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TIE Magazine #4: T-Mobile: Better Online Customer Experience Increases Conversion


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The Switch: T-Mobile's online improvements
In between meetings a man is eager to replace his existing mobile phone with the newest smart phone he has heard so much about. Needing to accomplish this task quickly, he navigates to an online phone shop.

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TIE Magazine #4: T-Mobile: Better Online Customer Experience Increases Conversion

  1. 1. Author Progress Software ~ Photography Marcel Rob Text xxx ~ Photography xxx T-Mobile’s online improvementsThe SwitchIn between meetings a man is eager to replace his existing support special offers or take advantage of market opportunities. In anmobile phone with the newest smart phone he has heard on-demand world that requiresso much about. Needing to accomplish this task quickly, companies to react almost immediately to remain competitive, it was takinghe navigates to an online phone shop. T-Mobile months to develop the functionality to support new initiatives. The company urgently A fter finding the correct product available to customers, a Telco’s ability needed to reduce that time-to-market he begins the checkout process. to improve the customer experience down to weeks, if not days. But as he is forced to click can have a huge effect on conversion through a fifth screen, he realizes he rates. T-Mobile fully understands this INCREASE FLEXIBILITY AND won’t be able to finish in time for his challenge. As one of the top 3 global REDUCE COST “Flexibility and cost next meeting. Frustrated and wireless carriers and subsidiary of were the primary drivers to start a disappointed, he closes his browser Deutsche Telecom AG, T-Mobile search for a new solution,” says Tessel without completing the transaction. serves 150 million subscribers across Jarigsma, Senior Vice President for Now imagine if that man could Europe and the USA. Internet and New Media at T-Mobile. complete the same transaction within Eight years ago, at the request of the The marketing department was looking just one or two screens. The possibility Marketing department, T-Mobile’s to decrease its dependence on IT and to of his purchasing the Smartphone Netherlands IT group built a increase its own ability to quickly before his next meeting increases customized online web shop. Though define, customize and execute exponentially. state-of-the-art at the time, the system campaigns without having to deal with The telecom industry has become grew too inflexible to support the complex technology issues. Jarigsma: one of the most competitive markets in company’s needs, making it difficult “First and foremost, we needed a today’s economy. With so many for the Internet Marketing group to solution that offered the flexibility to vendor, product and service options quickly and easily execute campaigns, quickly and easily meet the ever-P14 ~ 2012 ~ TIE
  2. 2. E-COMMERCE “We were looking for an easy-to-use webshop for our customers. With TIE Kinetix we have minimized the number of steps related to placing an order. In addition, we are now able to offer richer content: cus- tomer reviews, up sell opportu- nities, stock information and detailed product descriptions. As a result thereof, we are able to increase the conversion and generate more revenue from our web shop.” Tessel Jarigsma, T-Mobile Sr. Vice President for Internet and New Mediachanging, on–demand needs of the SELECTING SaaS According to Jarigsma, the and because the entire system isindustry. Second, it no longer made TIE Kinetix MamboFive E-Commerce Platform cloud-based, T-Mobile’s Marketingsense for us to incur all of the offered both the functionality and management department now has far more freedomdevelopment cost to customize a requirements the company was looking for. and agility to execute their ownsolution when there were excellent And in addition, T-Mobile could trust and on the market developed by leverage the extensive expertise and experience An additional advantage is thatvendors who knew far more about the of TIE Kinetix and its business partner The T-Mobile does not have to worry aboutsubject than we do.” Online Company so T-Mobile can focus all the technology and availability. Due to And with approximately 30% of all their effort on doing a stable Progress-based platform TIEtelecom products in the Netherlands business in a very Kinetix ensures 99.9% uptime of thepurchased online, T-Mobile concluded competitive environment. “T-Mobile phone shop.that a more flexible shopping platform T-Mobile has replacedwould be a strategic step forward in its its previous solution with is already HUGE Business benefits Onlyonline strategy and ability to gain TIE Kinetix’s shortly after the implementation,market share. So, as Jarigsma began her E-Commerce Software as a realizing T-Mobile is already realizingsearch for a new solution, the list of Service (SaaS) platform. By tremendous business benefits. Thecriteria included far more than just outsourcing its entire tremendous company has substantially improvedfunctionality requirements. platform, T-Mobile the customer experience with new “Management requirements were achieves an optimal business functionality, content and ease-of-use.just as important to us, even not more balance between For example, it has integrated socialso”, explains Jarigsma. “Flexibility, technological possibilities benefits.” media and significantly reduced thecost, time-to-market, agility – those and the ever-changing number of steps and web pageswere the elements that were going to demands of the business. customers are required to navigate to completegive us the business success and The flexibility of the TIE transactions. A series of processes that once requiredcompetitive advantage we were Kinetix system enables T-Mobile’s customers to navigate through five differentlooking for.” very fast time-to-market web pages has been merged into a single page. TIE ~ 2012 ~ P15