TIE Magazine #4: Think Outside The Cloud


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Discover how TIE Kinetix can help your business stay focused on shifting market demands instead of the rapid technology developments in the cloud.

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TIE Magazine #4: Think Outside The Cloud

  1. 1. TOTAL INTEGRATED E-COMMERCE Orders Orders 50% Syndication made easy with TIE KinetixP4 ~ 2012 ~ TIE
  2. 2. Author Patrick van Boom ~ Illustration Rick Cedrone | Remco Baars Think Outside the Cloud In today’s world of technological innovation, changes occur rapidly. The conse­ quences of these changes, especially in software solutions, are the ability of organizations to maintain state of the art technology. IT departments are expensive to maintain and resources of management, time and money are at play. An article by Patrick van Boom, Director Global Marketing & Sales, TIE Holding N.V.T he need to generate revenue and profit is the Changes New At the same time IT solutions are fundamental goal of all businesses. Therefore, technology is now moving from technology based management attention to all aspects of the core available to aid decisions to business value basedfundamentals is at the forefront of every business. In order companies implement decisions. Marketing is now ato stay competitive in their sector, businesses must find their strategy. Web 2.0, fundamental driver of IT purchasing,new ways to optimize processes. SaaS and Cloud and, that trend shows no signs of Computing are recent stopping, or even slowing down, anyThe Challenge Focus, focus, “Benefit concepts in the world of time soon. According to Forbes, fivefocus! Management must pay close technology. Multi- years from now CMOs will spendattention to its market, and provide from channel media, more on IT than CIOs.competitive products and services. contextual advertising,Productivity in all processes is required techno­logy and social media are The Task Ahead Executiveto keep costs down, and keep a examples of how managers who need to find the bestconstant eye to opportunities for innovation dynamic, in the moment, ways to integrate new technologies infurther reduction. Technology changes and fast paced business their organizations are faced with anare a two-way sword. On the one hand while online can be. In a similar important decision: Do-it-yourself orit offers opportunities. On the other fashion, innovative outsourcing. TIE’s mantra therefore ishand, it diverts management attention, staying companies moving their “Make technology perform so you canand other resources to an area that are processes to the cloud focus on your business.”time consuming and expensive. focused have become more What is the real business value for The challenge is to benefit from the common helping customers moving to ‘The Cloud’?technological opportunities while on the core alleviate the cost Many organizations choose tostaying focused on the core business sensitive pressure outsource their software basedand compe­ encies. t business.” decision makers face. solutions and IT infrastructure, TIE ~ 2012 ~ P5
  3. 3. Deliver Sales Marketing Sell Fulfillment Transaction Logistics Orientationallowing them to focus on their corebusiness. This will remove resources How TIE Kinetix fits in TIE Kinetix “Appli­ ations c Marketing, Sales, and Fulfillment! Our solutions connect these dots, inspent on non-core competencies so keystaff can apply emphasis on critical has a long lasting experience in all three and social creating a closed-loop for major business processes. In doing businessbusiness activities. This also allowsthem to avoid underutilized staff and of its solution areas. Founded in 1987 when connectivity online, E-Commerce is not just selling online, E-Commerce is supporting andcarrying extra infrastructure, typicallyrequired for disaster resiliency. This EDI and Business Integration were first trends are integrating your major business processes, online and with yourstrengthens business values such asfaster time-to-market, predictability, evolving, TIE was a true pioneer, and innovator. creating a business and trading partners. That is Total Integrated E-Commerce!lower development and operating costsand immediate access to latest At the start of the millennium when perfect Within this approach, TIE delivers software-based web-centric solutions.technologies and innovations. Cloud computing capabilities are dotcoms and web shops were still developing, storm of These solutions empower organiza- tions to improve their supply chainfundamentally shifting the competi-tive business landscape by providing a and the concept of content syndication opportunity.” efficiency and coordination. Our three integrated platforms (Contentnew baseline for creating and deliver- didn’t exist, TIE was Syndication, E-Commerce, Businessing value to customers. Applications defining the first solutions for early adopters Integration), together called TIEand social connectivity trends are in these market spaces. Kinetix, enable business partners tocreating a perfect storm of opportu- work seamlessly together on the majornity, enabling cloud adopters to Total Integrated E-commerce business processes throughout thetransform internal operations, (T.I.E.) Technological development ensures supply chain.customer relationships and industry productivity in supply chain activities andvalue chains. will rely increasingly on the Internet to Think outside the cloud, When you trust your solutions to conduct business. Marketing executives think T.I.E. TIE Kinetix takes care ofthe cloud it is imperative to rely on require new tools to empower their the technology, latest developmentsyour business partner. This partner channels with marketing and product and innovations so our customers cantherefore must understand your information. Consumers and industrial focus on their business, stay ahead ofbusiness, and be able to translate users will perform more of their purchasing the curve and enables our customers tobusiness needs into solutions, provide activities online. A shift to managed think outside the cloud. TIE Kinetixexcellent customer service and services and Software as a Service (SaaS) allows technology to perform so oursupport and should be robust, reduces high self-managed costs. customers and partners can focusseasoned and agile at TIE brings together the technology on their business.the same time. needed for the major business processes ofP6 ~ 2012 ~ TIE