THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The NCAA & Sports Bilas-trated And Expose……

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The NCAA & Sports Bilas-trated And Expose……

THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The NCAA & Sports Bilas-trated And Expose……

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  • 1.   1     THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013  –  The  NCAA  &  Sports  Bilas-­‐trated  And  Expose……     Duke  associated  with  great  basketball  and  a  program  that  has  produce  some  stellar   student  athletes  in  particularly  those  more  notable  from  the  hardwood  for  years  in   some  urban  circles  have  been  literally  hated.  Hated  because  many  urban  kids   especially  those  into  sports  for  years  have  considered  Duke  and  anything  associated   with  Duke.  And  as  Jalen  Rose  formerly  of  the  Fab  Five  Michigan  team  of  the  90’s  was   quoted  as  saying.       "I  hated  Duke  and  I  hated  everything  Duke  stood  for.  Schools  like  Duke  didn't  recruit   players  like  me.  I  felt  like  they  only  recruited  black  players  that  were  Uncle  Toms,"     For  years  in  particularly  African  American  students  have  been  exploited  by   institutions  of  higher  learning  and  it  has  been  camouflaged  and  covered  up  for   decades.  And  now  quite  truthfully  because  of  a  young  Caucasian  quarterback  who   definitely  seems  very  consciously  to  be  raising  eyebrows  because  he  has  no  intent   on  being  ridden  like  a  slave  unless  he’s  getting  paid.  Let’s  not  fool  ourselves  here   Johnny  Manziel  the  winner  of  the  prestigious  Heisman  Trophy  is  no  fool  he  comes   from  a  privilege  family  where  oil  has  made  life  pretty  comfortable.  We  won’t  be   hearing  stories  about  him  receiving  anything  unless  he  wants  the  American  public   to  digest  this  as  we  saw  recently  with  the  signing  of  sports  equipment  news  that  just   was  release.      
  • 2.   2   Manziel’s  intent  in  some  circles  are  now  being  viewed  as  only  right  and  as  the  great   Jay  Bilas  of  Duke  University  just  tweeted  to  the  dismay  of  the  NCAA.  If  you  use  the   search  engine  of,  type  the  name  "Johnny  Manziel"  and  end  up   on  a  page  filled  with  items  connected  to  Texas  A&M  and  Manziel's  jersey  number   despite  the  NCAA's  long  insistence  that  specific  jerseys  for  sale  aren't  connected  to   specific  players.  In  other  words  the  universities  are  getting  richer  and  richer  on  the   likeness  of  young  student  athletes  and  they  receive  absolutely  nothing.  If  we  named   names  over  these  last  10  years  or  so  especially  when  it  comes  down  to  the  student   athlete  and  money  what  in  my  opinion  makes  it  shameful  if  how  in  comparison  with   the  student  athletes  who  are  of  African  American  descent  or  Caucasian  how  the  Cam   Newton’s  or  Reggie  Bush’s  and  even  the  Chris  Webber’s  in  the  90’s  were  demonized   almost  as  if  the  violated  something  sacred?  And  as  time  marches  on  and  some  of  this   countries  most  respected  personalities  who  once  during  their  collegian  days  have   made  collectively  billions  of  dollars  for  various  universities  are  themselves   beginning  to  step  up  and  be  heard  as  well.  And  it  all  came  to  the  forefront  when   former  UCLA  Bruin  and  star  on  the  1995-­‐97  teams  Ed  O’Bannon  saw  himself  as  an   avatar  on  a  game  created  by  EA  Sports.  To  give  you  a  more  thorough  analysis  of  the   historic  ramifications  of  this  land  breaking  lawsuit  which  has  been  claim  and  in   current  litigation  please  review  the  below  article.     (to  give  you  a  little  insight  on  how  serious  it  is  and  the  billions  of  dollars  at  stake  here  the   section  below  written  courtesy  of  Patrick  Huffy  accessible  via  this  link     The  biggest  story  in  college  sports  -­‐-­‐  perhaps  in  the  history  of  college  sports  -­‐-­‐  is  the   ongoing  federal  antitrust  lawsuit  filed  by  former  University  of  California,  Los   Angeles  basketball  star  Ed  O'Bannon  against  the  National  Collegiate  Athletic   Association.  Generally  speaking,  the  suit  makes  two  claims:   1. O'Bannon  and  other  former  college  players,  including  fellow  plaintiffs  Bill   Russell  and  Oscar  Robertson,  are  entitled  to  a  share  of  the  millions  of   dollars  in  revenue  the  NCAA  earns  from  video  games  and  other  products  that   use  their  names,  images  and/or  likenesses;     2.  Former  and  current  athletes  also  deserve  a  share  of  the  billions  of  dollars  in   television  revenue  the  association,  conferences  and  schools  earn  from  selling  sports   broadcast  rights.   On  both  fronts,  O'Bannon  and  the  other  plaintiffs  argue  that  college  sports   amateurism  -­‐-­‐  the  no-­‐pay-­‐for-­‐play  system  defined  and  enforced  by  a  cartel  of   schools  -­‐-­‐  acts  as  an  illegal  price-­‐fix,  a  trade-­‐restraining,  competition-­‐neutering   mechanism  that  prevents  athletes  from  realizing  their  market  value.  The  NCAA,   unsurprisingly,  argues  otherwise.            
  • 3.   3   A  few  weeks  ago,  a  federal  judge  in  California  held  a  hearing  to  help  determine   whether  to  certify  the  case  as  a  class  action  -­‐-­‐  a  crucial  decision,  given  that  the   potential  damages  to  the  association  resulting  from  a  class  action  loss  could  be   enormous  and  landscape-­‐altering,  whereas  a  lack  of  certification  likely  would  string   out  the  status  quo,  forcing  individual  athletes  to  bring  suits  and  go  through  trials  by   themselves.     A  certification  decision  is  expected  later  this  summer.  In  the  meantime,  NCAA   lawyer  Donald  Remy  has  accused  the  plaintiffs  of  engaging  "in  a  process  of  throwing   things  against  the  wall  to  see  if  anything  sticks."  Impressively,  Remy  said  this  with  a   straight  face.  During  the  certification  hearing  and  in  court  filings,  the  association  has   put  forth  a  crazy-­‐quilt  series  of  defenses  as  hypocritical  and  confounding  as   amateurism  itself.  In  legal  circles,  this  strategy  is  known  as  "alternative  pleading"  -­‐-­‐   offering  multiple,  simultaneous  theories  that  don't  have  to  square  with  each  other.   (end)  article  courtesy  of  Patrick  Huffy     Collegian  sports  generates  billions  and  billions  and  billions  of  dollars  all  year  around   especially  with  the  inception  of  social  media  and  the  thousands  of  cable  shows  all   around  the  country,  and  it  can’t  be  forgotten  those  prestigious  institutions  who  are   lucky  enough  to  receive  television  contracts.       The  University  of  Alabama  for  instance  probably  considered  the  top  program  in  the   country  just  signed  there  legendary  head  coach  Nick  Saban  to  a  contract  that   professional  coaches  foam  at  the  mouth  over  and  it’s  truly  just  a  drop  in  the  bucket   the  money  he  received  is  almost  comparable  to  a  child  being  given  a  penny  from  the   US  Treasury  pay  very  close  attention  to  this  statistics  from  the  year  2008  for   Alabama’s  football  program  yes  just  football  and  these  are  all  millions  just  image   what  the  numbers  are  now  being  the  program  has  gain  a  considerable  amount  more   of  notoriety  in  these  last  5  years.     • Tickets:                  $28,410,419   • Donations:  $29,860,400   • University:  $4,101,515   • Media  Rights:  $8,825,964   • Branding:  $4,506,056   • Total  Revenue:  $123,769,841     What  may  appear  as  a  phenomenon  is  dictated  by  you  as  well  I  the  consumer  and   throughout  this  country  for  every  team  or  Johnny  come  lately  phenomenon  of  a   player  that  suddenly  surfaces  it’s  all  created  and  branded  as  I  spoke  about  last  week.   Remember  how  when  we  were  young  and  ready  to  come  up  if  you  were  born  during   my  era  and  lived  as  a  young  man  in  the  90’s?  Man  nobody  wasn’t  telling  me  anything   and  guess  what  every  single  person  who  walk  by  me  knew  and  I  didn’t  have  to  say  a   word  and  there  was  a  generation  of  young  dudes  just  like  me  and  guess  who  we   attracted  to?    
  • 4.   4   We  attracted  to  who  walk  and  talk  like  us  and  in  those  days  in  sports  it  was  either   the  Miami  Hurricanes  aka  The  U  or  the  Georgetown  Hoyas  with  Patrick  Ewing.   Everyone  from  especially  recognized  African  American  athletes  and  entertainers  in   those  days  who  could  relate  wore  either  teams  apparel  making  a  statement  for  sure   and  not  shameful  about  it  expressing  our  selves  and  showing  solidarity.       But  a  funny  thing  happen  during  that  show  of  unity  which  is  even  scarier  it  showed   many  how  when  or  if  in  adverse  times  or  confronted  even  with  supposed  minimal   fundamental  skills  there  is  no  substitute  at  all  for  talent  and  determination  which   both  of  those  teams  embodied.  And  on  a  national  level  being  expose  to  young   impressionable  kids  in  urban  communities  all  around  the  world  in  sports  and  in   media  suddenly  we  had  images  and  people  emerging  that  this  society  surely  wasn’t   ready  to  deal  with  on  a  level  playing  field.  And  before  I  speak  more  in  detail  about   how  suddenly  crack  and  gun  violence  became  more  rampant  let  me  get  back  to  the   topic  and  we’ll  examine  this  at  a  later  point  with  another  feature  on  THE  WHEEL.     But  Universities  knew  exactly  what  to  do  and  that  was  to  exploit  those  images  of   that  era  and  in  every  sporting  goods  store  you  saw  a  Georgetown  shirt  jersey  or  hat   as  well  Miami  Hurricanes  and  in  particularly  anything  associated  with  amateur   sports  where  the  African  American  athlete  unbeknownst  to  many  of  us  in  that  era   was  being  ridden  and  herded  and  especially  exploited  just  like  slaves.   Yes  slaves  the  subject  that  many  who  knowingly  are  well  aware  of  the  trickery  try  to   avoid  and  very  effectively  throw  obstacles  on  a  national  level  to  deflect  what  is  more   prominent  in  todays  NCAA  than  ever.  The  NCAA  will  make  or  break  anything  it’s   created  and  entity  wise  there  is  absolutely  no  other  cohesive  conglomeration  of   institutions  like  it  and  will  never  be  indulge  me  as  I  go  a  little  further  with  my   personal  assessment.     Tim  Tebow…..I  know  I  know  hold  on  for  a  second  think  about  that  phenomenon  for   one  second?  Think  about  how  less  than  5  years  remove  from  a  sport  where  he  was   considered  the  very  best  how  he’s  competitively  hanging  on  a  limb  each  and   everyday  not  even  aware  of  if  he  really  will  have  a  roster  spot?  The  phenomenon  of   Tim  Tebow  was  created  and  in  2008  the  University  of  Florida  generated   $106,607,895  imagine  what  it  generated  while  he  was  there?   I  am  not  taking  anything  away  from  Tebow  at  all  I  actually  like  him  he  appears  to  be   a  great  kid  but  he  was  created,  the  phenomenon  was  a  necessity  in  order  for  the   University  of  Florida  to  continue  get  that  money  on  the  table.  (additional  2008   statistics     Jay  Bilas  is  a  former  student  athlete  for  the  University  of  Duke  team  from  1982– 1986,  and  helped  lead  Duke  to  the  Final  Four  and  National  Championship  game  in   1986.  But  what  I  am  a  fan  of  when  I  speak  about  especially  former  athletes  like  Jay   Bilas  who  also  played  pro  ball  is  when  they  truly  comprehend  what  they’re  calling   and  eventual  mission  is  when  it  comes  down  to  what  is  right.  And  years  ago  his  own   University  had  a  very  public  scandal  that  went  national  involving  it’s  lacrosse  team   that  Bilas  very  verbal  about  which  shocked  millions  especially  Duke  administrators.  
  • 5.   5   (courtesy  of  Wikipedia)  Bilas  sharply  criticized  the  Duke  administration  for  its  lack  of   support  for  the  falsely  indicted  players  during  the  2006  Duke  lacrosse  case.   Describing  Richard  H.  Brodhead's  actions,  "President  Brodhead  chose  the  path  of   political  expediency.  He  failed  to  effectively  counter  factually  inaccurate  and   inappropriate  statements  about  Duke  and  its  students,  failed  to  forcefully  speak  out   against  procedural  irregularities,  and  failed  to  take  appropriate  action  in  response   to  repeated  attacks  upon  the  due  process  rights  of  Duke's  students."He  then  goes  on   to  call  for  Brodhead's  resignation,  as  well  as  for  Board  of  Trustee's  Chairman,  Robert   K.  Steel's,  "and  any  board  members  that  acted  in  lock  step  with  Brodhead."(end)     And  as  I  mention  early  Bilas  is  a  practicing  attorney  Bilas  most  notably  worked  on   the  case  Lyons  Partnership  v.  Morris  Costumes,  Inc.,  where  he  successfully  defended   the  costume  business  against  trademark  and  copyright  claims  brought  by  owners  of   the  popular  children's  television  character,  Barney  the  Dinosaur.  Which  makes  him   very  much  aware  of  the  ramification  of  infringement  of  in  particularly  an  individuals   likeness  and  being  fairly  compensated  for  what  is  rightfully  there’s  which  has  been   utilized  without  consent  and  it’s  the  usage  of  an  individuals  identity  and  likeness.   It’s  in  a  nutshell  like  being  the  President  of  the  United  States  for  example  a  position   held  by  an  elite  exclusive  group  of  only  44  people  and  it’s  laughable  when  someone   makes  any  claim  to  have  even  almost  have  won  an  election.     There’s  no  such  thing  as  close  to  it  or  almost  point  blank  athletes  are  being  used  and   should  be  paid  when  you  see  a  Michigan  Wolverine  shirt  and  you’re  my  age  you  still   think  of  Chris  Webber  if  it’s  number  4  just  as  you  think  immediately  of  Micheal   Jordan  to  this  day  in  a  North  Carolina  23  jersey  and  I’ve  name  2  players  who  didn’t   even  finish  there  4  years  at  the  mention  universities.  Johnny  Manziel  is  a  privilege   Caucasian  kid  who’s  doing  absolutely  the  same  exact  thing  that  Cam  Newton  and   Reggie  Bush  and  Chris  Webber  and  so  many  African  American  kids  did  incentive   wise  for  the  families,  but  still  they’ve  have  been  labeled.  As  Cam  was  in  the  draft  or   as  Reggie  Bush  was  when  he  left  USC  early  where  to  a  certain  extent  the  man   responsible  for  literally  destroying  the  credibility  of  the  entire  university  (USC)  is   celebrated  even  more  now  than  what  he  was  in  college  Pete  Carroll.  And  very  rare  in   this  society  will  we  ever  hear  of  a  coach  on  the  professional  level  or  even  college   level  being  demonized.  Look  how  quickly  that  entire  Penn  State  scandal  literally   disappeared  along  with  the  status  of  coach  Joe  Paterno  at  that  campus?  Reason   being  and  I’ll  proceed  on  is  that  the  universities  knew  the  entire  time  exactly  what   was  going  on  there’s  absolutely  no  way  possible  it  couldn’t  have.     And  with  that  being  what  it  is  how  can  we  hate  any  young  man  who  choses   consciously  to  invest  in  his  or  her  self?  Making    an  investment  in  there  own  future   especially  in  the  event  that  they  are  physically  capable  of  enduring  all  the  rigors  that   come  along  with  the  physical  and  mental  demands  of  being  a  professional?     As  we  well  know  for  many  years  high  school  players  were  allowed  to  completely   skip  college  and  go  directly  to  the  league  speaking  NBA  right  now.      
  • 6.   6   Now  high  school  must  wait  a  year  or  at  least  until  there  20th  birthday  before   entering  the  draft  so  you’ll  get  a  lot  of  one  and  done  players.  Since  the  rules  no   longer  allow  high  school  players  to  be  drafted  straight  to  the  professional.  Many  of   us  know  that  Kobe  Bryant  and  Kevin  Garnett  skipped  high  school  to  enter  the  NBA.   Most  of  my  era  remember  Chocolate  Thunder  Darryl  Dawkins  and  the  great  Moses   Malone  who  both  went  into  the  league  years  ago.  But  how  many  of  us  remember  the   first  player  to  enter  NBA  and  skip  high  school?  It  was  a  dude  name  Reggie  Harding   way  back  in  1962.  Reggie  Harding  was  drafted  in  the  fourth  round  of  the  1962  Draft   by  the  Detroit  Pistons  although  he  did  sit  out  a  year  and  didn't  play  until  1963-­‐64.   Suddenly  African  American  families  saw  a  glimmer  of  hope  which  all  evolved   around  quite  honestly  a  sport  and  many  of  us  can  relate  to  these  hoop  dreams  that   many  in  the  urban  communities  still  have  being  how  the  athlete  is  still  manipulated   more  than  50  years  later.  And  probably  over  10  years  later  there’s  some  university   administrator  or  even  a  college  president  who  hates  somebody  like  Lebron  James   with  a  passion  thinking  he’d  possibly  come  to  there  college  and  generate  who  knows   maybe  even  billions  when  it  comes  down  to  social  media  and  the  internet  today?     In  this  article  I  previously  mention  former  UCLA  student  athlete  Ed  O'Bannon  who  is   the  lead  plaintiff  in  an  antitrust  class  action  lawsuit  filed  against  the  National   Collegiate  Athletic  Association  (NCAA)  on  behalf  of  its  Division  I  football  and  men's   basketball  players  over  the  organization's  use  for  commercial  purposes  of  the   images  of  its  former  student  athletes.  The  suit  argued  that  upon  graduation,  a   former  student  athlete  should  become  entitled  to  financial  compensation  for  future   commercial  uses  of  his  or  her  image  by  the  NCAA.  Bottom  line  is  if  you  become   synonymous  with  an  image  of  a  brand  no  matter  who  is  the  governing  entity  the  law   isn’t  designed  only  to  benefit  anyone  unless  a  release  or  waver  authorizes   exclusivity  of  the  brand  or  image.       And  although  this  case  will  be  in  litigation  for  possibly  years  there’s  one  thing  I  can   say  for  sure  the  last  person  we’ll  see  with  regularity  on  television  will  be  Jay  Bilas.   And  when  of  if  he  does  surface  during  the  NCAA  college  season  you  better  believe   producers  of  that  segment  will  be  fast  to  totally  shut  his  microphone  down  if  he   does  what  he’s  already  been  consistent  in  doing.  He’s  one  of  a  rare  breed  today   especially  in  sports  media  where  many  of  the  analyst  that  are  place  in  front  of  us   daily  there  are  because  they’re  do  anything  to  eat  so  they’ll  dance.     You  could  say  the  NCAA  in  particularly  sports  has  been  Bilas-­‐strated  and  expose  for   exactly  what  it  is  and  might  possibly  always  be  and  my  question  is  will  the  field  ever   be  level  at  all?     Respectfully,   THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013   (The  Way  Humanity/Hudson  Expects  Everyone  to  Live)