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In this Issue:
- Sodexo: More Flexibility, less administrative pressure with TIE Business Integration solution
- Hi Society: TIE Kinetix eCommerce Platform provides speed and flexibility, crucial for HI's webshop
- Real-Time Analytics: Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers

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TIE Kinetix Magazine #1

  1. 1. Real-Time Analytics Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers Leveling the Playing Field Column by James M. Dorsey Hi Society Speed and flexiblity is crucial for Hi’s webshop Number One ~ October 2009Californian wine from BuyYourWine ~ News and Gadgets ~ Sodexo’s click & buy
  2. 2. www.tiekinetix.com Would you like to have an entire team of professional EDI experts available 24/7? Now you can! Business Integration Platform Content Syndication Platform e-Commerce Platform TIE Kinetix Business Integration: Expert EDI managed for you twenty four hours a day without worries. Don’t settle for less. You will have the most comprehensive integration technology available 24 hours a day, combined with over 20 years of dedicated EDI expertise and people who understand and can enhance your business for fractions of what you spend today. Our professional team is here for you 24/7 to take care of your EDI business as a very flexible extension of your organization. We offer you more for less. For more information: sales@tiekinetix.com or visit our website: www.tiekinetix.com. About TIE Kinetix: TIE Kinetix enables you to stretch the limits of electronic business collaboration. By giving you the power to connect applications and processes with your supply chain partners, TIE Kinetix improves your operational exchange and communi- cations. Simply put, TIE Kinetix is the only connection your organization needs when business integration platform doing business with thousands of trading partners from around the world.
  3. 3. CONTENT INTROSodexo 4 SpeedP07 Column James DorseyP09 Column Brian Tervo is10Hi SocietyP12 Comprehensive Reporting critical Being faster than your Tool for Marketeers competitor and reaching your target group quicker is the 14 difference between winning and losing. Real time is king and speed is critical.Old wine New businessP17 News W hich is why speed is the theme of this first issue of TIE Magazine.P18 Gadgets Everything in e-business revolves around speed. In the food sector, for example, it means fast order processing, invoicing and report- ing. In fact, fresh food depends entirely on speed: ordered today, delivered today and consumed today. Read the lead article in this issue about Sodexo COLOPHON that successfully rolled out our Business Integration Platform. When a new Blackberry model is launched, it must be possible to orderPublication TIE Kinetix BV, Hoofddorp, it online immediately. For a large part the success of award winning webNetherlands ~ www.tiekinetix.com shop Hi.nl is based on our eCommerce Platform. Read the story on page 14.Editor Management Cees Steijger | And whoever masters the reseller channel is the winner. We’re talk- ing Content Syndication on page 12 and 13. After all, no one can afford toSteijger.communications BV Art Direction waste days, let alone weeks, on updating the content of reseller websites. Design Remco Baars, Sandra Hellingman Speed from content syndication to the electric Tesla Roadster. I hope you| beet-vormgeving.nl Coverphoto Marcel R. enjoy reading it!Bakker | HiRez Images Printing Van SchaikOffset BV, Oudewater Cooperation fromMarcel R. Bakker, Wim Sonius | Sonius Crea-tive Imaging, Gerritjan Huinink, James Dorsey,Brian Tervo, Ronald Oeges.© 2009 TIE Kinetix BV, P.O. Box 3053, 2130 KB Hoofd- Jan Sundelin, CEO TIEdorp, Netherlands. All rights reserved. No part of thispublication may be reproduced in any manner withoutpermission of the publisher. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P3
  4. 4. XXxx Sodexo The challenge The challenge was to find a solution for the purchasing process in which changes to the product range could be made efficiently, orders could be placed uniformly at 1,350 locations and thousands of invoices could be sent electronically every week. The solution The solution was to implement the TIE Verification Manager, a software tool that is part of the TIE Kinetix Business Integration Platform. The TIE Verification Manager functions as a middleware application that integrates with the existing SAP materials management environment. The web-based front portal provides product range managers and purchasers with an overview, a checking capability and measurement points in the automated exchange of article information between Sodexo and its suppliers. The result Product range management was inte- grated into the purchasing platform; the catalogue is always up-to-date for all users; process management has been optimised and the administration has been radically simplified at all locations; effective matching of order and invoice has been achieved and invoice loss has been kept to a minimum.
  5. 5. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker BUSINESS INTEGRATION Purchasing using Click Buy More Flexibility less , administrative pressure With more than 355,000 employees representing 132 different nationalities, Sodexo operates from 30,600 locations in 80 countries. The Sodexo Group, of which Sodexo Nederland has been a part since 1995, is the biggest independent Food Facilities Management organisation in the world.I n the Netherlands, Sodexo operates Click Buy The Click Buy purchas- material management system that incor- from 1,350 locations and every day ing project – focusing on streamlining the porates all the products of all of the suppli- about 6,500 employees provide more uniform purchasing and ordering process ers of Sodexo Nederland. “The advantagethan half a million people with food fa- - started some time ago at the headquarters of being web-based is that it’s flexible andcilities management services, remote sites of the Sodexo Group in Paris. The aim of accessible. Once the location managerservices and party catering events. In the the Click Buy project is to reduce the has logged in, he gets full access to hisNetherlands, Sodexo serves companies, load on catering locations, catalogue. Assignments and authorisations(government) institutions, polytechnics, optimise the purchasing ensure that the location manager sees onlyuniversities and the (health)care sector. The trend is towards growth. The so- process and, at the same time, have better manage- “In the what is intended for him and can then place his orders. After delivery, the goodscalled, out-of-home market in particularhas increased enormously in recent years, ment information available, and to have all reports from Netherlands, are processed while, following automatic checking and matching with the purchas-mostly as a result of a growing awarenesson the part of the public that take-away all over the world within reach in the future. Arno we are a ing order by the TIE Business Integra- tion Software, the electronic invoices arefood can also be healthy. Sodexo adds tothis items such as biological products and, Cok, Supply Chain Cata- logue Manager Benelux, is considerable immediately processed in a SAP system at our head office in Capelle aan den IJssel. Soin general terms, sustainability (includingfair trade). And this combination is bearing co-responsible for imple- menting the Click Buy step further no paper invoices are sent to the locations. This makes management informationfruit: the group’s worldwide turnover isapproaching €14 billion. programme in the Neth- erlands. We spoke with than the much better and reduces administrative pressure on the location manager.” In the Netherlands, Sodexo works closelywith Deli XL, which supplies Sodexo with him at the head office of Sodexo in Capelle aan den rest of the Daily changes However, Arno admitseverything it needs to serve guests, clients,residents and patients with something tasty. IJssel. “The Click Buy programme was first car- world” that the approach has a disadvantage. He is referring to the daily changes involvedFrom fresh ingredients to freshly prepared ried out as a pilot project in in the various products, of which there areproducts. Deli XL has a complex distribu- Belgium and Spain in order Arno Cok about 8,000 to 10,000 in the catalogue.tion network with specialised regional to gain experience prior to These changes are of many sorts, such asbranches – the so-called “fresh centres”. a large-scale rollout,” says new packaging, prices and weights, newEach of the 1,350 Sodexo locations does its Arno Cok. “It was the turn brands, etc. “With the Click Buy approach, we shouldown purchasing using Click Buy. Click of the Netherlands next.” use a so-called Request for Quotations, in which you send Buy is based on the centrally facilitated According to Arno, the database to the supplier in Excel format requesting himSAP Supply Chain Relation Management there are many advantages to feed back any changes so that we can update our system.module, SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship in the new approach to However, with an approach like that, you are totally de-Management). Deli XL is the main sup- purchasing, which is web- pendent on the supplier being prepared to check all records.plier, covering about 80% of Sodexo’s total based at the locations. The There are all kind of risks, of which corrupting the file ispurchasing in the Netherlands. system is based on a SAP not the least serious one. We saw a lot more advantages in TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P5
  6. 6. BUSINESS INTEGRATION We sawan automated approach that could save us a lot more it is approved, the spe- world on this point,” says Arno.a lot of work and would also provide the cific datum is allowed and “Sodexo has now decided to bringmaximum data reliability. Moreover, we advantages sent to our own database. the Benelux countries under a singlewere convinced that Click Buy would This approach saves us a management with the aim of combiningonly be interesting if it also enabled elec- in an considerable amount of strengths. Supply Chain Managementtronic messaging. We regarded it as extra time because it is largely was one of the first departments to beprofit if orders could be sent to the supplier automated automated. Moreover, the affected in this way. Which resulted inautomatically and the invoice could be chance of errors is slight, centralizing Catalogue Management inprocessed electronically. For this reason, we approach which means that the data the Netherlands.”started looking around and invited parties in the catalogue are always The TIE Business Integration Platformto come up with a solution.” that could clean.” will now be rolled out in Belgium too. “In Belgium, we’ve found that the situ-Verification Manager This ishow Sodexo came to TIE Kinetix. The two save us a Savings Apart from the fact that the data in the ation is different to that of the Nether- lands,” says Arno. “They don’t work withcompanies were not unknown to eachother. For example, the TIE Business Inte- lot of work” catalogue are now always up to date, the introduc- one big supplier as is the case in the Neth- erlands but with a Top 25. This resulted ingration Platform had been implemented at tion of the TIE Verifica- a lot of differences which meant that theSodexo to answer the huge Sodexo organi- tion Manager also brings catalogue no longer satisfied the improvedsation’s messaging needs. “TIE offered the TIE Verification considerable savings, especially in terms Dutch standards. They were still usingManager that had been successfully deployed at Intratuin, of time. For example, the accuracy of the Requests for Quotation and that has nowfor example,” says Arno. “We studied this case thoroughly catalogue data means that invoice loss has been replaced with our EDI approach.”and quickly became convinced that with a little customisa- been drastically reduced. In the case of antion this tool would be the ideal solution for Sodexo.” average of 30,000 invoices per month, and Interest Arno Cok sits on the Sodexo The TIE Verification Manager was implemented in based on 20 minutes spent dealing with Click Buy User Committee and recently2007. But how does it work in Sodexo’s daily practice? “In every lost invoice, every percent improve- presented his experiences with the TIEfact we work with two files,” says Arno. “One file is our ment makes a difference of no less than 100 Verification Manager in the Netherlands tocatalogue containing about 10,000 info-records and the hours per month. An additional advantage a meeting of his fellow Supply Chain Cata-other is the supplier’s file. The catalogue provided by the is that incoming invoices are automatically logue managers. There is increasing interestsupplier is sent in his own format. The TIE platform takes made available to SAP by the TIE software. in the Dutch approach from other coun-this format and ensures that the Verification Manager can So none of these invoices have to be entered tries. Especially as Supply Chain Manage-work with it and that the two sources can be matched in manually. This also saves several minutes’ ment in the Netherlands is also function-the Verification Manager. In fact the Verification Manager work per invoice – in fact no less than 1,500 ally responsible for the purchasing processcan handle various product descriptions. The supplier’s hours per month based on a minimum of 3 in Sweden, Finland and Germany, it isdescription is compared with the description in the Sodexo minutes’ handling time for a paper invoice. expected that the TIE Verification Managercatalogue. If differences are identified by the Verification So this results in sizeable savings annually. will also be introduced in these countries.Manager (e.g. a different unit price or a different weight) “In the Netherlands, we are a considerable “After all, it’s a good solution and it makesSupply Chain Management receives a notification. Once step further than the rest of Sodexo in the things easier,” says Arno Cok. In the Sodexo company restaurants you will always be certain to make a wholesome, healthy choice.
  7. 7. By James M. Dorsey COLUMN Leveling the Playing Field A marketing director for multinational tion processes. “Success for business nowadays is related to the Siemens AG, Adrian Honey’s responsi- level of the sophistication of management,” says Luis Maia bility is to ensure that vendors across the Carneiro, coordinator of Net-Challenge, a European Union globe understand his company’s core values and and Chinese funded effort to create trans-national standards as competitive edge. That’s no mean task. Siemens works with well as the software to implement those standards for collabor- some 2,000 independent vendors selling competing products, ative business networks that would enable small and medium- including those of Siemens, in 85 countries and a multitude of sized enterprises. Net-Challenge hopes to change the paradigm, languages. Siemens’ complex product range and multi-layered initially in the textile, footwear and machine tool industry with vendor network that includes sophisticated large resellers as a horizontal rather than a hub approach built on TIE’s Kinetix well as less mature small and medium-sized partners doesn’t Platform for business networks. In doing so, Net-Challenge make things any easier. would create a more level playing field on a peer-to-peer basis, Mr. Honey’s dilemma is hardly unique. Most multi- particularly in Europe where the vast majority of companies are nationals operating across continents and covering much of small and medium-sized enterprises the world’s geography face the same issues. So do government Greater efficiencies and a more level playing field notwith- officials and company executives seeking to establish com- standing, standardization of business integration may have a mon standards for business integration less than anticipated effect on the prof- across borders that demarcate often itability of smaller companies and vastly different legal and fiscal regimes pricing for consumers. That is where as well as cultural, linguistic, protocol some experts say governments have a and infrastructural differences. The role. William Wang, an information complexity and difficulty of integration management specialist at New Zea- is evident even in markets that vary far land’s Kelburn Parade Victoria Universi- less from one another than those in Eu- ty of Wellington, compares cross border rope and Asia. “Even between Canada business integration to free trade agree- and the US, issues exist in privacy and ments (FTAs). “While many countries national security,” says Patrick Hung, nowadays sign FTAs, consumers do a professor at Canada’s University of not usually feel a reduction in their cost Ontario Institute of Technology. of living. Put in other words: breaking For Dennis Gaughan, vice president down boundaries, brings opportunities of AMR Research Inc., Mr. Honey’s to some and takes away benefits from successful tackling of the problem others,” Mr. Wang says. constitutes a notable case study. In research published in That understanding may be the most advanced in Europe, July, Mr. Gaughan analyses how Mr. Honey worked with The which so far has invested the most in efforts to standardize Netherlands-based syndicated content provider Tie Holding business integration and facilitate integration of processes NV, an AMR client, to begin to get a grip on the problem and between companies. Chinese participation in Net-Challenge to demonstrate the benefits of business integration not only to highlights Europe’s grasp of globalization where production Siemens but also to its partners in terms of reduced processing of components in low cost economies needs to be tied in to costs and greater market penetration. the high-tech producer of sophisticated products. Says Mr. “We’re seeing a shift towards looking from end to end. Carneiro: “You need to communicate with the real world.” Big companies feel the pain first. They typically have the most complexity and biggest challenge. Smaller and medium-sized companies take a more cooperative approach towards tackling James M. Dorsey was a foreign correspon- the problem,” Mr. Gaughan says. dent for more than 30 years for The Wall The global market for business-to-business business inte- Street Journal and other publications. Today gration remains a niche market. Experts estimate the market at Mr. Dorsey is a columnist, media entrepre- no more than $1 billion. A small group of vendors, including neur and international affairs consultant to TIE, are benefitting from an inclination on the part of corpora- strategic communications, security and water tions to outsource the management of their business integra- companies as well as investment funds. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P7
  8. 8. who owns who?Drive down Cost to achieve Total Ownership of your ERP.The promise of your ERP solution was that it would keep you in the black. Instead, escalatingmaintenance and licensing fees may mean you’re seeing nothing but red. Demand more. Spendless. And change the balance of ownership in your ERP relationship.Own your ERP. Don’t let it own you.Learn how at EpicorTCO.com or call 800-997-7528. Get exclusive access to theEpicor TCO Optimization Kit, featuring the 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midmarket andTier 2-Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies report. © Copyright 2009 Epicor Software Corporation. Epicor and the Epicor logo are registered trademarks of Epicor Software Corporation. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. By Brian Tervo COLUMN Kinetix equals Corporate Energy M y experiences with TIE started back driven economy fed by multi-dimensional channel out- in 1997 as a software support engi- lets that includes consumer touch points inside of your neer and over the past twelve years, reseller/distributor partners, affiliate websites, portable have personally watched the business trans- devices, social networks, advertising, media, PR and the form from a niche B2B integration software list goes on. Kinetix in a very simple way insures that all company to a global, multi-dimensional SaaS platform of your key content assets are dynamically up-to-date provider. Philosophically we are still true to our roots and and relevant to the multitudes of consumers seeking this continue to help our customers solve business challenges information regardless of the technology it is displayed with innovative software solutions, but with all the latest on. Kinetix places emphasis on getting your key mes- technologies converging with our new Kinetix platform, it sages where they need to be, when they need to be there is a real exciting time to be part of this company. and immediately accessible to the consumer in the easiest TIE Kinetix at the 50,000 foot level is all about energy. method possible sustaining a vital business momentum at Modeled after Newton’s third law of motion, and most all consumer orientation points. prominently featured by the Newton’s cradle in our Once the information has been disseminated, Kinetix logo, TIE Kinetix is about the conservation of energy and helps businesses measure and understand key message momentum throughout the business process. In busi- performance against stated goals, but this is only part of ness terms, “Corporate Energy”, or CE for short, is the the entire picture. Consumers engaged with your messag- “lifeblood” of every business and es now require a very safe and easy represents the targeted force your way to order the product, no mat- company exerts against the market. ter where they purchase it from. This energy is characterized by a Buyers expect their transactions to unique mix of products; services be secure, automated, and infor- and messaging that make up the mative as the fulfillment process fundaments of your brand and occurs. This process needs to be image. In the real world, there are seamless from the ordering point at all kinds of forces; some naturally the retail site all the way back to the occurring (internal) and others product being delivered to a store, deliberate (external), that act upon business or home. Customer ser- the processes to promote, sell and vice has been elevated to the level service your products in the market. where manufacturers must provide No business is exempt from these this experience directly from their forces. The larger your brand, the corporate sites and extend this to more difficulties you will have any and all sites that represent their trying to promote and defend its image in the light of its brands. Kinetix provides a framework that give resellers creator. Smaller brands will simply cease to exist unless and distributors a virtual extension of your own ordering they can truly harness the virtualized shelf spaces that system, without needing to spend any time, money and appear and disappear quicker than ever or are overtaken effort to integrate these complex processes. Orders flow by the sheer volume and force of incumbents. Add in a in electronically without any human intervention directly dash of unprecedented global connectivity and businesses through retailers preserving the value of the reseller net- are quickly discovering that the information/content work with the brand equity and fulfillment power of the describing their brands is almost more important than the manufacturer. products and services they actually represent. Most every major brand at one point or another has Brian Tervo spent literally millions of dollars to promote a product President CEO via a campaign that went no further than their own web or physical store properties. The problem is that the Brian Tervo serves as President and Chief consumer of today is seeking information from numer- Executive Officer of TIE Commerce Inc. ous other sources that are not under your explicit control. where he is responsible for driving com- Brand owners need a real plan to contend with a content pany vision, growth and profitability. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P9
  10. 10. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker eCOMMERCE Society quickly. And the MamboFive Commerce experience. Up-to-date content is a mustDutch online webshop Hi.nl Suite product is without equal. It’s exactly in this respect, as too is interaction withfocuses on young adults what we need.” the customer. “Our Hi Bewaarbox (Storage Peter explains that experience has Box) is a result of our dialogue with thewith its mobile telephones shown that you have to take a critical look target group. It’s a unique storage service forand high-level service. at functionality when building a webshop. text messages. This dialogue also resulted Naturally, everything should work well but in Hi WaarZitWie (WhereAreWho) that everything surrounding this functional- enables you to locate friends in real timeM ore than a decade ago, KPN ity is even more important. How quickly on your mobile phone.” And recently launched a brand aimed at young can you change something? How flexible Hi launched its ‘Pokkie Foetsie’ – the Hi people, called Hi. From its incep- do you remain once the website has been Telephone Book. With this, you don’ttion, the new company has focused on implemented? “Experience shows that you immediately lose all of theyoung adults (18-24), and everyone whofeels young at heart, with a series of excep- can’t predict what your website will look like after 18 months. Developments are “The numbers of all of your social contacts if you happen totional campaigns. With its new Hi Societyconcept, KPN’s youth brand is searching for too fast for this. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll have to people lose your phone.interaction with its customers. Hi wantsto acquire the loyalty of its target group by continue to react to these developments. The people behind MamboFive Suite have behind REACT QUICKLY And so Hi is continuing to developmeans of a constant dialogue, interactivegadgets and an old-fashioned club feeling. the speed and drive to innovate – qualities that are more important in our business Mambo- as a strong, energetic brand for young people whereThe website www.hi.nl has become theonline platform for this. The website runs than the structure of a large IT company.” “We are a premium brand in a very com- Five suite they feel at home and to which they feel loyalty. It’son the MamboFive Commerce Suite, theTIE Kinetix eCommerce Platform. petitive market. We aren’t a prize-fighter and yet we manage to achieve rising sales. have the both handy and innovative. “We’re not bringing aboutTEAM In KPN’s huge office building in We can do that only by improving our web- site permanently, furthering its accessibility speed and a revolution but evolv- ing, in dialogue with ourThe Hague, we spoke to Peter van derSchaar, Hi.nl’s channel manager. Peter is and focusing on service and interaction. Our association with other websites is also drive to customers. Thanks to the MamboFive Commercepart of a small team of only four people – re-markably few for one of the biggest mobile constantly increasing.” MSN and Hyves are good examples of websites that Hi.nl works innovate.” Suite, we can continue to react quickly to changes,brands in the Netherlands with a webshop with in order to promote interaction. Hi tailor campaigns effectivelythat attracts a million unique visitors a accesses content and products from third parties, aggre- to new trends and staymonth. “There are big advantages to the fact gates it and re-transfers the complete proposition to other constantly on the move.that the organisation is small,” says Peter. websites. This allows Hi to ensure that the best experience After all, we have to make“It makes lines of communication and the is provided without overheads becoming too high. With it easy for the customer,decision-making process pleasantly short.” Hi Society, Hi is also adding emotion to the brand, thereby without complicated is-Is that also the reason why Hi opted for promoting customer loyalty. It’s all about retention, sues. We have to keep itTIE Kinetix? “Absolutely! We can connect explains Van der Schaar. About retaining customers. You simple,” concludes Peterwith the people behind MamboFive very do that by providing the customer with a constantly richer van der Schaar.P10 ~ 1/2009 ~ TIE
  11. 11. Hi SocietyCharacteristics - “Hi” is a mobile Characteristics - Hi is a mo-telephone network in the Netherlands bile telephone network in the Netherlandsspecifically aimed at young adults, offer-ing mobile speech, data, and messaging,which is very much geared to its target specifically aimed at younggroup by the way it communicates. adults, offering mobile speech,Target group - Young people in the age data, and messaging, which is veryof 18-24, and anyone who “is older butfeels younger”.Forecast - Offering services and ap- much geared to its target groupplications that strengthen social contacts by the way itbetween young people. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P11
  12. 12. Text Cees Steijger ~ Illustration iStockPhoto Real-Time Analytics for online sales channels Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers Marketers need to be able to immediately measure and assess these online campaigns in order to adjust their e-commerce strategies to support sales, drive revenue and equip the channel with the right content to succeed.P12 ~ 1/2009 ~ TIE
  13. 13. CONTENT SYNDICATION “This gives a muchA s a leader in content syndication, Greater control These robust Critical elements with more than two decades of analytic tools are a fundamental part of These online analytic tools experience in electronic com- the TIE Kinetix CSP solution. With TIE deeper are crucial to marketersmerce, TIE Kinetix recognizes that the Kinetix CSP technology, manufactures can because timely, complete,measurement and analysis of any e- maintain up to the minute pricing, product under- accurate and objective profes-commerce campaign is a major concern for features, and reviews across all their online sional content are criticalbrand managers and marketers. With the partners—ultimately providing brand standing elements to online buyers asTIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform managers and marketers with the ability well as retailers and resell-(CSP) solution, marketing executives can to have greater control and consistency of of how ers. With one out of everynow analyze and manage the effectiveness their content and branding across multiple three shopping carts result-of their online e-commerce programs with websites and channel partners. the ing in abandonment, thereinstant market research data. “TIE Kinetix analytic tools give mar- is enormous opportunity toREALTIME The TIE Kinetix CSP analytics keting professionals in-depth knowledge of their campaigns. Not only can they channel improve the availability and quality of online information.solution tracks online channel activities,reports performance in real-time and al- observe the activities of their resellers and qualify them, they now can also is perform- Right content Onlinelows marketing managers to tweak resellerprograms and collateral on the fly. These observe the audience on those reseller websites,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE. ing” marketers need to be able to immediately measure and as-tools also allow marketers to observe “This gives a much deeper understand- sess these online campaigns inonline trends taking place across the chan- ing of how the channel is performing. order to adjust their e-com-nel and manage them effectively. A few These analytic tools would be as if a manufacturer had access to merce strategies to supportof the metrics that can be tracked include ‘Google Analytics’ for each and every one of their partners or sales, drive revenue and equipgeography, language, time on the site, click resellers. And, the best part is that the manufacturer is the one the channel with the rightpath and file downloads within a number generating the content on all of the partner sites and can update content to succeed.of unique marketing campaigns. the messaging at will.” CNET customers get the high quality content they expect from CNET our partners the best tools possible, not only ensures their activities in the United Kingdom, uses the TIE Kinetix Content TIE Kinetix has a strategic alli- Content Solutions, and with success, it ensures our success,” Syndiction Platform to commu- ance with CNET Content Solu- the TIE Kinetix CSP we provide says Adrian Honey, Director of nicate with its partners via an tions, to resell the TIE Content them with real-time control Global Channel Marketing at Online Channel Communication Syndication Platform worldwide. over rich product information Siemens Enterprise Communica- Platform. It enables Microsoft to CNET Content Solutions, one of across their supply chain, as tions. “Working with TIE, we support all of its Direct Market- the world’s leading independent well as real-time analytics and are able to provide our partners ing Resellers (DMR) and other sources of product informa- reporting.” with real-time access to accurate partners with high-quality digital tion, is now able to offer and information about our products content in real time. Microsoft promote the TIE Kinetix CSP to and services. With ready-brand- can steer and manage the the many consumer electronic vendors it powers. Timely, com- Siemens ed, targeted campaigns that are available at the click of a mouse, content, such as banners, video clips and tools, in a controlled plete, accurate and objective Siemens Enterprise Communica- partners can provide information environment from a single cen- content are critical elements to tions selected the TIE Kinetix regarding Siemens solutions, tral environment. “TIE Kinetix online buyers, retailers and re- Content Syndication Platform quickly, easily and without the CSP helps us to deliver our sellers. The partnership between as a key part of their worldwide need for specialist marketing.” latest technology and market- CNET Content Solutions and indirect partner program. The ing information directly and TIE will ensure that customers TIE Kinetix CSP enables Siemens more efficiently to our partners, are getting the information that they need and demand to make to manage and distribute their marketing and sales informa- Microsoft who in turn can deliver a richer experience to end customers”, online buying decisions. Says tion real-time to their worldwide Microsoft UK Limited, part of says Clare Barclay, Director of Sean Murphy, Vice-President of indirect sales channel. “At Sie- the Microsoft Corporation and Partner Strategy Programmes, CNET Content Solutions. “Our mens, we understand that giving responsible for all Microsoft Microsoft UK. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P13
  14. 14. XXxxBuyYourWine factsEstablished - Cyber-entrepreneurHans Voorn launched BuyYourWine inFebruary 2006.Market share - With a range of 2000different wines BuyYourWine is among thelargest wine websites in the Netherlands.Forecast - The range will ultimately cover5000 different wines making BuyYourWinethe largest wine website of Europe.
  15. 15. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Gerritjan Huinink eCOMMERCE What makes BuyYourWine so unique? Old wine new business We give the customer personal attention. We can do that because the back office of BuyYourWine is perfectly organised. ICT meets wine.W e are talking to Majo Diepman and Monique the grape variety, the local up-to-date, BuyYourWine works closely Greven who have been the proud owners of the soil, the vinification, etc.” with just about all of the major import- successful wine webshop BuyYourWine.nl since says Monique Greven. ers. “Out-of-date information is the kisslast September. The two entrepreneurs recently took over the BuyYourWine, which of death for the business,” says Monique.company from cyber-entrepreneur Hans Voorn. is based from TIE Mambo- “Speed and being able to take quick Standing out on Majo’s CV is a solid record of service Five Commerce Suite, has advantage of trends make the differenceat IBM where she held various managerial posts. Monique been very well received by between winning and losing. From nowcarried out computerisation projects for leading companies, the market and the range of on we’ll be using XML to access informa-including ABN AMRO, the Ministry of wines is growing steadily, tion from importers where possible. AndJustice, the Ministry of the Interior and as well as the number of the great thing about TIE Mambo Five’sVodafone before working in the propertybusiness. So both online entrepreneurs “Speed customers. With such a wide range of different Commerce Suite is that it’s child’s play to add to and change the range, the prices orknew the pressures involved in positioningand building a successful company. And makes the wines, logistics poses a major challenge, of course. special offers.”they had no lack of ambition. Althoughthree years ago entrepreneur, online mar- difference “That’s our greatest con- cern,” says Monique. “The CALIFORNIAN WINE It’s clear that both of these passionate entrepreneurs areketing expert and wine connoisseur HansVoom proudly announced that the range between shop has to run problem- free so that we can devote having a lot of fun with BuyYourWine. The business has been set up thoroughly,would consist of 1,000 wines, Majo andMonique are raising the bar a bit higher. winning all our attention to logistics, marketing, sales and trace- both from a technical and an oenological point of view. So the only question thatLEADING “We are going much further,” and losing” ability.” “And if the back office works perfectly, as remains is what wine they recommend. “Bernardus!” shout Majo and Moniquesays Majo in her trendy office in the woods in our case, we have the practically in chorus. It’s a fine choice.of Soest, just south of Amsterdam, where time to devote personal This great Chardonnay comes from theshe is expanding BuyYourWine with her attention to the customer,” adds Majo. “That’s sunny hills behind Carmel Valley Villagepartner Monique. “We now have 2,000 what makes us unique.” That and, of course, in California where the Bernardus Winerywines in our range but we’re aiming at a the exceptional wines that can be ordered of famous Dutchman Ben Pon has beenrange of 5,000 different wines in order from BuyYourWine because although wines located since 1989. Here the successfulto strengthen our leading position in the are available from all of the popular wine- Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen importer,Netherlands and finally to become the growing areas, the customer can also purchase racing driver and inventor of the legend-biggest online wine shop in Europe,” says lesser known wines and wines from less well- ary flower-power VW minibus has beenMajo determinedly. “With us you must be known areas through BuyYourWine. producing wines that rival the best ofable to shop easily and also get detailed in- Bordeaux. “And they can be deliveredformation about the wines, like the colour, UP TO DATE In order to ensure that the within a week,” says Marjo proudly.bouquet and taste, the region, the chateau, product offering is not just broad but always I’m looking forward to it already. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P15
  16. 16. WECARE4 is the cartridge specialist and a supplierof a large range of hardcopy supplies, ink and tonercartridges and computer supplies.Commitment makes all the difference Good can always be betterWe have been successful since 1998 thanks to a customer- WECARE4 can provide absolutely everything you needoriented, committed approach and many distribution points. for your PC. Alongside cartridges, we offer a completeOur approach is characterised by a high quality, broad range, range of computer supplies by all leading brands.a high level of service, speed and simplicity. We invest in smart ICT and e-commerce developments. This allows us to provide you with tools that makethe cartridge specialist things as convenient as possible for you, such as on-lineWECARE4 offers choice from a broad range of cartridges, identification and ordering for your printer park andwith many remanufactured variants, including our own the accompanying supplies. Our focus is on linkingbrand WECARE, alongside original branded cartridges. your requirements to our opportunities. Because goodWith more than 15 years of experience, we are a specialist can always be better.offering high levels of knowledge and quality.We know our customers’ requirements and what We are ready to help youis happening in the market. We have arranged our organisation in such a way that we are able to cater for the needs of all of our customer groups. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, (collection)Buying a brand-name printer means you have to also partner or consumer. As a customer of WECARE4, you canbuy the same brand of cartridges. Only having 1 choice rest assured that you are always dealing with a specialist.is no choice at all, however. weCare offers an alternative:high-quality cartridges that contribute to a cleanerenvironment and give significant benefits in terms of the WECARE4quantity of prints and/or price. Since July 2009, weCare Tel: +31 (0)76 543 16 60has introduced a new packaging, which has a great impact Fax: +31 (0)76 543 16 70on the shop shelf. Both consumers and retailers can now info@wecare4.comquickly and efficiently choose the right cartridge. www.wecare4.comAn unparalleled choice of supplies:
  17. 17. NEWS EU Net-Challenge improves SMEs’ competitive position TIE Holding N.V. is engaged in a European Union project to develop visionary collaborative business environments for small and medium enterprises. The Net-Challenge project aims Challenge. “SMEs are the lifebloodEmile van de Klok builds to enable European SMEs to form of Europe and represent 99% of “non-hierarchical networks” which companies in Europe” says Luisbusiness in EMEA will help improve their competitive Carneiro, Net-Challenge Coordina- position. Methodologies and soft- tor and Head of the ManufacturingTIE Holding has appointed Emile van de Klok to the ware applications will be developed Systems Unit of INESC-Porto RTDposition of Managing Director of TIE International. Be- to facilitate ebusiness connections center. “To compete sustainably onfore joining TIE, he was product marketing manager with in peer-to-peer (P2P) environments the global market, SMEs will haveHuman Inference, a software vendor for data quality and as opposed to the classical hub- to adopt new business models andMaster Data Management for Customer Data solutions. spoke model. Net-Challenge aims establish business networks thatHe will be leading the strengthening of the reseller to achieve P2P network effects for are able to deliver complex prod-channel for the TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform SMEs similar to web 2.0, social ucts with reduced costs and fast(CSP) in EMEA (outside the Benelux and France). networking, Skype-like solutions delivery time.” Mr Jan Sundelin, TIE etc. that have transformed the in- CEO, says “Innovation is important teraction between citizens. From a to Europe and vital to TIE in order business perspective, user require- to ensure that its products are ments and insight are key to Net- future-proof.Reducing costswith SmartStartTIE Holding N.V. has launched a new, innovativeproduct for the EDI market under the name BusinessIntegration SmartStart. This will enable the 1,500+customers that TIE has worldwide to achieve savingsimmediately.Business Integration SmartStart will further strengthenTIE’s leading position in the market for business integra-tion. With Business Integration SmartStart, ElectronicData Interchange (EDI) and message transport throughFreeConnect will be merged into a single product. Thesolution features state-of-the-art technology, an inte-grated support function, a very user-friendly interface Stuart Drysdale leads expansionwith an easy-to-use dashboard and a community modelcalled “Free Connect” with which TIE users can commu- in Asia-Pacific and Japannicate with each other for free. With Business IntegrationSmartStart, TIE provides a combination of completely TIE Holding has appointed Stuart Drysdalenew technology and free message traffic between TIE to the newly created position of Managingcustomers. There is also a special module for the AS2 Director of TIE Asia-Pacific and Japan.protocol available. This protocol enables free communi- Stuart, a former MD President of a lead-cation with all business contacts, irrespective of whether ing global company, brings the experiencethey are TIE customers or not. In various industries, the to build TIE’s business in Asia, initially inbig ‘hubs’are already connected, such as the Do-It-Your- Sydney and then in Hong Kong in order toself industry, Food and Retail, enabling big savings on develop the Greater China market of Hongmessage traffic for customers. Kong, Taiwan, Japan and PR China. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P17
  18. 18. GADGETS A smart Android Not wanting to be left behind, LG Electronics recently launched its own Android smartphone. The Android has a 3 inch touch- screen hiding a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. And, of course, there’s a 5 megapixel camera and a host of Android applica- tions. The phone is called the GW620 and will be available on the European market in the last quarter of this year.The green toyHot on the heels of its revolutionary electric Roadster, Tesla has nowlaunched the Roadster Sport, a car that’s even faster and more efficientthan the ‘ordinary’ Roadster. The Sport can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h(0-60 mph) in 3.7 seconds – slightly faster than its brother and just asfast as a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano! Although its top speed is less, theSport still manages to wring 200 km/h out of its battery pack. A lot offun for two and thoroughly sustainable. Fourth dimension Until now, you either have a 4-door or a sportscar. The Pan- amera from Porsche provides plenty of seating for four people A little with luggage and has the superb dynamic look of a Porsche at the same time. Panamera: the fourth dimension from Porsche. powerhouse If you too dislike your living room being cluttered with bulky multimedia equipment, Fujitsu has the perfect answer. The Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 is an entertainment unit that fits every interior. This little powerhouse offers all of the advantages of a full PC and more: Intel® mobile technology, HDMI, Blu-Ray and Windows® 7, with 4GB RAMBestseller and a 320 GB hard drive. It weighs only 1.7 kg and is quietThe literary sensation of and energy efficient.the summer was, withouta doubt, Ben Mezrich’s TIP: Profits aren’t everythingstaggering book ‘Accidental BusinessWeek has dubbed authorBillionaires: Sex, Money, George Cloutier the “TurnaroundBetrayal and the Found- Ace.” Upon reading his advice foring of Facebook. The book small and medium-sized businesssimply streaked up the owners in ‘ Profits aren’t every-bestseller list and America thing, they are the only thing ‘,lapped up the sensation. you might think he’s a madman.Of course it reads like a His no-nonsense advice may beboy’s own adventure story, hard to hear at times, but it’sand it’s a bit over-the-top a gift to the millions of busi-at times, but what does ness owners who face financialthat matter? After all, mediocrity or failure and needFacebook has 200 million some serious tough love to pullactive readers! themselves back into solvency.P18 ~ 1/2009 ~ TIE
  19. 19. Whooosh!Speed up decision making by placing our unified communicationssolutions at the heart of your business. They integrate seamlesslywith your processes and applications to make collaborating simpleand more productive. Open Communications from Siemens EnterpriseCommunications. Optimise processes and profits – pronto.Communication for the open mindedSiemens Enterprise Communications: www.siemens.com/open
  20. 20. www.ContentSyndicationPlatform.com Can you control branded content on your reseller’s website? Now you can! Content Syndication Platform Business Integration Platform e-Commerce Platform TIE Kinetix Content Syndication: Content Distribution Throughout the Channel You will now be able to assist your channel partners by updating and controlling any resellers or distributor’s web site with the latest content updates, marketing campaigns and product information. Consistent and controlled branded content throughout your channel! Real time! For more information: sales@tiekinetix.com or visit our website: www.ContentSyndicationPlatform.com About TIE Kinetix: TIE Kinetix enables you to stretch the limits of electronic business collaboration. By giving you the power to connect applications and processes with your supply chain partners, TIE Kinetix improves your operational exchange and communi- cations. Simply put, TIE Kinetix is the only connection your organization needs when doing business with thousands of trading partners from around the world.