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Tilt Credentials

  2. 2. ABOUT TILT 01
  3. 3. ABOUT TILT + SERVICESAs a partner in design matters for some of the best brands in the commercial and government sectors, we pride ourselvesin understanding the needs of their organisation and winning the hearts of our clients. That is why more than 50% of ourrevenues come from repeat business with relationships extending as far back as half a decade ago, when we first had ourhumble beginnings.As a bespoke creative domain with a wide spectrum of service offerings, we have experienced exponential growth overthe years and have been recognised for excellence with a team that is cross trained across different disciplines andexposed to a myriad of projects.We believe a well-designed workflow brings about smoother execution and better results. Take a back seat and you willsee a different perspective of the whole subject matter./ SERVICES+ Advertising Design + Corporate and strategic branding+ Communication Design + Interactive Media+ Design for Website / Web Applications + Photography+ Copywriting and editorial support
  4. 4. OUR CLIENTS / TERM CONTRACTS+ HTC Agency on Record+ Singapore Workforce Development Agency Creative Term Vendor for Copywriting, Creative Design, Photography, Web (from Dec 2009 - June 2012)+ Singapore Sports Council Creative Term Vendor for Copywriting, Creative Design, Photography, Web (from July 2011 - July 2012)+ Workplace, Safety and Health Council Term Contract for Design of Newsletter (till April 2012)+ Workplace, Safety and Health Council Term Contract for Design of Guidelines (till April 2012)+ Temasek Polytechnic TPSII Newsletter Design and Production (till 2012)+ People’s Association Lifeskills & Lifestyles Web Maintenance (till Dec 2011)+ BCA Academy E-newsletter Editorial (till Dec 2011)+ Ngee Ann Polytechnic Photography (till April 2012)
  5. 5. RECENT PROJECTS / PRINT+ Ministry of Home Affairs - Prison Yellow Ribbon Project 2011 Creative Campaign+ Singapore Sports Council Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Creative Campaign+ Singapore Sports Council Young Team Singapore Ambassadors Creative Campaign+ Singapore Sports Council Athletes Give Back Creative Campaign+ Singapore Sports Council Vision 2030 Collaterals+ ParkRoyal @ Kitchner Road Design of Promotional Advertisements+ Google Design of Sales Conference 2011 Collaterals+ National Arts Council Chinese Dance Festival 2011 Campaign Collaterals+ National Heritage Board Museum Roundtable Awards 2011 Collaterals+ NUS University Culture Centre Arts Festival TTL Campaign 2011+ Borneo Motors Design of After-Sales Brochure+ Sony Design of Business Projector Brochures & E-Newsletter+ Election Committee Design of Presidential Elections 2011 Collaterals+ MICA New Citizens Guidebook Editorial, photography and design+ SDSC Annual Report 2010/2011 Design, photography and production+ MOM OSH Division Annual Report 2009/2010 Copywriting, design, photography and production+ WDA Annual Report 2009/2010 Copywriting, design, photography and production
  6. 6. RECENT PROJECTS / PHOTOGRAPHY+ HTC Paper Speaker Product Photography+ Singapore Sports Council Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Advertorial Photography+ People’s Association Chingay 2011+ Singapore Tourism Board Chinatown CNY Celebrations 2011, River Angbao 2011+ National University of Singapore Advertorial Photography+ Singapore Workforce Development Agency WSQ Retail Advertorial (Straits Times April 2011)+ Singapore Workforce Development Agency Annual Report 2009 & 2010+ Occupational Health and Safety Division (MOM) Annual Report 2010+ Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (Social Development Network) Stock Photography+ Central Provident Fund (CPF Board) Stock Photography+ Singapore Disablity Sports Council Editorial Photography+ A*Star PSTA Award Winners Photography+ Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 - 2010+ Singapore Paintball Series 2007 - 2011+ Merit Award (Open Category) for Yeos H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge 2010+ Photographs published in Inspiring Sporting Singapore Photography Exhibition 2010
  7. 7. FIVE TILT THOUGHTS 01 We understand how you think Extensive experience partnering with government ministries, statutory boards and educational institutions for the past 6 years, we understand your challenges, obstacles and vision. 02 Let’s get up close and personal We like doing business the old-fashioned way, face to face and sealed with a handshake! Let’s Ti/t! 03 It’s not just about making it pretty Design is nothing without thought. The best designed pieces of work are nothing if it doesn’t stand for anything. 04 BIG ideas always win. Because we believe that each piece of communication builds the great wall of brands, we approach each project with the same dedication, energy and creativity. 05 Design Matters Great design matters reaches out, grabs the target audience and doesn’t let go till the message is delivered. And that’s the kind of design we thrive on. Because design matters
  9. 9. TILT / WE THINK BIG A big idea is the difference between communicating and connecting. EachA simple brochure. piece of work can communicate its message, but it’s making the valuedAn annual report. connection with the target audienceAn advertising campaign. that is truly key.Just what do they have in common?The Answer? At TILT, each project receives the same dedication in the search for the perfect equilibrium of big ideas, pin-sharp messaging and creative design.A BIG IDEA! Here are some of the “little” projects that have blossomed into gems with the help of TILT’s BIG IDEA!
  10. 10. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT / Competition Commission of Singapore / The Challenge Competition policy and law are topics are typically heavy-laden with jargon and industry-specific language. The challenge was to turn this fairly complex topic of competition policy into a creative concept that is accessible and relevant to the target audience / The Big Idea The equation that competition adds up to more choice for consumers and multiplies growth businesses and the economy / Work Scope + Concept and art direction + Copywriting + Design + Photography + Print production of AR + Production of AR in electronic format
  11. 11. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT / Competition Commission of Singapore / FEATURE SPREAD 01 The creative idea of competition leading to choice is shown through the mathematical “plus signs” increasing visually, signifying more choice for consmers / FEATURE SPREAD 02/ THE IDEA The creative idea of competition The creative idea is enhanced by multiplying growth is shown placing the theme in an equation through the mathematical “plus format that both serves to draw signs” morphing into multiplication attention, and clearly illustrate the signs, and stacking up as a block main theme. to signifying growth in the economy.
  12. 12. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT / Competition Commission of Singapore / The Challenge To help procurement officers in the public/private sector understand that they are on the first line of defence against the negative practives of rigging a bid/ colluding practices on tenders, otherwise known as bid rigging, and to galvanise them to be more alert to the telltale signs of rigged tenders/bids. / The Big Idea We’ve all been told that numbers never lie, yet in a rigged bid, numbers do in fact lie. In this collateral, the target audience is encouraged to discover the truth about numbers through the creative use of a reveal mechanism of a orange vellum sheet that unveils hidden messages in the collateral. Do try it out yourself! / Work Scope + Concept and art direction + Copywriting + Design + Print production
  13. 13. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT / Competition Commission of Singapore
  14. 14. TILT / WE’RE FAST ON OUR FEET A big idea is of no use if it takes forever to go from us to you – our clients. At TILT, each project receives preciseA brilliant idea timely attention to deadlines whilecomes to no good upholding the same dedication to qualityif it takes a lifetime of work.to be understood Here are some of clients for whom we function as key creative term vendors in delivering a wide scope of creative collaterals such as advertising, design, copywriting, photography and production.
  15. 15. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTSingapore Workforce Development Agency - Creative Term Vendor Design & CopywritingSeries of Brochures targeting the low literacy/numeracy levels in the lower-educated working population.An illustration approach with attractive visuals was crafted to connect more effectively with the target audience.
  16. 16. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTSingapore Workforce Development Agency - Creative Term Vendor Design & Copywriting[Fashion & Textile industry] [Service sector] [Employees/workers in public cleaning]Maintaining brand identity is crucial to our work with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.As their creative term vendor, we function as brand stewards for creative collaterals developed whilefinding new ways to interpret the corporate identity to reach effectively to their varied audiences.
  17. 17. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTSingapore Workforce Development Agency - Creative Term Vendor Advertising and Photography Made for women too Saluting the Aerospace WSQ champions Service Excellence puts the WOW in Asia’s favourite playground At Asia’s favourite playground, visitors are friends first and guests One Organisation One Service Culture second. Famous for its warm customer service, it’s no secret that “Being an ATO allows us to Sentosa’s intuitive guest experience stems from a keen understanding engage both our staff and staff of Island Partners in training to raise of guests and its commitment to a service excellence culture that service standards and to ensure a consistent exceeds a guest’s expectation at every opportunity. and seamless guest experience island-wide.” Lim Suu Kuan, Divisional Director Recognising that women want to be empowered in their Guest Experience Division home improvement experiences, Home-Fix created As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) accredited by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, Sentosa leveraged the Opens my mind to think from a different perspective “Ladies Nite – The Urban Woman’s Guide to Home Improvement”. Congratulations to the winners of the Star Company Award Mr William Tan AAIS-WDA AeroWSQ Star Awards. “Being a landscape supervisor in President & Chief Executive Officer Service Excellence WSQ framework to customise their very own in- Sentosa is more than just working SIA Engineering Company house programmes such as WOW! Sentosa, WAVE Makers, WAVE in the gardens. Participating in the Service Innovator course has equipped me with With friendly staff on hand to guide aspiring ladies on the use of basic power tools, Organised by the Association of Aerospace Industries (AAIS) and Singapore Workforce “Aerospace WSQ provides a structured, competency- based framework that is developed by the industry, for Champions and WAVE Service Coach. Employees are equipped with Development Agency (WDA), the AAIS-WDA AeroWSQ Star Awards celebrates the the skills to innovate and to transform guest experiences. the necessary skills to identify potential service gaps and service innovation opportunities.” types of paint finishes, and simple projects to improve their homes, full-flight contributions of industry leaders, aerospace companies, workers and training the industry. This strong relevance to the industry’s needs underpins its effectiveness to raise the capabilities of the aerospace industry in Singapore. SIA Engineering Ivy Chaw, Landscape Supervisor it’s no wonder that Ladies’ Nite at Home-Fix is a service innovation. providers to the success of the Singapore Aerospace Workforce Skills Qualifications (Aerospace WSQ). Company is delighted to have contributed actively to the development of the Aerospace WSQ as we believe Benefits of Becoming an In-house Helps me think quickly to respond to customers WDA would like to thank all partners for their support of Aerospace WSQ, fuelling and that continuous training is a key differentiator towards increasing productivity levels and building a world-class Now that’s service innovation at its best. “Going for the WOW! Sentosa workforce.” Service Excellence WSQ ATO training has helped me to think and understand situations from furthering Singapore’s ambition to be a premier aerospace hub in the region. the guests’ perspective and enables me to Honorary Service Star Award Star Training Organisation • Improve the service capabilities and the performance of your workforce think fast on my feet should there be a need for service recovery.” Service Excellence Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Mr Poon Chia Wee Managing Director Sankaree d/o Subramaniyam, Guest Service Officer Like Home-Fix you can transform the customer’s experience with the Air Transport Training College (ATTC) 4D Magix • Achieve consistency in service delivery organisation-wide “As a Civil Aviation Approved Training Organisation, Spreading a service culture Suite of Service Innovation Programmes: delivering quality aviation skills training and assessment is part of our responsibilities. We adopted the Aerospace • Inculcate a service innovation mindset in your workforce and comes naturally now! WSQ framework as the basis of our skill training and “Great service is infectious! After assessment to meet the rigorous Singapore Airworthiness equip them with skills to innovate Requirements.” the training, I find it easier to deliver guest-centric service daily, The Service Innovator Service Excellence WSQ is closely aligned to the SPRING and to spread the service excellence culture For Service Staff to embark on service innovation processes. Business Excellence Niche Standard (Service). By adopting with my colleagues.” Mr John Horsburgh Mr Lim Yeow Khee Siti Habsyah Binte Abdul Hamid, Park Director, Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace Singapore Chairman, Aerospace Technical Committee Service Excellence WSQ, your organisation may work towards Megazip Adventure Park obtaining the Singapore Service Class certification. Lead a Team to Participate in Service Innovation Processes Rolls Royce Singapore Pte Ltd Chairman, Aerospace Industry and Skills Training Advisor, Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers Star Trainee Award It’s training that reflects our core values For Supervisors to lead and sustain service innovation efforts in a team. Council “Aerospace WSQ is an important milestone in my 43 years’ career in aviation. Our past practice of assuming that Mr Lim Yoon Wooi Acting Supervisor in Line Maintenance Operations For more information on Service Excellence WSQ and how “As a Sentosian, we always look “The Aerospace WSQ has progressed from a essential skills are acquired through a period of attachment Singapore Jamco Pte Ltd to become an in-house Service Excellence WSQ ATO, please for opportunities to touch the recommendation to an industry-recognised level of is no longer tenable. With an established minimum skills contact Ms Liu Wan Phing (email: liu_wan_phing@wda.gov.sg or hearts of our guests through every Set Up and Implement Systems and Strategies that Support Service Innovation competence which will enable equitability and inter- changeability within the Singapore aerospace skilled labour standard for everyone working on aircraft and related component, we will be assured of high standards of “During the 6 months of training, I was able to pick up significant new technical knowledge and skills in interaction above and beyond our job scope. tel: 6512 7316). The Service Excellence training reflects our For Managers and Service Champions to support and foster service innovation in the workplace. force. The best of the industry have collaborated in their development.” safety in our industry. As skills are tested with elaborate performance criteria, it can be used to enhance our the PCAE course taught by the knowledgeable and experienced trainers from Lufthansa Technical Training. personnel licensing system. Aerospace WSQ will be one of After my graduation, I was promoted to Acting Supervisor core values of delivering service that comes in Line Maintenance operation at the airport. The course our most important competitive advantage.” from the heart.” which is aligned to 11 Aerospace WSQ modules definitely Mohd Aidi Bin Mohd Lahab, Executive Ranger helped me to oversee my company’s line maintenance operation in the airport with confidence.” WSQ builds your company’s manpower capabilities WSQ builds your company’s manpower capabilities WSQ builds your company’s manpower capabilities For more information, please visit For more information, please visit For more information, please visit www.wda.gov.sg or call 6883 5885 www.wda.gov.sg or call 6883 5885 www.wda.gov.sg or call 6883 5885
  18. 18. TILT / WE SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY A great idea is a sum of its whole parts. From the seed of an idea and initial sketches, artistic direction, design treatment, photography choice, creativestyling and theA great idea little finishing touches.goes the true distancewhen it has an eye Each TILT project team is empowered by a account project lead, senior designer,from a different perspective writer and in-house photographer that will work together to create a a piece of communication that holds up to all angles of scrutiny. Here are some of our ideas, in real flesh and life.
  19. 19. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Prime Minister’s Office - PS21 Advertising CampaignPhotography & Photography &design by TILT design by TILT Conceptual sketch by TILT Conceptual sketch by TILT
  20. 20. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTCompetition Commission of Singapore - The Power of Competition Photography / Photography / TILT TILTFinal concept and design / TILT Final concept and design / TILT
  21. 21. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTWDA Retail & Fashion Photography for Straits Time Advertisement THE SEASON’S LATEST TRENDS NOW DELIVERED TO YOUR WARDROBE Oh Sally Lee EXCITING, DIVERSE Lawrence AND INFINITELY Boutique Manager with Zara for 7 years INVENTIVE, THE RETAIL INDUSTRY IS NOW I EXPERIENCE MY LOVE FOR FASHION EACH DAY Fashion Advisor with Massimo Dutti for close to 1 year ONE THAT REQUIRES My love for fashion led me to switch to fashion retailing, after years in the food & beverage industry. Fashion IT’S ALL ABOUT PUTTING THE FLAIR FOR retailing is not just about having a flair for fashion. Skills such as leadership, business management and SMILES ON FACES SALES, BUSINESS communication with your team members are essential to becoming a successful store manager. The fashion retail industry combines my love for fashion and helping others look their best. As a fashion advisor, SAVVINESS AND my satisfaction lies in using my skills to help customers pick the right clothes that suit their style and needs. With customers placing their trust in me to make them look WORKPLACE SKILLS. good, I see relevance for continual training so that they The Retail Workforce Chishty will leave the store smiling. Shariffa GET ! Skills Qualifications Sabeereen SESSION 1: 28 April 2010, 2 Ð 6 pm (WSQ) helps you gain THE SCOOP (includes networking session with Zara) these essential skills so Visual SESSION 2: that you are prepared to Merchandiser for all Zara stores for 6 years ON FASHION 28 April 2010, 7 Ð 9pm Workshop Highlights enter and excel in exciting IT’S NEVER A BORING DAY RETAILING • History of Fashion • Fashion Trends and Style Management careers in retail. AT WORK If you have the passion for fashion and love the challenge of translating • Body shapes and Silhouettes • Understanding the aesthetics fashion concepts into real-world of display and much more! Being a visual merchandiser is a career in which you can retailing, join us at our two workshops grow into all life long. I love being able to work with fashion conducted by the Singapore Institute Places are limited, so sign up today! pieces and to inspire customers to see themselves in new of Retail Studies. To register, call 6222 7477, styles. The fashion industry is so vibrant and dynamic that email courses@sirs.edu.sg or after six years, I still love my job and get excited over the visit www.sirs.edu.sg little things that happen each day. RSH Limited is the franchisee for Spanish Inditex brands which includes Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Bershka and Stradivarius. Final concept and design of Advertisement inPhotography by TILT Straits Times
  22. 22. TILT / WE LOVE WHAT WE DOA great idea It’s true indeed. We do love what we do Advertising. Branding. Design. Illustration.is a tribute to love Animation.Photography. Editorial. Web.in all its guises That’s because it’s all about bringing greatpassionate, deviant ideas to life each time.inspiring, and even doomed. Here are some of our favourite picks!
  23. 23. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Yellow Ribbon Project 2011 Creatives Master Creative
  24. 24. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Creatives EDM Master Creative 4s Flash Intro
  25. 25. PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Creatives RUN FOR A REASON www.marathonsingapore.com 4 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 1 Web/Color Version Web/Color Version Grayscale Version Black and White Version Grayscale Version Black and White Version Kota Matsuda Kota Matsuda RUN F OR A REASON Co-Sponsors Title Sponsor Organised by Partners in Sports Sanctioned by Official SponsorsEvent Backdrop Standee