THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Weekend or The Weaken?


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Weekend or The Weaken?

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Weekend or The Weaken?

  1. 1. THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Weekend or The Weaken?
  2. 2. TGIF wow marketing literally was change forever after this slogan or better yet phrasewas conceived. And the older many of us get the more most of us look forward to what isreferred to as the weekend. Starting for many of us as grammar school children theweekend was always a designated time where we through time and rituals have beenprogram to expect some sort of miraculous change. Change in what we felt or just a relieffrom the everyday struggles or hardships many probably are confronted with throughoutthe week. Problem is the weekend in some lives has turned into a crutch almost like aback stop where problems that realistically need to be address are just on a recurringbasis put on a back burner and picked up again and again repetitiously on you guess it, onMonday.weaken |ˈwēkəәn|verbmake or become weaker in power, resolve, or physical strengthIt’s like the matrix people innocently become consume with concluding most anythingthey’re engaged in on Friday only to start all over again the following Monday. You insome instances will see just how society even controls the thought and productivityprocess in marketing quite honestly to specific demographics. Culturally whether we’recoherent or not the weekend is a primary dynamic when the word control in analyzed.And if you’re fortunate enough to travel or actively seek productive curricular activitiesyou’ll see on a first hand basis what’s intentionally being made accessible to the massesbut you have to know where to look and of course find it. Only minutes away in maycommunities they’re educational family oriented activities that can make a familiesweekend a more productive one as well enjoyable. Sleeping off a drunken stupor or evenif you don’t drink staying indoors on a Saturday morning or Sunday in some sense evenslows down the productive process.I formerly live in the Washington DC metropolitan area and only with my family eachand every weekend we did something. Never staying in doors sleeping anything off orbeing in active whether it was museums or sight seeing on the Washington Lawn. Rollerskating bike riding music recitals and when the girls became older concerts andvacations. The weekend was no time for sleeping and if I had to say it was beneficial buteven during those times in DC it was imperative that the only way you’d find somethingto do was to seek. And that meant reading and seeking information via the internet orfriends especially through higher learning publications in the event that you are trying toprepare children for college.
  3. 3. Grownups tragically become so programmed in regards to the weekend don’t get mewrong there’s absolutely nothing at all negative or wrong with having a great time. Butwe have to begin to make the same assessments about our weekends as we would withhaving goals and an objective. I’d recently gotten to the point where I started lookingaround in places asking myself “what am I doing here” probably great places where Ifrequently in the past socialize with some good people, but what was being gainproductivity wise. And realistically the same places we all may frequent wouldn’t missyou the next day what so ever no matter what you think. And the same places wheresomeone is definitely in some capacity specifically meant to be there to get you rightback in the same exact sit each and every week, more so to pay a bill then to really careabout what’s going on in your life.Self gratification or indulgence one might say but it is what it is, I began not only to learna lot more about what I choose to do and people I would do it with. It means more thanyou will ever realize it will when it comes down to assessing your own personal life atthe end of the day you should never assume some one doesn’t already feel as if theyknow you. Predictability leads to complacency especially when one constantly finds themself around people who care absolutely nothing about them and especially tryingdesperately to satisfy them.I use to love talking to my late uncle David Lee Rogers when he was alive and I’d sneakto see him starting when I was 12 years old. At a place called Zimp’s back in the days(known at the Light Rail Café’ now and once as the Corner Pocket) he’d say “nephew theone thing you should always remember about people who are quick to shake your hand orsmile at you. Is they’re already working an angle trying to find a weakness, nit everybodybut those ones that are a little bit to damn quick” and he’d tell me “to always lookthoroughly at the room whenever you come in wherever you are eyes are always a deadgive away, especially uncomfortable eyes. At one point when you begin to notice eyesmore than having a good time that’s a distraction which means it’s time to go”. I literallygot to the point where I began to see exactly who had intention of doing nothing but toweaken every thing that came in contact with them and with constant indulgence actuallysome of these same characters would through manipulation of a resource, or somethingsome people might need like confirmation or exposure hand pick the right people. Readyfor the weekend, probably more appropriately said ready for the weaken?A powerful personality and man in his prime like Muhammad Ali for instance whoendured everything put physically in front of him. And all obstacles designed specificallyby unfriendly alliances him self even required indulgence or motivation. And from a manwho couldn’t even keep him self personally in order and live indiscipline with a knowndependency of alcohol and carousing (Budini Brown). And at times it will be assumedthat many of the idiosyncrasies behavior wise that you may constantly be expose topersonally will eventually become if not contagious but sometimes being there (in acertain environment or negative individuals) is just as negative as partaking.
  4. 4. If you’re constantly around men for instance who speak negatively about women forinstance it’s safe to say you’re condoning this type behavior. Especially those known tobe abusive physically mentally and oppressively and yes stalkers included. And at timesif one has no real connection to the concept of respecting a women or has never beentaught and has influence they will surround themselves with the weaken. Within the last 8years especially of my life personally I wouldn’t classify anything I have asserted as anepiphany I would be more comfortable to say it’s more I being comfortable with who Ihave become as a man. So people of the male species need confirmation I was raise neverto expect it and that would make life more comfortable as well manageable, in otherwords like it is written “everyman carries his own weight”. Comfort and control shouldnever be confused and basically comfort is to be free as control is to be managed?And anyone who knows me personally understands exactly what I will never be andpossible to the chagrin of more than I will never even know who have already beencontrolled.Therefore it would give one more incentive to begin to change the rational of maybe yourpersonal thinking where you have become like many others caught up in the matrix. Andthat would start with re-programming one self to be more intuitive seeking moreactivities that would be beneficial to especially the growth of young or impressionablechildren or young adults in those teenage years where the streets are just waiting to holdthem captive or just might already, but in all due respect you may honestly be restingfrom the night before?If some people of influence especially spent more time disseminating information aboutpositives things it would be contagious. It’s very sad but sometimes in order to becomemore productive as well live a better life moving to the suburbs isn’t the only thing thatchanges that. Because if you’re around negative people and things socially you bring thatsame mentality back into the homes where you’re teaching and setting examples everysingle day. Children are in most cases destine to be clones of there parents just as it wasin our cases growing up, some of the same things we hated about our parents seem not tohave fallen far from the tree. Not saying at all it was necessarily bad or negative but inthe event it was is that the real example that you want as part of your legacy or to beremembered by because one day each and every single one of us will be just that, amemory.
  5. 5. Today is Friday TGIF a relief for many but the reminder when reality kicks in after theweekend is over is have you been weaken or was it productive? Hopefully you’ll putsmiles on the faces of each and every one you’re expose to each and every weekend. It’stotally gratifying to know or to see that someone is benefitting from an incentive baseweekend especially when it’s you. Have a good weekend my friends.Respectfully,THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live