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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 – Consultancy and service of Basil
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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 – Consultancy and service of Basil


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 – Consultancy and service of Basil

THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 – Consultancy and service of Basil

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  • 1. THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 – Consultancy and service of Basil Some people talk about what they’ve done but a resume backs it up especially in the entertainment and club industry. It takes and requires initiative to effectively operate a successful establishment whether as a supervisory or the daily operations and especially as the proprietor. And at the end of the day business is business but some have a tendency of confusing it when they’re new or inexperience or starting new projects or ventures. These last few months especially since moving to the west coast I’ve visited various supper clubs restaurants hotels as well entertainment establishments. It’s surprising how unorganized some of these places are and just a matter of time before everything starts coming apart at the seams. At one particular high profile location which is widely respected I recently with my wife witnessed in synchronization on cue literally maybe close to 30 or more people walk out of a Beverly Hills restaurant on dinner tabs, with management right there it was an unbelievable sight. In order to even turn on an electrical appliance and simply turn on a light switch in any establishment in these modern days and times has changed considerably compared to the way it use to be. It requires tenacity ingenuity and being not only a visionary but requires thinking outside of the box and here’s why you basically don’t have to look any further.
  • 2. Consultancy and services of Basil Basil has attained years of experience in various areas of entertainment. Having created as well being a contributing team member of an effective infrastructure within organizations he’s been retain to perform his specialized functions in the entertainment industry. Which Include executive protective services-management-disc jockey-operations, both cooperatively and independently. Having work being responsible for daily coordinationand supervision assignment of staff in addition the assurance of a safe and secure and environment both internal and external for thousands of people at a time in some instances. Serving as primary liaison to code enforcement law enforcement and alcohol beverage control on premises conducting random assessment of location. Negotiating contractual agreement(s) with entertainments including booking entertainment luminaries creating/negotiating amicable rider agreement and promotions specifically cater to genre demographical audience(s). Able to assume the responsibility for creative media marketing which include creating and establishing social environment(s) including popular sites twitter – Facebook – Instagram – LinkedIn etc. Business is strategic and without a concise plan formulated and experience personnel infrastructure wise implemented it’s basically a waste of time and of course money. And for every thriving business today unfortunately there are failures with many being even aware of their destiny because of initially poor planning. Like in chess sometimes the best strategic attack is giving up something in order to achieve a goal. Basically in order to be considered a progressive or innovative manager of any organizations being able to give, sacrifice comes with rewards.
  • 3. THE WHEEL is the name of Basil’s blog via in 2013 more than 28,000 people have read various features ranging from music politics community awareness and finances in addition world related issues. Experience includes the supervision or cooperative process and responsibility of hiring and training other key personnel. Basil has continued his education and is in pursuit of his bachelors of arts in business administration with the concentration being on marketing.
  • 4. A personal note Basil’s currently in demand as one of the industries top disc jockeys specializing in all genres of music and production for more than 20 years having traveled the world both domestically and internationally. He’s also been featured on syndicated television in addition hosting a weekly international internet show. Basil’s performed and collaborated with some of the most iconic luminaries in the entertainment industry. In addition Basil’s contacts and ability to personally expedite or negotiate agreements can be an asset to any establishment sponsor or venue. Organizational Effectiveness Manage functions Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of service(s) Coordination and communication Distribution of pertinent information Updated/amended procedure Being proactive Communicate initiatives to the team and organization that contribute to long-term operational excellence the customers always right.Basically when you affiliate with an individual(s) who’s been there before your already going in the right direction. And if you’re ready to establish or re-establish your business you already know what to do. Contact Basil because you’re already thinking about it Respectfully, THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2014 (The Way Humanity Expects Everyone to Live)