CNET   CNET Content Solutions is the world’s leading   independent source of product information. With   detailed content ...
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TIE Magazine #3: CNET


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Exploring the Synergy between Technology and Experience

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TIE Magazine #3: CNET

  1. 1. CNET CNET Content Solutions is the world’s leading independent source of product information. With detailed content on more than 5 million technology products in 15 languages, CNET helps thousands of resellers and retailers convert shoppers into buy- ers. From standardized content delivery to hosted services and custom solutions, CNET empowers businesses to maximize the value of product information to improve their customer experience and bottom line. In addition to the cooperation with TIE Kinetix, CNET works with more than 2,100 e-commerce partners, including CDW, Sean Murphy Computacenter,, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Vice President & General Insight, Microsoft, OfficeMaX and PC World Manager CNET Content Solution Business.P4 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  2. 2. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography CNET/James Martin CONTENT SYNDICATION Exploring the Synergy between Technology and Experience CNET Content Solutions, a division of CBS Interactive is the world’s leading independent source of product information. With detailed content on more than 5 million technology products in 15 languages, CNET Content Solutions helps thousands of resellers and retailers convert shoppers into buyers every day.F rom standardized content The market requirements stand the subtle cultural distinctions delivery to hosted services and for content syndication such as phrasing (e.g. American English custom solutions, CNET services Content syndication as an vs. British English) that convey moreempowers businesses of all sizes to offering has grown, like many other validity between the brand owner,maximize the value of product true online breakthroughs, by partners, and consumers. These are theinformation to improve their customer responding to the needs of vendors, understated differentiators of theexperience and bottom line. retailers and resellers to determine best CNET/TIE partnership that are the A growing need within the practices from marketing concepts to true strength of the solution, not seenconsumer electronics and information the point of sale. After 10 years in the in other syndicationtechnology community is the business of syndicating content, engines.availability of easily updateable, digital CNET’s in-depth know-how and “Our aim When we sit down torich content deployed across the sales experience within the consumer talk with Sean Murphy,channel. This need to better educate electronics channel has helped provide is to provi- Vice President & Generaland drive sales is being met by the them with a clear understanding what Manager of CNETpartnership between TIE Kinetix withCNET Content Solutions. Branded as types of solutions are needed to benefit their customers the most. Vendors and de analysis Content Solutions, about the significance of‘ContentCast’, this CNET ContentSolutions offering has been employed brand owners need a partner like CNET with well-established relationships that enables channel related content today, he resistsby clients such as Lenovo, CiscoSystems, Hitachi, and Intel. Each of within the retailer, distributor and channel community and a comprehen- vendors to discussing the technical minutiae under the hoodthese tech heavyweights now benefitfrom true dynamic content syndication sion of how and what will make a difference with consumers during their understand of the syndicated solution. For him,and the increased value realized bytheir reseller base and end users. The overall on-line shopping experience. As more and more global companies the impact fulfilling the needs of the customer comes first,eighteen-month-old CNET/TIE seek to efficiently drive multi-market and the year and a halfKinetix partnership is now set to fulfill campaigns across diverse digital of their following the partner-the needs of a much wider customer platforms, they truly require the ship between TIEbase and scope of audience. support of organizations that under- content” Kinetix and CNET TIE ~ 2011 ~ P5
  3. 3. CONTENT SYNDICATION cess to that content in a multitude are the metrics and returns that are just of digital locations and the need for now being realized and implemented vendors and channel partners to un- by forward thinking companies. derstand the impact the given content These are the qualifiers in mind is having on their value proposition when driving where and when content through strong data and analytics. If should appear says Sean Murphy, we and other vendors can help deliver “We can help get your content on to against these three core needs, vendors your partner sites; we can help you get and their respective channel partners content onto kiosks within your part- should see a much higher level of ner stores and we can get your content engagement from consumers; engage- onto mobile applications when one ment around product and brand.” of your customers are in a given store looking at your product and want to You mention data and analytics. What access content on it. That to me is theContent Solutions has successfully kinds of challenges are faced by vendors zenith of vendor content syndication.filled that need by leveraging the to understand how their content and Not just about helping customers man-strengths that both companies bring to brands are performing online? age web based content syndication, orthe channel. “As it relates to syndicating and helping content campaigns, but helping them manage a given vendor’s content, what get their content at all the differentSean, how do you see the increased we’re hearing in the market place is, distinct points of sale regardless ofavailability of CNET’s total solutions ‘I need you to educate where an end customer is physically “We can(via syndication) impacting the under- me, I need you to help standing.”lying value for brand owners me understand howand retailers alike? people are engaging How does the TIE Kinetix partnership“For over a decade now CNET Content help with this content.’ It’s play a role in CNET’s overall strategy?Solutions has been focused on scaling not too dissimilar to the “TIE Kinetix represents a key busi-our offerings to meet the ever evolvingneeds of the direct vendor and channel get your problem the publish- ing community faces ness and technology component that enables us to have a competitive marketcommunity. This started with facilitat-ing foundational catalog content and content when selling advertising space. ‘I know I need to presence. TIE’s technology platform enables highly sophisticated contenthas broadened in scope to cover richcontent such as Product Reviews, on to your do this advertising, but I need you to help me ingestion and distribution of all forms of digital content, and their years ofhosted software solutions such as aRecommendation Engine, and the nec- partner understand exactly what I’m getting out of it.’ We experience in the space make for a very strong business partner. In addition to sites”essary Professional Services to ensure have challenged our- the technology and business alignment,proper implementation. The evolution selves to help the vendor TIE is the right kind of partner cultur-of customer needs has shifted yet again community really under- ally, which means our respective em-where it’s as much about bringing in quality 3rd party stand what the content is ployees can and do work well together.”content as it is about ensuring that brand and product doing in order for there Murphy speaks directly about thecontent effectively moves from the vendor to their key to be a long term play investment in TIE Kinetix and thechannel partners. And by fulfilling that need for both the here.” Whether it be excitement at CNET around partneringvendor and channel partner we believe their overall value direct click engagement with a technology provider like impacted in a positive manner.” or time spent viewing “It was the right decision. If you are to This concept of shepherding audiences to assist in the something, our aim speak to anyone in the organization,sales process is gaining awareness, and has been constantly is to provide analysis C-Team on down, you will quickly seere-shaping itself in the last decade. CNET Content Solu- that enables vendors to that the growing interactive space istions bundles the syndication of brand owner content understand the impact focused around getting vendor contentwith CNET product information, collateral, correspond- of their content (in the out to where people care about it. It ising products, video and editorial review information channel) on a micro and absolutely one of the top three thingsto provide consumers with the most comprehensive macro level.” we have to get right as an organization.accurate product content on participating retail sites Addressing the wants TIE Kinetix has helped us to deliver ondynamically at the time of purchase. and needs for CNET that strategy and we need to continue customers can be a mov- to be focused on driving the best resultsWhat do you see as the primary ing target especially for for our customers. As we continue toneed in the channel today? an industry that’s only a execute, I am confident in our ability to “It’s hard to define one prevailing need. It feels like there decade or so old. The real build a leadership position and provideare three basic needs related to content. The need to have barometers of successful the right mix of products and serviceshigh quality content, the need for consumers to have ac- interactive campaigns to the market.”P6 ~ 2011 ~ TIE