Losing weight without starving


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Losing weight without starving

  1. 1. LOSE WEIGHT WITH FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND OXYGEN INTAKETHE LATEST METHOD OF LOSING THOSE EXTRA KILOS WITHOUT STARVING YOURSELFINTRODUCTION.............................................ATABLE OF CONTENTENTS..............................1-5CONCLUSION INTRODUCTIONIn this article I am going to show you how easy it is to loose weight than you have ever dreamed possible. You will not need to go hungry for hours and endure a tasteless diet and undergo hours of painful exercises that need extraordinary effort to do.In fact, what I intend to show you is the most natural way to loose those extra kilos by eating what nature has intended a human being to eat. And the most natural way of exercising to tone up your body and maintain a healthy weight and look and feel great. I am not going to have you go through those Olympian exercises that will leave you huffing and puffing, leaving your body stiff and painful and needing a professional masseur to loosen up.You will also need to change your daily life eating and breathing habits and your general mental outlook in order not to revert back to the habits or lifestyle that made you overweight in the first place.First, you need to know and understand what the human being was intended to eat and why his diet has changed over the ages. You shall also need to know how the advertising of food has led millions of people to eat food that is actually poisoning their bodies and causing them to have diseases they should not have and thereby leading them to an early grave. As a result, the human being has forgotten what foods to eat and HOW to eat them in order to maintain normal weight and enjoy healthy lifestyles. Another reason people have a problem with their weight is because of the nature of their work and their mode of transportation. Many of us lead sedentary lives because of the nature of our work. We work at the office and need to sit at our desks for hours. After work, we drive home or sit in a bus or train and walk a few paces at best, before we reach our homes. At home we sit in our couches and watch television or sit at table to have our meals. Then it bed time, and vicious circle resumes the following day. In our spare time, and for our entertainment, we go to the theater, cinema, soccer stadium, basketball arena where we sit for over an hour to watch a movie, a match or a play. We are always sitting. At theses entertainment centers we invariably eat what has been correctly dubbed 'junk food', with no benefits whatsoever to our physical wellbeing.Instead of walking the few flight of stairs to the third floor, we prefer to wait for the lift. We are ignorant of the benefits to our hearts of the exercise we could enjoy taking those flight of stairs to the upper floor floor. We have become lazy and irresponsible about our health, and when we gain weight we seek the easiest ways out of our weight problems. Instead of taking the truly easy way out, we opt for the most ineffective ways that leave us discouraged and lose heart and become even more overweight. We are even lazy to prepare ourselves the food that would see us enjoying a normal weight. We want to compare ourselves with other people who eat all sorts of food, do not exercise and yet still maintain a normal weight. People are not the same genetically. So, you may be predisposed to gaining weight easily and so need to be careful about what you eat and the amount of natural exercise you need to maintain a normal weight. In the main body of this article I will show you what kind of food man was naturally intended to eat and the type of work he did and mode of transport which made certain he maintained a normal weight.Of course, I am not going to advocate that you walk for miles or kilometers while you could easily take a taxi or bus. Neither am I going to tell you to undergo any sort of physical activity that will leave you with your tongue dangling out of your mouth panting and utterly exhausted. That is all unnecessary and actually counterproductive. You are not a boxer, a wrestler or an Olympic athlete preparing for a contest. You simply want to lose those extra kilos and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But I will surely tell you that man was intended to be a fruigivore. Man was for thousands of years a fruigivorous being surviving on fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries which can still be easily acquired in your local market if you will but take the effort to look around. I shall also show you the most easy exercises you can do that will leave you with a sense o f well being, feeling good about how you look. In addition I will also teach you one art the human being has totally forgotten in his life which is just as crucial as the food he eats. THE ART OF BREATHING. Breathing is such a little known and understood aspect and perhaps the most important for sustaining human life. It will interest you to know that there are people in India who have been known to have little or no food at all but their bodies kept functioning as normally as the bodies of people who had the standard three meals a day. They attained this incredible feat by mastering the art of breathing. I call breathing an art because excellent breathing does not come naturally. I am not talking here about the inborn instinctive breathing we are given at birth. I am referring to breathing that has been deliberately cultivated as a result of discovering its beneficial effects to body organs of a human being. I can say with confidence that if breathing was properly done in conjunction with a correct diet, people would increase their lifespan here on earth by about thirty five percent.I have purposely allotted the last chapter for the art of breathing in order to emphasize its importance. It will help you to reduce weight with as little physical effort as possible.Please keep to the regime I am going to teach for about thirty days. You will be amazed by the improvement you shall see in your physique at the end of the first seven days-( a week)- so that you will be motivated to keep up the regime for the next twenty three days and beyond. ENJOY. AND ALL THE BEST. CHAPTER ONE In this chapter I will address the basic reason why as humans we need to eat. This might sound ridiculous and silly, but it will become clearer why I do so as we progress in our discussion. Always remember we are aiming to have you maintain a normal weight while enjoying your food. Another important issue we shall discuss is: 'what is the function of food in the human body?' To answer the question.First and foremost, we eat in order to live. We do not live to eat! I say so because some people seem to make food the basic reason why they are living. We must eat in order to obtain two important elements that sustain life: ENERGY and NUTRIENTS. Simply put, our bodies need energy to be able to function. There are countless functions performed by the human body and energy is vital to carry out these functions.For example, I shall mention only a few functions of the human body to give you an idea. As I sit at my desk typing these words on my computer, I need energy to do this. The food I eat have to be digested and carried all over my body as an energy source. It takes energy to digest food. Blood flow, the heart beat, the extraction of nutrients, waste removal, the function of the immune system, the supply of oxygen to every cell through respiration, and many more functions which cannot be all mentioned here, work with pinpoint precision every moment, twenty four hours a day, for as long as a hundred years if one may live up to that age. All this functions require energy. The organ that is the driving force of these functions is the brain. The brain needs a certain type of energy to carry out its functions. That energy is derived from a sugar-a special type of sugar known as GLUCOSE. Whatever is taken into the body must first be broken down into this type of sugar before the brain can use it. Now the question: what provides the brain with glucose with the least expenditure of energy to obtain it? There are components of living matter in the food we eat: (a) protein (b) fats, and (c) carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main component from which our body gets energy, while protein repairs and builds living tissue. Fat is for padding, heat and insulation for organs. Now, carbohydrate can be divided into three categories: monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. The body needs a monosaccharide to produce energy since it contains only one (mono) molecule of saccharide to produce energy.The next important question is : which is the best food that contain monosaccharides and thereby expends less energy deriving the glucose from the carbohydrate? Remember, however, that protein and fat can be broken down to produce a monosaccharide but more energy is needed to do so.Since the body cannot survive solely on carbohydrates, but also needs protein and fats, the question is: which is the best food that the body can source these components without having to expend a lot of energy to do so? There are countless foodstuffs that we can eat to provide us with the nutrients and energy to stay alive. Food that is wholesome and can be eaten at all times without ever increasing our weight and without having to expend a lot of energy to do so? Now hold your breath! IT IS FRESH FRUIT. From fresh fruit we can derive protein, fat and carbohydrates. Yes. Absolutely.A reputable paediatrician in South Africa was in charge of a woman who could not breast feed her baby from the day the baby was born. The woman could not produce milk to breast feed the baby. So the doctor prescribed fresh orange, apple, mango and apple juice for the baby and the mother, and alas, they both thrived. The baby grew to be a healthy little bundle until it was ready to have solids. When the baby was old enough to take in solids, the doctor fed it with a variety of fruits and the baby never had diarrhoea, slept well, and her weight was normal and never had the myriad of ailments to which newly born babies are prone to. The baby thrived well on this diet of fruits until it and its mother were discharged from hospital.Did you know that the energy required to digest food in the stomach is more than the energy required by an Olympic sprinter for a hundred meter dash? YES. IT IS TRUE. This may seem unbelievable to the one who has not made an in depth study of the human bodily functions.Ever notice that after having a steak and potatoes, no matter how small the portions, you feel like taking a siesta thereafter? And how you dose off at your desk and feel lethargic? It is the meal you have had at lunch. Instead of energizing you, you feel tired and wonder why, since you were hungry and light only less than an hour ago. You are now tired and less energetic.It is because of the energy required to digest the food you have just consumed. Plus, you have just eaten dead matter; a carcass: MEAT - combined with potatoes and perhaps some source made of tomatoes and onions, and then a fruit salad, usually canned fruit. The digestive system need particular types of juices to digest each of these different types of food stuffs you have just stuffed yourself with. The digestive system goes into over drive to digest the mixture and you are left with no energy to perform your post lunch time work, and you wonder why your belly just keeps on bulging and bulging and your energy levels dropping.We human beings simply do not know HOW to eat. We are mostly driven by our misguided fancies and destructive habits in the way we eat. Ultimately, as we continue in these unsound eating habits, we become sick and resort to drugs to alleviate our discomfort, while all the time keeping on eating the way we have always been doing. Then we are surprised when our health deteriorates even when we think we eat the best food from the most expensive restaurants and consult the most reputable doctors. A few years ago, there was advertisement on the South African Broadcasting Corporations T.V. and radio. ‘Sugar gives you go. Need energy? Then sugar is good for you. Sugar gives you go!” Refined sugar. This is actually a benign kind of poison .Why not honey or the juice from fresh sugar cane? After all you don’t need coffee and tea. They are bad for you. Maybe good as some form of medicine. But You can’t make medicine food now, can you? We are eating junk, even if it may not be from those famous multinational fast food eateries. You need to eat more living food and that food is FRESH FRUIT. And you need to eat it the right way. You shall be mightily surprised how quickly and easily you lose those extra kilos by beginning to eat fresh fruit and eating it correctly. Plus there are other benefits you shall derive from eating fresh fruit, apart from losing weight, such as having no need to imbibe those expensive and ultimately debilitating laxatives. We shall come later to this little understood and detrimental practice: taking a laxative.CHAPTER TWORemember that I said I am going to show you an easy way to lose weight without STARVING. I am reminding you of this fact because I want you to set aside thirty days in which you are going to learn to change the way you eat. By this I mean the conventional beliefs about breakfast, lunch and dinner and the in-between snacks of our traditional way of eating for each day. First, I am going to introduce you to three main activities associated with eating and converting food into body cell structure.These three activities are referred to as cycles. They are the appropriation cycle (eating), the assimilation cycle (extraction of nutrients) and the elimination cycle (elimination of waste). These cycles operate for twenty four hours. Each cycle operates roughly for an eight hour period in which its activity is heightened. The eating cycle is from 12:00 NOON to 8:00 P.M. During this period the body is at its most efficient in taking in food and digesting it. From 8:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. is the period in which the body works at its most efficient in extracting what nutrients it needs. The elimination period is from 4:00 A.M. to 12:NOON and is the best time in which the body gathers and prepares to eliminate waste. The elimination cycle is the most important of the three cycles. The body will suffer if it hoards waste material in the body. We also have to be aware of that most important system of the human body associated with waste removal. It is called the LYMPH system. It primarily collects all waste from all the cells of your body. It breaks it down and prepares it for removal through the four main removal organs of the human body: the bowels, bladder, lungs and skin. When the lymph system is not operating at its optimum level, there will be a problem in reducing excess body weight. This means that the lymph system and the elimination organs must be in perfect working order, not only for excess weight reduction, but for over all good health. This is where the HOW of eating fruit comes in. Now we have to remind ourselves about which body activity takes the most energy. It is the DIGESTIVE system. It requires far less energy to digest fruit than any other food you can think of. Now here is where the secret of HOW TO EAT FRUIT comes in. Eat fruit on an empty stomach. This is a rule of thumb.EAT ONLY FRUIT from the morning until noon. Also drink as much fresh fruit juice of your choice as possible. Fruit goes straight to the small intestine when eaten and thus requires less energy to digest. Fruit is also ninety percent water based and thereby helps to 'wash up' you bowels at the same time providing you with the necessary nutrients your body requires, than any other food you could ever have. As already mentioned, between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 NOON, the body is at its most efficient in eliminating waste and it makes sense to eat fruit during this time because you require less energy digesting it. This leaves ample energy to extract the nutrients the body needs , especially in producing the glucose in doing so. Your energy levels rise and your bowels are far less clogged up. By the time you start eating food that goes into your big intestines from 12: noon, your bowels have successfully eliminated the waste of the previous day's food. This is the time to eat vegetables and cereals.You will notice that by eating fruit in the morning, you will urinate more frequently and this is good for you as this washes up your system of toxins leaving you clean and refreshed. Aside from fruit , the two other main foods to eat are starches and proteins. For most people ,their source of proteins is meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products. Few peopleopt soy products. Starches are pasta, rice, oats, millet, bread, grains, potatoes and couscous. In the next chapter we shall talk about eating protein and starch. CHAPTER THREELet me first be categorical about protein. First and foremost, all animal protein is dead food, and therefore not good for humans health. I can almost hear you exclaim: "Where do you expect me to get my protein from?" My answer to that is very simple. It is by way of a question as well. Which are the most huge and powerfully built animals in nature? Of course the elephant easily comes to mind. The buffalo, the rhinoceros, the zebra, the hippopotamus, the horse , the ass, and the cow. All these animals do not eat meat and many of them, such as the elephant, live up to sixty years of age. Look at the lion, the leopard, the cheetah and all other meat eating beasts. Did you know that on average, they live less than twenty five years and then die. There is enough protein in vegetables, fruits, nuts soy products and berries for you to survive on. There is also all the minerals that the body requires for rebuilding and sustaining your body and health in general. So, I would suggest to you that you cancel all meat products and dairy products from your diet for thirty days and eat only fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and soy products such as beans. Dairy products form a lining on your digestive tract and hinders the effective digestion of food. Of course one does not have to be dogmatic in following this diet to the letter. If you do feel like having a meat product, a cheese or some yoghurt, go along and have it. But have small portions as you possibly can and try to have them on alternate days until you completely wean yourself of them. Discipline is the key. You will notice that when you are hungry, your desire for the habitual grilled steak and fried fish quickly dissipates once you have had your fill of a meal of pasta and mixed vegetables, for example. Much better steamed and had along with a salad. By a salad I mean raw vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Once you have a filling serving of such a meal, your desire for that steak will quickly subside.We have three basics meals for a day: Breakfast- which shall consist of fresh fruit and juices of your choice until noon as we have already mentioned. Then we shall be left with lunch and breakfast.For lunch and supper, never ever combine protein and starch. Proteins require an acid digestive juice and a starch requires alkaline digestive juice. Now when you mix protein and starch in your diet, your stomach produces both acid and alkaline juices and this neutralizes them. As a result the entire digestive process is prolonged and more energy is needed to digest the food. The food spoils and creates pain and you start dashing for the medicine chest, adding more concoction of juices in your stomach. Of course other people don't experience the same discomfort. Yet what happens in all cases is that you need more energy to digest the food than if you had had protein alone with salad or starch alone with salad.Wait for at least three hours after eating your starch and salad before thinking of eating your protein an salad, whichever you prefer first. This gives more time for the food to be properly digested. Do not drink water as you have your meals or afterwards. This dilutes the digestive juices in your stomach, thereby taking long for the food to be digested and transported to the various parts of the body. Rather drink a glass full of water before a meal and then wait for about fifteen minutes before eating.Do not eat fruit after your protein or starch meals. The stomach will produce contradicting juices in your stomach and thereby become neutralized. The food will become spoiled in your stomach, causing flatulence and other stomach discomforts. More often than not, many people begin developing what is commonly known as the 'pot belly.'In the next chapter we shall look at a few exercises you can perform in order to tone up your body and thereby maintain a normal and healthy weight. CHAPTER FOURI am sure you are going to be surprised about the form of exercise I shall advocate, along with the most neglected of exercises even by many exercise regimens that are popular today.They are two exercises: WALKING AND DEEP BREATHING.First and foremost, do your bowel movements in the morning. Have a glass of water, preferably with a squeeze of lemon to wash through the digestive tract. Then after five minutes, start your walk. Begin with a one kilometer walk and then build it up to three kilometers as days go by. If you live in a block of flats, walk up briskly two stories up without resting. Do this everyday for thirty days , increasing your pace as days go by.Do ten sit ups in the morning, in the afternoon before lunch and then in the evening before dinner. Increase the reps as days go by until you are able to do about fifty at a go without resting.Rotate your head from side to side and forward for ten times every morning, every afternoon, and evening each time before a meal. Make sure you only start eating after thirty minutes of your exercise. Keep up this simple exercises for thirty days religiously for thirty days, increasing the reps as days go by until you can do fifty reps at a go. Be creative as time goes by, and do those things that need minimum physical exertion. There are many types of exercises. TRY TO GET THE TYPE THAT FITS YOUR PHYSICL CAPABILITIES. Take it easy. Don’t rush. Thirty days ample time to see good results.Next we come to the most important of exercise in you regimen. Perhaps this exercise alone can be of so much benefit for you than the physical exercises.Earlier we talked about the lymph system. The lymph system works much the same way as the sewage system of your body. The lymph system uses oxygen to cleanse the body. All the waste products from the cells are eliminated by carbon dioxide. Waste is carried away from the body to the lungs and then broken down and excreted either through the skin, bowels, and bladder. The more oxygenated blood can be transported to the cells of the body, the better. However the cells of overweight people are starved of this vital gas.Scientists have carried experiments by injecting rats with cancer cells. One group of rats was starved of oxygen. Another group was given ample oxygen.The oxygen starved rats had the cancer spread rapidly in their bodies. The rats which had ample oxygen were able to have the cancer cells destroyed in their bodies or at worst they survived longer than the oxygen starved rats. OXYGEN. Google for stories of people who lived for more than fifty years in India who survived without food. Their answer? A consistent regimen of oxygenating their bodies through special breathing techniques. You don’t want to live that long without eating. Do you? Neither do I. I love food.Eat fruit and vegetables correctly and there is no way you will be overweight. For that I can put my head on the block. Unless you have a unique genetic disorder, which of course will need a specialized medical treatment. But such cases are rare and far apart. THE DANGERS OF LAXATIVESAttempting to lose weight by using laxatives can be addictive and dangerous. That is the first danger. This could not be otherwise because what you would be doing is to flush out the very same old food that causes you to gain weight. It is bulimia of a different kind only this time you do not induce vomiting. However, laxatives can also cause anorexia leading ultimately to death.Here are some of the disadvantages of using laxatives to lose weight:Your body’s electrolytes can be depleted. Electrolytes are potassium, sodium, and magnesium which are important chemicals for the proper functioning of your body. Laxatives can also cause muscle pains, spasms, fainting spells, irregular heartbeat and even death. However, the most visible effects of using laxatives is dehydration.This can cause colon infection, irritable bowel syndrome and death.As mentioned earlier, ninety percent of fruit and vegetables is water. So by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, you are actually naturally flushing out your bowels, at the same time nourishing yourself. So there is no need for the use of laxatives. The beauty of fruits and vegetables is that unlike meat, the variety is almost endlessThink of meat varieties. What comes to mind first is beef, then mutton and then pork which many people are allergic to, unless processed. And as you should know, all processed food is not good for you, be it meat, vegetables, and fruit. Processed fruit is even better than processed meat, if pushing has to come to a shove.So eat a lot of fruit. Ad don’t forget. Eat fruit on an empty stomach. Eat all types of fruit. In a month’s time your weight will normalize and your facial complexion will glow, and your breath will always be fresh, not to mention increased energy levels.So go ahead and be a fruigivorous- vegetarian person for a month and see the difference it will make in your body weight and health in general. I hope you find this article helpful, and thanks for reading.BY: MPHOJANE LEBOKO.<br />