Pia Solin, Improving Mental Health of Older People.


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Pia Solin:Improving Mental Health of Older People.
European Debate on Evidence-based Mental Health Promotion and Prevention of Mental Disorders Conference.
Hague, Netherlands, 14-15.2.2011

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Pia Solin, Improving Mental Health of Older People.

  1. 1. Improving Mental health of Older PeopleEuropean Debate on Evidence-based Mental Health Promotion and Prevention of Mental Disorders Conference Hague, Netherlands 14-15th February, 2011 Pia Solin WHO CC
  2. 2. Background• Mental health is not only the absence of disease, it also relates to positive wellbeing• Mental wellbeing is becoming more important as the numbers of people with poor mental health increases → Treatment based approaches cannot solve the problem because of the lack of resources available and the effectiveness of treatment• Promoting wellbeing maintains and improves mental health and protects the person from mental illness Pia Solin WHO CC
  3. 3. What is MindHealth Training for Mental Health Promotion?• One of three projects: – ProMenPol Database of tools and methods for promoting mental health – Mental Health Promotion Handsbooks manuals for implementing mental health promotion projects – Mindhealth Training for Mental Health• Collaboration countries; Finland, Austria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland and Germany• Funding from Life Long Learning Programme Leonardo Da Vinci 2009-2011 Pia Solin WHO CC
  4. 4. MindHealth: Internet course topromote mental health in older people• Aimed at people in different settings who can implement or influence the implementation of mental health promotion programmes • schools (head teachers, teachers, psychologists, parents) • workplaces (managers, occupational health and safety personnel, occupational physicians, human resource professionals, employee representatives) • older people’s setting (managers of care facilities, unit managers, care staff, nursing staff) Pia Solin WHO CC
  5. 5. MindHealth aims to:• Equip workers in each setting to understand the critical factors in promoting mental wellbeing across the life span• Help these groups to promote mental wellbeing in their organisations by strenghtening their know-how in mental health promotion activities Pia Solin WHO CC
  6. 6. Training for Mental Health Promotion Training for Mental Health Promotion Providing tools and interventions for trainers Target group: Aim: Development Changing the”Individual taking training” of organisation setting Pia Solin WHO CC
  7. 7. Training for mental health promotion• e-learning – provides hands-on information about promoting mental health in each setting – utilises ProMenPol –database of mental health promotion tools – includes face-to-face training to support mental health promotion actions; planning, implementation and evaluation process Pia Solin WHO CC
  8. 8. Training for mental health promotion• E-learning • Generic modules: an overview of the theory and practice of mental health promotion • Three setting spesific modules Pia Solin WHO CC
  9. 9. Project schedule:• E-learning is uploaded into the internet• Partners are designing F2F training• Piloting of the training starts in March 2011 • recruitment of participants is ongoing• Final version of the training ready at November 2011 (including translations into English, Finnish, German and Estonian) Pia Solin WHO CC