategy – Upscale Branding, Marketing & Creative Franchising The Right Training – Superior Training & Education The Right Support – Proven Operating Systems & Assistance Prime Markets Available – All Major U.S. & Canadian Markets Reasonably Low Investment Requirements Retail & Business-to-Business Customers Award Winning Marketing Unique Market NicheSimply stated, Tint World® offers you a proven business model that is positioned to lead the nextgeneration of the Tinting, Mobile Electronics and Automotive Styling Service Industry.
    33. 33. Our Franchise Licensing department helps make it easy to become part of theTint World® franchise system by helping you though the development process.The Candidate Approval Process Initial telephone interview with Franchise Development Representative Fill out & submit the Personal Profile Form Receive Franchise Materials and Offering Circular UFDD Review materials and make calls to franchise members Attend Discovery Day at Tint World® Headquarters Submit Application Form and Deposit Sign Franchise AgreementThe entire investigative process normally takes from two to four weeksdepending on the number questions and requests for additional information youhave.
    34. 34. Tint World® Franchisee Match… “Someone who wants to run and operate their ownbusiness, check the quality of work, handle key accounts and market and promote their business”
    35. 35. Becoming A Franchise Owner• Submit Tint World® Personal Profile Form• Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)• Meet with your Tint World® Franchise Development Specialist• If it is mutually agreed that your owning a Tint World® is right for both you and Tint World®, then sign the Franchise Agreement and purchase a license.
    36. 36. Franchise Site Location And Funding Process• Receive help from assigned Tint World® New Store Development Manager with the real estate process• Receive assistance from assigned Tint World® Project Coordinator and Finance Broker on funding• Once location and financing is approved then we assist in securing your location with a lease or purchase agreement
    37. 37. Franchise Management Training• Attend three week comprehensive training program in FL or CA approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to scheduled opening of your Tint World® Automotive Styling Center.(Training, hotel accommodations, and air fair for 2 people who originally sign the Franchise Agreement is included in the initial startup investment)
    38. 38. Tint World® Automotive Styling Center Opening• A Tint World® Project Coordinator will assist you with your project.• A Product and Equipment Manager will help you with the initial layout of your store.• Your Operations Manager will work with you individually on all aspects of improving your franchise business, and will make periodic store visits
    39. 39. This concludes: Tint World® FranchiseNew Franchise Prospect Discovery Program