TIE Magazine #3: TIE Kinetix Partner Program


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A win-win for growth

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TIE Magazine #3: TIE Kinetix Partner Program

  1. 1. By Patrick van Boom COLUMN TIE Kinetix Partner Program: A win-win for growth S ince 1987 TIE Kinetix has had a his- of TIE Kinetix successes in the past and present huge tory of proven world-class software potential in the future. Key to taking that to the next solutions for connecting all levels level is the intelligent and creative in the use of resources, of business. Its success is hinged on one knowledge, experience and proven technology. TIE key asset, understanding the true value Kinetix pairs well with companies that do not have the of long-term partnerships. TIE Kinetix, a knowledge, experience and technology, but do have the relatively small company, keeps a foothold strong relationships in specific markets and industries. globally. This is true because of the proven history of These alliance opportunities provide flexibility and allow providing the longevity and balance necessary to help for focus on best resources, and development of solid so- partnerships develop and prosper with the TIE Kinetix lutions and great service/support. Market opportunities business integration, content syndication and e-com- for these services are often times driven by the partners merce solutions. Starting in mid 1999, TIE Kinetix has themselves. These win-win types of partnerships extend maintained a strong strategic partnership with Epicor, an the business for everyone involved. ERP software and retail software solutions provider with With a secure foundation in proven technology and so- a global presence in 150 countries, with over 20,000 lutions, TIE Kinetix continues to watch their partnerships customers. This relationship has served as a template grow in business integration, content syndication and for many of the strategic partnerships currently in play e-commerce solutions. This unique combination of solu- for TIE Kinetix. The Epicor association has provided tions creates lots of opportunities for companies to extend opportunity for all on a larger scale than could have been the reach of their business with TIE Kinetix’s solutions. achieved alone, year over year. Tiers within the TIE Kinetix Partner Program are struc- The e-Commerce and Content Syndication solu- tured to ensure the local and global partner community tions from TIE Kinetix have also benefitted from similar can extend their business with a clear Return on Invest- ventures. The global partnership with Cnet Content ment. Strategic Partnerships: Extend Your Horizon – Solutions (a division of CBS Interactive) for Content Partners within this group reap the benefits of a full-scale Syndication solutions resulted in projects with industry white labeled / OEM solution paired with support from leaders such as Lenovo, Cisco, Hitachi and Microsoft. the sales, marketing and customer care departments of The strategic partnership with The Online Company TIE Kinetix. At this level, organizations are also provided for our E-commerce solutions resulted in projects with with a dedicated partner account team and sales manager companies such as KPN and T-Mobile. These key part- who will help qualify leads and work through the sales nerships are perfect examples of how growth with con- cycle to successfully close deals. trolled expansion, featuring custom tailored solutions for specific verticals, are the main strengths brought to light by TIE Kinetix Partnership Program. Patrick van Boom is Director Worldwide Marketing & Longstanding partnerships have been the cornerstone Sales of TIE Kinetix Strategic Partnerships: Channel Partner: Value Added Partner: Referral Partner: Extend Your Horizon Extend Your Business Extend Your Portfolio Extend Your Revenue Partners within this group This group sells the Value Added Partners Referral partners are reap the benefits of a “powered by TIE Kinetix” include TIE Kinetix solutions compensated for each lead full-scale white labeled / solutions within a specific to their portfolio alongside that results in a closed deal. OEM solution paired with market or industry vertical. their existing offerings. They They receive an onboard support from the sales, The channel partner team benefit from over 20 years package including marketing and customer helps define and build a of proven technology, but marketing collateral to help care departments of TIE business model to maximize also gains the TIE Kinetix educate and qualify Kinetix. They are provided opportunity within the customer care department potential suspects and with a dedicated partner specific segment. Members to ensure longevity of the prospects. account team and sales of this tier also benefit from solution. Organizations at manager who will help the sales, marketing and this level are provided with a More info? qualify leads and work customer care departments dedicated partner account www.tiekinetix.com/ through the sales cycle to of TIE Kinetix to ensure manager who facilitates partners or successfully close deals. qualified leads, healthy sales any needs from enablement partnership@tiekinetix.com. cycles and happy customers. to support. TIE ~ 2011 ~ P9