Highlights of Accomplisments


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Snapshot of main accomplishments and projects from my career

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Highlights of Accomplisments

  1. 1. Portfolio of Accomplishments Thomas L Hauder
  2. 2. Marketing Highlights Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  3. 3. Johnson Hardware Marketing Highlights Project Phoenix Designed to discover, measure and create new ways for all 5 divisions to work together OUtcome Annual Marketing Plan Feedback system for employees Documentation of processes and procedures for the first time Targeted goals for each Department and Manager Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  4. 4. Johnson Hardware Marketing Highlights Created complete marketing department and programs from scratch Deliverables Approach package for Architect & Engineering sales calls Approach package for Installation sales calls Reference Handbooks for Division 8 and 10 Products Sales catalogs (print and online) for Retail Stores and Omaha Wholesale Hardware Division Participated in local trade shows Introduced the use of promotional items in retail stores Used e mail campaigns to keep customer base up to date Newsletter to Architect and Engineering community with educational and product articles Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  5. 5. Bosch Security Systems Marketing Highlights Responsible for Fire Alarm product line in North / South America Supported field sales managers with tools, expertise and on site consultations with customers Deliverables Responsible for product catalog Collected Voice of Customer and analyzed for market and product information Consulted with Dealers and End Users on application of product Introduced Podcasting to train field sales force on new products Kept field up to date on product and code changes affecting the product line Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  6. 6. Product Management Highlights Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  7. 7. Johnson Hardware Product Management Highlights Designed and implemented an “Express Products” program for local customers Designed and coded a Job Tracking Database Worked with Integrated Systems Division manager to obtain a dealership with a major Security Panel manufacturer Worked with vendors to JHC to obtain Training material Content for web site Co-op funds for advertising Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  8. 8. Bosch Security System Product Management Highlights Managed budget and product line for North and South America Deeply involved in working with the field sales organization to achieve market penetration Co-holder of 2 patents on Smoke Detector Cleaning Managed Fire Alarm product line presence at major trade shows Part of an International team of engineers and planners on new product requirements Successfully launched new smoker detectors winning industry awards Successfully launched new concept in smoke detection that is still unique in the industry Increased Fire Alarm sales from $1 million/year to over $26 million/ year Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  9. 9. IT / Technology Management Highlights Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  10. 10. Johnson Hardware Co IT / Technology Highlights Managed all servers and workstations for HQ and remote offices Created enforceable IT policy backed up with web filter technology Brought e mail in-house for control and reliability Created, coded and launched totally new web site for Johnson Hardware Created, coded and launched new stand alone online business Managed outside IT provider in upgrade program for servers Managed SharePoint system used for document control Did all day to day troubleshooting of workstations and servers Webmaster for all three JHC web sites Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  11. 11. IT / Technology Highlights Owner of TLH Interactive LLC, web hosting, design and SEO Owner of The800numberstore.com; toll free and vanity phone numbers Webmaster for over a dozen web sites both commercial and non-profit Skilled in both Windows and Apple platforms Software skills: Adobe / Dreamweaver / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Contribute MS Office / Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook MS SharePoint FilemakerPro 10 (database) PHP / HTML Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com
  12. 12. Want to know more? Contact me at TLH7718@me.com Thomas L Hauder TLH7718@me.com