E-commerce                Interview with Sanjay Kumar, Progress SoftwareWorking  on     VerticalsProgress Software Corpora...
Author Jim Larkin ~ Photography Stock photostrong ability to act as the order entry/    telecommunications industry came  ...
Author Jim Larkin ~ Photography Clopay    The other part is that the technol-ogy meets the end desire. It has afantastic ‘...
Business IntegrationSaves Bigpartner like TIE Kinetix. Other             solution not only supported the integration of   ...
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TIE Magazine #4: Interview Sanjay Kumar, Progress Software - Clopay Saves big Through Outsourcing EDI


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- Working on Vertical: Interview Sanjay Kumar, Progress Software
- Clopay Saves big Through Outsourcing EDI

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TIE Magazine #4: Interview Sanjay Kumar, Progress Software - Clopay Saves big Through Outsourcing EDI

  1. 1. E-commerce Interview with Sanjay Kumar, Progress SoftwareWorking on VerticalsProgress Software Corporation is an independent enterprise at Progress Software from his Redwood City, CA office, Kumar shares his desiresoftware company that enables businesses to be operationally to put a fine point on the uniqueresponsive to changing conditions and customer interactions strengths of each company’s solution, and how both systems work so wellas they occur – to capitalize on new opportunities, drive together.greater efficiencies and reduce risk. Sanjay, Progress Software and TIE Kinetix have worked closely for years now, and the integration betweenT he company offers a sales infrastructure allowing consumers to the two has gained traction in the last comprehensive portfolio of execute complex processes via a simple and year. How has this progression best-in-class enterprise software elegant interface. developed, and where has it resonatedspanning event-driven visibility and Progress Software “TIE has in the marketplace?real-time response, open integration, has been a strategic “The relationship has been going on fordata access and integration, and partner of TIE Kinetix for been some time, but about a year ago, weapplication development and over 10 years allowing started to get more exposure arounddeployment – all supporting on- TIE to deliver pioneering fantastic the things we had to do in differentpremises and SaaS/Cloud solutions built on the verticals. We started having a strongerdeployments. Progress framework. in actually focus in certain verticals where our Typical value driven customer More recently however, products worked as solutions in thatrelationships in the online age are a Progress has been using projecting space. It looked like it was starting todemanding thing as service providers TIE MamboFive align very well with some of thelook to improve their online process. E-Commerce suite as a to the next activities that TIE Kinetix was doing.Advancements allowing solutions’ front end application to We set up an exploratory set ofinfrastructure, offerings, and capabili- the multifaceted backend generation meetings to better understand the typeties to provide for the ever changing of Progress Software’s of things TIE was doing withneeds of customers can be a moving Communications Order what they telecommunication companies such astarget. Simply put, an intelligently Management Solution. T-Mobile and KPN, where the TIEequipped and implemented E-Com- Speaking with Sanjay want Kinetix MamboFive E-Commercemerce shop allows users to keep costs Kumar, VP of Communi- solution was utilized as an onlinedown, while providing a streamlined cations & Media Industry to see.” storefront. In doing so we also saw it’sP18 ~ 2012 ~ TIE
  2. 2. Author Jim Larkin ~ Photography Stock photostrong ability to act as the order entry/ telecommunications industry came “As a company TIE has been great withorder capture system enabling self care together to talk about innovations in a very rapid response to these activities.from a customer perspective. the marketplace. What was the initial Very little red tape, with a great For example, once you’ve captured a reaction from that event? commitment to making things happen,customer order, how do you orches- “We saw a lot of excitement there. We which is critical. That’s a very strongtrate all the work that needs to be done were doing a catalyst helping to define component. From a solutionacross multiple systems, multiple how to work within these managed perspective, it’s very easy to showcaseprocesses and avenues like that to bring service offerings that service providers your offering to demonstrate whata customer on and activate their service, run for enterprise level customers, would be the desired result. It’swith any updates to that service? All such as banks. It was interesting amazing how fast you can show thosethose moving parts. It’s obviously a big because there was strong interest from activities. Especially compared to otherarea of focus for service providers. the telecom industry, but it had a lot traditional solution sets that are out So what was interesting, we found of overlap with the financial services there, those that are non-CRM based,that what TIE was doing could be the sector because often they were the non-SaaS based type of offerings. It’sfront end to the things that we would end customers for these services. that speed of change that translates todo. That’s where we started to have the It resonated in the industry time to market for service providers;conversation around exploring especially as it relates to TIE’s mobile it’s a fantastic story. It complements theopportunity. Over the last year there storefront, and it can be used across a Progress value proposition well, wherewere a number of situations where whole series of solutions that service things are really driven by muchcustomers were saying “You’re doing providers are selling. It also became quicker time to market, thethe order management what can you do really interesting as TIE started convergence of products and serviceson the order capture side?” In which applying it to areas of the managed and the bundling of those against thecase, we entered into the conversation service models that started appearing. challenges that they relate to.with TIE Kinetix to help on that front. So it’s been a great year. We’re still The partnership with TIE hasThere have been a number of occasions building on a number of these worked extremely well in that type ofthroughout the year where we’ve been opportunities as they pop up as a model, with a strong motivation. Itable to present a combined solution result of our initial discussions.” doesn’t hurt that Progress’ technologywhile still working as separate entities.” is inside the TIE product. It just makes How has TIE’s strengths manifested it easier to work together. Not that theProgress and TIE presented at the in the partnership with Progress technology was ever a challenge, butTM Forum together in Dublin, IR Software in terms of both technology, the fact is we have a relationship fromearlier this year, where many from the and experience? all sides. TIE ~ 2012 ~ P19
  3. 3. Author Jim Larkin ~ Photography Clopay The other part is that the technol-ogy meets the end desire. It has afantastic ‘wow factor’ when you We’ve worked closely for over 10 years, and have had a great synergy particularly in the last year. What are Clopaypresent it to the business community. your projections for 2012 and beyond?Being able to show the type of “There is certainly been a strong Building Products Divisionexperience that customers will have, or commitment to a strategy aroundhow to use it internally, and being able becoming more solution and vertical with four manufacturingto see some of those results right away, focused. In 2011, we built a new facilities and 49 distribu-being able to show it on a notepad, it relationship. Prior to that was anhas a very powerful attraction from the underlying technology that Progress tion centers across thebusiness teams. It’s an area where had as part of the solution sets at TIE. It U.S. and Canada, Clopay isservice providers traditionally have was much more of a partnership inbeen too technology and engineering terms of how we go to market with North America’s leadingoriented, with not enough focus your solution and our solution as a manufacturer of residen-around the customer experience and common value and proposition tothe overall look and feel that the customers. I think we’re going to see a tial garage doors and acustomer would have. TIE has been lot more of that in 2012. As we see leader in the industrialfantastic in projecting to the next these opportunities with a globalgeneration what they want to footprint, it matters how quickly we door market.actually see.” can move down those paths. 2012 is where we’ll start truly reaping the benefits and seeing this type of value proposition really grow. It’s part of a strategy across a B number of industries around the idea of ringing more than 40 years of helping service providers enhance their leadership to the garage door end to end customer experience. As we industry, Clopay is the only partner together, we have the enabling garage door manufacturer to hold the technology to get access to their Good Housekeeping Seal. systems, orchestrate activities, with Plastic Products Division – With response to operational pains. That three locations in the US, three in combined with the solutions that TIE Germany, and one in Brazil, Clopay is a provides enabling interaction with global leader in specialty films, their customers and being able to deter- extrusion coatings, custom-printing mine a lot of the metrics and activities and engineered laminations. The that are happening along that front. company is widely known for its unique You can see a great synergy to be able to technology developments in the areas of build a greater picture around that microporous breathable, elastomerics, end-to-end customer experience monolithic, and apertured films and management initiative. composites. Clopay’s products are used It’s exciting working with TIE, as in the hygienic, healthcare, protective it’s a very agile company from an apparel, and industrial markets. organizational perspective. From a solution perspective TIE has been a Tight B2B integration pleasure to work with as well. I think Industrial door leader Clopay needed a we’re going to see a lot more aspects more efficient way of managing their grow in 2012 on this front, because of business to business integration with that culture and vision in terms of the partners and customers. They found the new future facing solutions for our day-to-day operation of an in-house enterprise customers.” Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program intensive and expensive. Maintaining updated trading partner versions, training and retaining qualified technical resources, and purchasing in-house software is costly and Sanjay Kumar, Vice President, unmanageable. Recognizing these Communications & Media needs, they decided to fully outsource Industry at Progress Software their EDI processes to an experiencedP20 ~ 2012 ~ TIE
  4. 4. Business IntegrationSaves Bigpartner like TIE Kinetix. Other solution not only supported the integration of course we have added trading partners,determining factors that made the the company’s internal business processes, but more documents, and transfers. Wepurchasing decision much easier were: more importantly enabled direct connections even added another dedicated line forTIE’s reasonable price, well known between the business processes of Clopay and XML transfers from a particular vendor.reliability, support and confirmation its trading partners. TIE Kinetix interfaces There is daily use of web tools forfrom several satisfied customers. provided an easy-to-use solution that ensured research and support that we use and “TIE Kinetix has years of experience flexibility enough for any kind of integration have even taught our customer servicein supporting the operation of mission- scenario in the future. teams to use. Through it all we havecritical electronic commerce processes Clopay is fully outsourced using TIE Kinetix benefitted from TIE’s expertise within the area of communications and Business Integration Platform connected to the multiple transfer/delivery protocols anddocument mapping requirements TIE directConnect™ Communications network suggesting fixes for daily issues thatspecified by our customers in the retail allowing them to enjoy the advantages of true arise. The team has gone out of theirand manufacturing industry”, says eBusiness through a secure Internet business- way to make sure our business can notCarmel Hirth, Director of IT for Clopay. to-business gateway. Using this powerful only receive and process current The implementation needed to be combination gives the flexibility to rapidly documents but grow incrementally.”seamless to their trading partners and a implement new E-Commerce processes with TIE’s powerful integration capabili-detailed project plan was made with their Oracle Applications Suite to increase ties have enabled Clopay to effortlesslyspecific expectations from both parties. visibility, efficiency and transact business and manage more thanBoth companies worked together to set response to market 17,000 transactions per month withoutup a reconciliation process to ensure the conditions. “The overall error. The overall costs for data storageaccuracy of all inbound and outbound As a result of Outsourc- and software execution have beentransactions. In a very short timeframe, ing its supply chain connec- costs for data significantly reduced, and the timeClopay had outsourced all its EDI tions, Clopay has been able dedicated to both new trading partnertranslation, mapping development and to focus on improving and storage and set up and integration formats have beenenhancements, new trading partner set optimizing its internal reduced by 75%.ups, daily reconciliation, error trouble- business applications and software In addition, “we have been able toshooting and communications to TIE. has experienced an annual keep the headcount down in our cost savings of over execution department and while still maintainingoutsourcing TIE worked very $80,000 in the first year of system integrity to support our businessclosely with the technical and business service. Desmond Allen, have been and meet our trading partner require-teams of Clopay to provide an SAS 70 Clopay’s IT Help Desk ments,” Hirth said. “Outsourcing ourcompliant outsourced solution utilizing Manager and E-Commerce significantly EDI services to TIE has been one of thedatacenter infrastructure provided by Coordinator had this to say best business decisions that we couldConnectria Corporation®. This about the solution, “Of reduced.” have made.” TIE ~ 2012 ~ P21