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TIE Magazine #2: Champagne!


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Successful EDI roll-out in France: “We use the TIE Kinetix Messaging Portal to efficiently handle about 5,000 messages per month.” (Lixir)

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TIE Magazine #2: Champagne!

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger xxxxx BUSINESS INTEGRATIONSuccessful EDI roll-out in FranceChampagne!Lixir is a major supplier of Business transactions We spoke to saging Portal from internal and external Aurélien Caulem, IT Director at Lixir, about locations in order to complete their tasks.champagne and spirits in the opportunities provided by electronic dataFrance. For Lixir, electronic interchange (EDI). “We’ve been working with Integration After William Grant & TIE France on automating our messaging since Sons and Rémy Cointreau entered intomessaging is of major im- 2009,” says Aurélien. “We use the TIE Kinetix their joint venture in 2008, the needportance in its daily opera- Messaging Portal to efficiently handle about arose to approach automation more effi- 5,000 messages per month. These are mostly ciently. They were working with SAP andtions and communication messages between our partners and custom- TIE Kinetix was given the job of adminis-with its trading partners ers, as well as orders, tering EDI between the existing SAP ERP order documents, packing notes and invoices.” The “We use the environment and the systems of retail partners. Furthermore, the EDI systemL TIE Kinetix ixir is a joint venture between the TIE Messaging Portal is, would have to rationalise messaging in independent family-run companies exactly as its name sug- the supply chain. “What’s more, in Janu- William Grant & Sons and Rémy gests, a corporate portal ary 2010 we started a new project focuss-Cointreau. Lixir’s headquarters is in Paris, for business transactions Messaging ing on the secure electronic processingon the Avenue du Capitaine Glarner in the with the outside world. All of invoices. One of our biggest retailsuburb of Saint-Ouen. In this industrial internal applications can Portal to customers is also involved in this. In thisarea between the Zone Industrielle Des be integrated with the TIE way, we will improve our own efficiencyDock and the Boulevard Périphérique, Messaging Portal in order efficiently and also help the customer to shortenLixir rubs shoulders with some other to continue to effectively processing time. And our invoices willbig names that have their French head- control the transaction handle be paid quicker.” In the future, Lixir, sup-quarters here, including Nokia, Danone, processes. Externally, ported by TIE France, will connect mostCitroën and Alstom. With a turnover of all standards and com- about 5,000 of its customers and suppliers to the TIE€192 million, Lixir occupies a strong po- munication protocols are Messaging Portal to create a B2B environ-sition in the spirits market. Famous Lixir supported by one and the messages ment that fully meets all of the require-brands include Grant’s, Glenfiddich, Piper same application. Users ments that Lixir’s business partners haveHeidsieck, Cointreau, and a lot more. can log in to the TIE Mes- per month.” set for messaging.P24 ~ 2/2010 ~ TIE