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Social calling shea presentation ppt

Social calling shea presentation ppt



Slideshow by Shea Bennett from SCS Marketing and AllTwitter.com for Social Calling twitter marketing event #socialcalling

Slideshow by Shea Bennett from SCS Marketing and AllTwitter.com for Social Calling twitter marketing event #socialcalling



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  • 1. ACTIVE since 2008 - 5 1/2 years 2. Manage the social media campaigns for a number of clients, including global cosmetics brand, MODELS OWN 3. WRITTEN more than 2,000 PUBLISHED ARTICLES about Twitter since 2009
  • Twitter ’ s logos throughout the years (2006-2013)
  • OK... does anyone know what this is? Jack Dorsey ’ s original BLUEPRINT for TWITTER, which I think he SKETCHED in 2005, back when the micro-blogging social network was going to be called STATUS (STAT.US), before it evolved into Twitter. Early SIGNS of what was to COME.
  • Still pronounced TWITTER. Name inspired by FLICKR and the 5 CHARACTER LENGTH of SMS SHORT CODES in the USA. Heavy emphasis on sending messages via TEXT. Draw your attention to the part in BOLD. Looks like a GOOD CALL to me!
  • The FIRST TWEET ever sent on TWITTER. Interesting for TWO reasons. (1) Actually the TWENTIETH TWEET. What about to TWEETS ONE TO NINETEEN? NOBODY KNOWS. DATABASE CALLS? DELETED TO COVER UP THE MURDER? My guess? Tweets 1 to 19 were all about what the Twitter staff were having for BREAKFAST, and they though, “ Geez, NOBODY is going to be interested in THAT! ” (2) Jack ’ s original tweet set a precedent for EVERYONE ’ S FIRST TWEET
  • Here ’ s MY first tweet. Only sharing this because despite the fact that this was written almost two years after Twitter launched and I had never even heard of JACK DORSEY, my first tweet is actually pretty similar to his. Main difference? I didn ’ t tweet again for 23 days. Here ’ s the thing: NOBODY ’ s FIRST TWEET is any good. Why? Because NOBODY when they first start using Twitter knows what Twitter is. Which means everybody ’ s first tweet is basically the same: the first thing we all say on Twitter is HELLO I AM NOW USING TWITTER. To illustrate this, I ’ ve taken the liberty of cherry-picking a few tweets from members of our audience.
  • Find your FIRST TWEET at TOPSY. EVERYBODY ’ s first tweet is basically the same. Find yours at Topsy and see how it stands up!
  • Anyone heard of Earnest Sewn?
  • This retweet of SPIN MAGAZINE is acknowledged as the first RETWEET in Twitter ’ s history. Content of tweet seems uncannily appropriate.
  • Both the RETWEET and the HASHTAG were invented by Twitter ’ s USERS, not Twitter themselves.
  • UC BERKELEY graduate JAMES BUCK was in EGYPT when he became involved in a peaceful anti-government protest. ARRESTED but managed to sent this TWEET on his way to the STATION to his 48 FOLLOWERS. Led to BERKELEY hiring a LAWYER on his behalf and Buck was RELEASED within 24 HOURS.
  • OBAMA (and his TEAM) used social media and TWITTER in particular to reach voters during his 2008 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Arguably Twitter ’ s first significant marketer. Repeated the trick in 2012.
  • HUDSON RIVER CRASH. The first Twitter picture that was SEEN AROUND THE WORLD. Printed in NEWSPAPERS, shown on TV etc.
  • SAME DAY as ASHTON ’ s victory - BIG WEEK FOR TWITTER. Oprah had the TWITTER FOUNDERS on her show. Tweeted LIVE from there. SHAQ ’ s response is legendary.
  • For me: MJ ’ s death biggest event in Twitter ’ s history. Really put TWITTER on the MAP. Much bigger than the HUDSON CRASH.
  • 2009-2011 IRAN TUNISIA EGYPT
  • Twitter clearly doing important things, but how were they going to make MONEY? Here was their answer: ADS.
  • Another PIVOTAL moment in Twitter ’ s history as a news medium, but this time it had a direct involvement due to people being very much ON THE SCENE.
  • Market quickly recovered once story was debunked but important lesson in Twitter ’ s growing power and also the importance of FACT CHECKING and SECURITY.
  • 2012. But we do know it was US who SCORCHED THE SKIES.
  • * Promoted Trends are regional - you ’ re paying to go to the top of your COUNTRY, and will only be visible to users who have their TWITTER TRENDS set to that region. You can switch between the different trends by REGION on Twitter to see different PROMOTED TRENDS in action. It ’ s educational!
  • Access YOUR analytics at: ads.twitter.com
  • You can divvy up that £15K how you choose (Promoted Account, Promoted Tweets etc). Twitter tells me that SELF SERVICE launching in the UK “ before the end of the year ” . They did tell me it was launching “ before the end of the summer ” . So we ’ ll see!
  • Apart from being very famous, FULL SERVICE advertising is the ONLY GUARANTEED way to get a VERIFIED PROFILE You can set as many PINNED TWEETS as you like which work like ADS (can be targeted etc) Being able to filter mentions improves CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • How important is VINE to Twitter ’ s FUTURE? SHOW OF HANDS: Who here has ever made a VINE video? Keep your HAND UP if you actually published that VINE to TWITTER?
  • MOBILE is VERY important to TWITTER ’ s FUTURE. CRITICAL, actually.
  • SEPTEMBER 12TH. DATE OF IPO UNKNOWN - was expected Q1 2014.
  • FACEBOOK IPO = fell pretty sharply, gradually recovered TWITTER IPO = start strong, gradually decline for a period of time while market waits for proof of earnings
  • ACTIONABLE TIPS and BEST PRACTICES that you can start using in your Twitter campaigns straight away.
  • NOT 140 = 100 characters All links converted to TCO ALWAYS LEAVE ORGANIC (OLD SCHOOL) RETWEET SPACE - not everyone uses the new-style RETWEET, and people LOVE TO ADD COMMENTS.
  • Big STUDY between TWITTER and COMPETE. FUN & ENTERTAINMENT = increasingly customers want brands to be REAL PEOPLE. PERSONABLE, not PERSONAL.
  • You ’ d be amazed how many of your fans will NEVER see your message. So if it ’ s IMPORTANT, keep saying it.
  • SHOW OF HANDS for HOOTSUITE. I recommend TWEETBOT or HOOTSUITE. Twitter ’ s OFFICIAL APPS are limited but keep an eye on them as new features ROLL OUT FIRST. You can effectively manage Twitter in less than ONE HOUR per day (spread out!). Don ’ t have THE TWITTER GUY. Don ’ t be THE TWITTER GUY.
  • Respond to initial complaint PUBLICLY, then move the conversation to EMAIL. Some people just love to complain. Worst kind of FAN on Twitter is what I call the POLITE TROLL. They act friendly while essentially always complaining or fault-finding. Can be poison. Nuke ‘ em!
  • Please do NOT autopost to Twitter from other social networks (i.e., FourSquare, Facebook). Your boss probably doesn ’ t GET Twitter. Help him out - it ’ s in your interest. Ideally you should always manage your Twitter presence yourself, but if you don ’ t have the resources you can look AMATEURISH. It ’ s OKAY to outsource, but do your homework. This is YOUR BRAND, after all.

Social calling shea presentation ppt Social calling shea presentation ppt Presentation Transcript

  • #SocialCalling Take your Twitter marketing to the next level
  • Shéa Bennett Twitter @Sheamus Social Media Manager SCS Marketing scsmarketing.co.uk Editor AllTwitter.com
  • What’s on the agenda? • A brief history of Twitter (Twitter “firsts”) • Twitter paid marketing • The future of Twitter • 10 actionable Twitter #takeaways • Your questions
  • 1 - Twitter #history
  • ?
  • First Twitter homepage
  • First tweet Mar 21st, 2006 - https://twitter.com/jack/status/20
  • My first tweet Everybody’s first tweet is the same
  • Other first tweets... July 8th, 2008
  • Other first tweets... January 16th, 2009
  • Other first tweets... December 11th, 2009
  • Google Well, do ya, punk?
  • Your first tweet? Topsy.com - more than 400 billion tweets indexed (it’s better than Twitter search)
  • Epic Twitter moments Mar 21st, 2006
  • First brand on Twitter @earnestsewn ‘joined’ Twitter on Nov 9th, 2006
  • First brand on Twitter Didn’t tweet until January 27th, 2011!
  • First retweet April 17th, 2007
  • First #hashtag August 23rd, 2007
  • Power of Twitter April 10th, 2008
  • First Twitter marketer November 5th, 2008
  • First tipping point January 15th, 2009 - “It just changed everything.”
  • First million followers April 17th, 2009 (today Ashton 29th, @cnnbrk 35th)
  • First ‘proper’ celebrity April 17th, 2009
  • Second tipping point June 25th, 2009 “We saw an instant doubling of tweets per second the moment the story broke.” ~ Twitter co-founder Biz Stone
  • #revolution Twitter becomes an important political tool
  • First promoted Tweet April 15th, 2010
  • Twitter = news May, 2011 - the death of Osama Bin Laden
  • Twitter ≠ news April 23rd, 2013 - market plummets on ‘news’
  • Brands go sentient We don’t know who will strike first - us or them
  • Twitter #numbers • 240+ million active users (15m in the UK, +5m in 18 mos) • 1 billion tweets sent every 2-3 days • 80% of users in the UK connect via mobile • 1 in 3 UK mobile users go on Twitter in social situations (i.e., at a restaurant or gallery) • 40% of users worldwide useTwitter as a "curated news feed of updates that reflect their passions" (i.e., they don’t tweet) • 63% of brands onTwitter have more than one active profile
  • 2 - Twitter #marketing
  • Promoted Products Promoted Account Promoted Tweet Promoted Trend
  • Promoted Account •The only legitimate way to “buy” followers on Twitter •Kickstart your Twitter presence •Pay only when you add a follower via your promotion
  • Promoted Tweet •Get your message in front of a relevant, targeted audience •Drive engagement and raise awareness •Pay only when a user engages (retweet, reply, clicks link etc)
  • Promoted Trend •Go straight to the top of Twitter for 24 hours* •Massive exposure for businesses •Priced against # of Twitter users in your country (i.e., £20,000 for the UK, $200K in the USA)
  • Twitter Analytics Free for everyone, genuinely valuable when marketing with Twitter
  • Twitter advertising • Full Service - access to all Promoted Products - £15,000 min. commitment (Trends extra) - available worldwide • Self Service - access to some Promoted Products - pay as you go (for lower budgets) - available in the U.S. only
  • Why advertise with Twitter? • It works! • Organic growth onTwitter is slow • High engagement + awareness + traffic • Verified profile (credibility < 1 week) • Pinned tweets (‘free’ marketing) • Filter mentions (signal > noise)
  • 3 - Twitter’s #future
  • Vine
  • Vine • Twitter’s short social video platform • Create and share 6-second, looping videos • 40 million users (since Jan 2013) • Very effective for brand marketing • Interest and growth feels like early Twitter • At the very least,Vine has given us this...
  • Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal
  • iOS 7 & Siri •Twitter is now fully integrated with iPhone and iPad •Search Twitter using Siri (and your voice) •Twitter mobile apps are getting a big redesign to take advantage of iOS 7
  • Twitter #IPO
  • Twitter #IPO • Estimated valuation of $15-20 billion • Twitter is a media darling - IPO > $30 bn • IPO will be the opposite of Facebook’s • Twitter is betting big on mobile • ‘Dumbing down’ mobile interface to better appeal to a mainstream audience (streams + TV) • Twitter feels like it’s already everywhere, but it’s an illusion - most of your friends don’t use it (they will) • Cash injection will take Twitter literally everywhere • All of this will have a huge impact on marketing
  • 4 - Twitter #takeaways
  • Twitter #takeaways • Don’t keyword stuff your bio - far better to just give people the facts to inform their ‘shall I follow?’ decision • Ensure your Twitter profile photo is clear at all sizes and scales - you never know where and how somebody is reading your tweets • Keep a close eye on the apps that have access to your Twitter profile - revoke anything that you no longer need or do not remember authorising (you can always undo) 1. GO PRO WITH YOUR PROFILE
  • Twitter #takeaways2. THINK IN 100 CHARACTERS (OR LESS) Copy (100 or less) Link (20- 22) Blank (18-20) Believe it or not, this tweet is written to exactly 100 characters, showing how much space you have. http://t.co RT space
  • Twitter #takeaways • Be consistent, find your ‘voice’ • Don’t #use #hashtags #on #every #flippin #word • Get inside the heads of your followers - who do they think they are talking to? • WHY are they following you? • ‘Playing’ with your audience (or other brands) can reap dividends... 3. CONTENT
  • Twitter #takeaways 4. WHY WE FOLLOW BRANDS
  • Twitter #takeaways • Share more images - they generate at least 2x the engagement rate of text-only tweets • Don’t share images only for engagement • Upload images via Twitter’s image sharer (pic.twitter.com) - avoids the dreaded extra click (i.e., Instagram) • If you have a verified profile, always pin a tweet with an image at the top 5. IMAGES
  • Twitter #takeaways • There is no ‘best time to tweet’ (but there might be for you) • Share your best content twice per day, every day - AM and PM • PROMOS:The better the offer, the more people will need (and be happy) to keep hearing about it 6. ENGAGEMENT
  • Twitter #takeaways 7. THINK MOBILE •60% worldwide access Twitter via mobile, 80% UK •Twitter feels different on a mobile (and different mobiles) •Will your message be understood ‘on the fly’?
  • Twitter #takeaways • Use HootSuite • Find your perfect mobile Twitter client • Twitter is 24/7 (you don’t have to be) • Delegate & empower your team 8. MANAGE TWITTER
  • Twitter #takeaways • Manage complaints privately (move the conversation) • Consider setting your profile to receive direct messages from any follower - can reduce public complaints • Do not feed the trolls (the block button is your friend - get ruthless!) 9. CUSTOMER SUPPORT
  • Twitter #takeaways • If you’re going to use Twitter, use Twitter (Twitter folks hate being sent to Facebook) • Educate your boss • Do it yourself - and if you can’t, find someone who can do it properly 10. BONUS TIPS
  • Any questions? Twitter @Sheamus Social Media Manager SCS Marketing scsmarketing.co.uk Editor AllTwitter.com