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The wheel overview pptx


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The creator and founder of THE WHEEL Basil Thomas speaks very candidly about various issues. Ranging from politics community awareness quality of life and environmental as well of course technical in …

The creator and founder of THE WHEEL Basil Thomas speaks very candidly about various issues. Ranging from politics community awareness quality of life and environmental as well of course technical in THE OVERVIEW.

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    The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live
  • 2. THE WHEEL "The Overview"
    THE WHEEL is an acronym which means The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live it was established in 2008 in order to established community awareness addressing various issues throughout Hudson County. The quality of life throughout the community for years has drastically deteriorated primarily because communications especially between elected public officials and constituents have not been viewed as a priority.
  • 3. Public Safety
    Violence has become sadly a daily occurrence throughout the city in particularly in Ward F. The quality of life in this community has for years has not been a primary focus of elected officials which of course resonates to the Jersey City Police Department which in all fairness has a difficult job. But with minimal directives being implemented pro-actively designed towards changing the quality of living ward f continues to be the scape goat of an under staffed police department.
  • 4. Public Safety (continued)
    The department prioritizes and only deems it necessary to accommodate designated wards by elected politicians and police officials.
    Every night especially in the summer months throughout the community young adult men and teenagers are allowed to loiter and disrupt neighborhood residents. Literally holding the community hostage seniors are fearful of the lives women are harassed and children are faced with making decisions of either becoming part of neighborhood gangs or being assaulted.
    Jersey City has become a location where in particular the core of the county Greenville-Lafayette has been omitted from being classified as entity wise recognized a part of the city. The beautification of areas throughout Jersey City has been impact and positive but never the less more apparent that ward f has not benefitted and nothing in the future seems to be on the horizon for change to be initiated.
  • 5. Public Safety (continued)
    Property value in this particular area is at an all time low due to the current situation with loitering and rowdy young men during especially the evening hours.
    Year Price2011 Average Condo Rental $165.00
    2008: $218.00
    2005: $220.00
    Less than 6 years $50,000 lost in value and dropping in certain neighborhoods which aren’t considered priority patrol locations. Directly down the block 400 walking steps The Foundry receives priority attention from local JCPD officers 24/7 part of an hourly drive thru everyday.
  • 6. Public Safety (continued)
    Apartment rental is a desperate situation is well in one instance a potential client made an appointment to see an apartment at Communipaw Avenue and Van Horne Street the couple refuse to get out of the vehicle when they observe the behavior of the young men terrorizing almost everyone who dared to walk by them.
  • 7. Senior Citizens
    It has become a shameful situation our senior citizens who should be enjoying the golden years of there lives are prisoners in city facilities which have been constructed primarily for the betterment of living in the last years of there lives. Constant issues such as security and unsafe living conditions and of course the threat of crime has made these golden years a nightmare for many. Seniors who in most cases living without the every day contact or communications of family members when you speak with them directly can tell you about the unbelievable living conditions they deal with everyday.
  • 8. Senior Citizens (continued)
    In adequate facilities non-handicap friendly and throughout the downtown area the constant re-building and renovation of areas bordering the Hudson River and the newly migrating residents being welcome by city officials have become priority. It is no secret and although during election time officials continue to visit senior facilities only to get what is still a powerful and impactful vote that the seniors have always had historically in this city. Patronizing them by making sparse appearances and dispersing gifts to a generation of constituents who are just glad someone showed up to see them. Making promises and of course taking full advantage of photo opportunities in order to create the illusion of concern.
  • 9. Senior Citizens (continued)
    Unfortunately this will persist only leading to the date of an election and following the seniors will never see any of the promised improvements and again will be a forgotten class of constituents once again patronizing politics at work and at the expense of helpless seniors. If an independent survey is conducted throughout the city especially in particular of course ward f senior locations about conditions, independently conducted I must reiterate seniors will confirm the living situation is deplorable and privately even concerned employees at locations will confirm.
  • 10. Elected Officials-Public Servants
    public |ˈpəblik| of or concerning the people as a whole : public concern | public affairs. Open to or shared by all the people of an area or country  
    servant |ˈsərvənt| a person who performs duties for others, esp. a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant. A person employed in the service of a government.
  • 11. Elected Officials-Public Servants (cont.)
    It apparently needs to be established and acknowledged especially throughout this city in particular. An elected official is a public servant who primary functionality is to serve the constituents and the community in which they have been elected or appointed.  And it is a job which is a 24 hour responsibility and should only be held or accepted by those who’s primary objective is to cater to the community in which they have been elected or appointed to serve.
    How ever shameful it has become it has come to the point where some elected officials have become greater then the people and community in which they have been elected to serve. No longer prioritizing a communities required needs but opposed to being cooperative to the community in general some officials have become identifiable as almost furor like personalities. Although it is a very strong statement not inaccurate at all if one takes the time to speak to constituents throughout the city.
  • 12. Elected Officials-Public Servants (cont.)
    Constituents are frowned upon if they have the audacity to question or even respectfully debate or bring attention to an issue that threaten the quality of life in the city. City workers are held hostage and loyalties towards current residing officials or authoritative personnel throughout the city government are questioned. And especially if they have the nerve to support anyone else outside of the current political structure exercising there democratic right to seek public office or a public advocate not viewed favorable by Hudson County officials.
    There are current officials who have aspirations to strategically align themselves in positions which are more authoritative, who conveniently wait in the wings.
    Silently observing and watching the demise of a city in which they have taken a sworn oath morale wise stream-line to an all time low.
  • 13. Elected Officials-Public Servants (cont.)
    Having a Caesar like attitude embracing only those who are in some respect clones and have no intention of verbally questioning any directive or alternative wise they will be considered insubordinate and placed on an internal black list. Realistically certain things will never change and especially when even with the approaching elections coming in the horizon this practice seems to be manufacturing itself once again with newer faces and a more polished plan of attack. Sun Tzu the author of “The Art Of War” in detail has provided a manual which is a current day bible especially for the more progressive thinking political hopefuls deploying a course of action throughout each neighborhood which utilizes hand picked influential community leaders to convert or recruit in numbers.
  • 14. Elected Officials-Public Servants (cont.)
    Unfortunate as it maybe if you have read the mentioned book or have even paid close attention to the strategic alignment and deployment of troops (community residents in favor) it is a prime example of just how far we have been diverted from what is the primary focus which is the community and not one particular person. The sad reality is the initiative has been in effect and multiple years very cunningly and has been contagious and with a grass roots movement very undetectable to the regular every day constituent who maybe viewed as undesirable. These new progressives themselves have exhibited a superiority persona and will do anything necessary to weaken the public perception and especially the community reputation of anyone considered to the left of there course of action format or game plan.
  • 15. Elected Officials-Public Servants (cont.)
    Unbelievably certain elected officials have strategically out of convenience managed to stay clear of issues, which have seriously destroyed the morale of this city. Privately conducting meetings almost Klan or cult like where only certain residents are embraced which in this society today is shameful. I have myself sat in private meetings and spoke with an elected official who literally told me verbatim “I am not involving myself in anything that wasn’t going to be beneficial to me” if I wasn’t in the physically present I would have never believe it myself being at one point I had seriously considered supporting this particular official. I was actually accused of being and I quote “to passionate and emotion about Jersey City” I congratulated him for his on point assessment about me I am guilty as charged and will be until the day I die without an apology at all. Now if we can only have every elected official adopt this same passion for their duties everyday this community would be a paradise to be a part of. 
    Maybe the time has come that elected officials are subject to evaluation or reviews, which could be conducted independently and company contracted not retained by city officials.
  • 16. Local Business Minority Owned
    It is definitely commendable seeing especially of recent the migration of Dominican business owners throughout the city but serious questions have arisen unfortunately. It is gesture wise not at all mandatory if especially proprietors give back to the community or neighborhood they are a part of. And in various discussions I have attended when it is brought up pertaining to Dominican bodegas people have voiced displeasure about the lack of community awareness most owner’s exhibit pretty much all they want is your money and nothing else. It is knowledge that bodega owner’s recent incentives just to be in certain areas of the community especially within African American neighborhoods. It has come to the point where these same incentives and opportunities need to be extended to African American business owners in the community.
    The fabric of ward f has always been for many years African American businesses owners who grew along with the children and gave to the communities they were a part of. I remember certain owners would buy football uniforms for local teams or take them on trips and literally knew everyone by there first name and their parents.
  • 17. Information Technology – Collaborative Web Services
    Sadly Jersey City is the distinctive reputation of being a non collaborative city when it comes to information technology and county/city association communications with job sites being either down or just in-active for years. E-mail communications in addition are a vital part of technology and this city is notoriously known for its non-committed attention to city generated generic e-mail addresses assigned to city officials. Some officials simply do not address e-mail messages at and have practiced this for years and have no intention on correcting this neglectful practice it is a dis-service to the community and shows a total disrespect for the job elected or appointed to perform as a public servant to the community.
  • 18. Information Technology – Collaborative Web Services (cont.)
    City and county sites for years haven’t been updated and on certain sites you can see names of elected officials who haven’t been in listed offices or positions for years this is disgraceful. Communications are a vital in this modern era and web services provide constituents with important information especially if the site is inter-active and maintained by web administrators or beta testing personnel. Jersey City has firmly established itself as a dinosaur when it comes to the pre-historic approach towards services that are important to the city and people who need to be informed immediately. It’s apparent the city for years doesn’t consider technology a priority there are certain council representatives who have independently taking initiative developing there own personal web sites but is this what voting constituents should expect? Not to have any information accessible at all god forbid an emergency happen and someone reached out to an official with e-mail being the only resource.
  • 19. Information Technology – Collaborative Web Services (cont.)
    A new pro-active presence maintaining sites and answering e-mail messages as well updating all sites throughout the city and county need to be implemented immediately it has always been common knowledge that certain officials don’t want to be contacted at all. These officials are non-cooperative and for years selectively work with only residents whom they feel are more favorable to them or are obligated to patronize their position of authority held. If an immediate mail server survey could be conducted throughout the Active Directory or whatever source is utilized by administrators to create email environments it would be shameful to see exactly how many unread messages reside on each user account of elected officials. 
    Officials are more concern with making sparse appearance and sitting for extended breakfast and lunch engagements more so than communicating with residents and being accountable towards cohesively making this city as neighboring cities like New York located directly a rock throw away the stone ages are over.
  • 20. Weekly Ward Community Forum
    Each ward has very different problems and they need to be addressed therefore it is necessary to conduct weekly ward assessment forums throughout the city in individual wards. Prioritizing and addressing issues which directly impact the community council representatives from each ward must be present it is not optional. So many council officials elect not to attend public forums is a direct statement to residents the same people who have voted the mention into the office in which they presently reside over. Although it is great seeing an elected official at a parade or cultural festival it would be fantastic to speak with the on a recurring weekly basis other then watching them eat a gyro at an event.
  • 21. Weekly Ward Community Forum (cont.)
    The necessity to be accountable has arrived as a community collective it is vital that constituents and officials are collaborative no longer can we address the communities issues as we have done in the past. No more telling constituents you’ll call them or passing out cards only to speak with secretary or leaving voice messages. The time has come for solutions and unfortunately officials must become task-masters and perform the service and duty they have been elected to as I have mentioned multiple times in this narrative.
    I understand the discomfort some may have speaking publicly but it should be noted that when a community becomes familiar and comfortable with leadership this turns into a positive. Cohesion become first nature because there has been a relationship and trust re-established right now there is no trust at all. It’s a wonder how officials can literally disappear in a city for months even years without making regular appearances in the wards they represent. It is such a contradiction when officials only show face at festive occasions or funerals this practice leaves a blemish on every city official even those who truthfully do perform there duties.
  • 22. Weekly Ward Community Forum (cont.)
    Communities are forever changed and what proved effective in certain wards for years which may have been Irish Catholic or Spanish or African American has changed drastically our communities are more diversified than ever and we need to demographically re-evaluate areas which have changed. Culturally there are so many things residents from certain neighborhoods don’t understand about Jewish people in their community or Dominican emigrants who have migrated to Jersey City. Muslims Arab and Hindu and Indian or Asian community members or Japanese constituents populate our city as well it is vital that community outreach representatives are established now not when it is to late and no one wants to listen the city has exhibited an insensitive approach towards how diversified this city has become it is a melting pot which extends in every neighborhood not just in the Grove Street or Newport areas.
  • 23. Re-Programming Youth
    Our youth as evident in what is currently happening with especially minority young women and men age ranging from 21 to 30 years have suffered. A generation of children was literally forgotten about nationally and like wild animals left in the wild to find any form of nourishment that was consistent and necessary for their growth whether be it positive or negative. This is the generation that have become societies problem they are not addressed and truth be it told now this is what young children of today will watch during grammar school and high school years the disruptive behavior in the streets profanity being common practice in every neighborhood loitering on corners and a contagious venom like attitude which is replicated by friends peer pressure subjecting every youth to constant gang threats and bullying. So what or is there anything that this city can do to prevent this infectious growth to be inherited by an upcoming generation?
  • 24. Re-Programming Youth (continued)
    The answer is yes initiatives have to be passed throughout especially minority children of recent even Republican Governor Christie even acknowledge that the problem has run rapid throughout New Jersey. Trades and technology training is the only alternative young people have no recourse and instincts of survival will take president over what is morally right and wrong if nothing is done to at least give this mentioned generation a chance of becoming productive citizens.
    Statistics in the case of the youth are so misleading and polls are very rarely accurately compiled in minority neighborhoods because truthfully information just isn’t shared. Most have criminal records at a young age and habitually have fallen into a pattern that can’t be broken by speeches or promises it’s time for more than promises. Youth and alternative learning programs must be implemented city wide and supported by city officials this summer truthfully weather wise cooling off may have helped ease tensions of youth throughout the city. On an everyday occasion I speak personally to young adults that fall into this demographic they are harboring feelings that would terrify everyday ordinary people and who is the blame? We are the blame they have been forgotten as I initially stated now it’s time to stop what is supposedly going to be a progressive moment to advance the entire city and to include the youth talk is cheat time to step up for the betterment of the quality of living throughout Jersey City. Remember the New Jersey Light Rail is accessible to everyone and don’t think that for one minute anyone with bad intentions aren’t aware where when and how to master mind a perfect crime or take advantage of a particular gender of people who are un-equipped to defend themselves due to fear.
  • 25. Re-Programming Youth (continued)
    It starts with something as simple as a corner bodega no longer can it be allowed to sell toy guns of any kind children are like sponges and gravitate to what is glorified or the first thing they are in contact with which is easily accessible. Weapons on display are a corner’s walk away at the local store and that’s where a child will be when he or she sees that toy hanging on the wall. But for how long will a toy be enough to satisfy that particular child? Especially when real guns are so accessible in most minority neighborhoods it is shameful that local politicians continue to ignore the cry of a community but will make impromptu appearances at funerals when a kid dies suddenly showing concern for that particular week or few months if it’s election time.
    Raising children is very similar to growing a lawn if I can respectfully use the analogy with plenty of attention and nurturing and of course healthy feeding it will grow into a beautiful healthy lawn the pride and joy of the person who watch the entire process. It must be remembered the entire lawn must ne maintained not just certain areas the entire lawn. Just as our children don’t for one second be under the impression that good kids won’t meet or even become acquainted with the children this city has forgotten about and for these reasons it is imperative we establish a fair playing field for all children not an exclusive few or group from a particular area.
  • 26. Constituent Priority
    This topic is one I personally felt compelled to address and that is making each and every constituent a priority. Elected officials historically in Jersey City patronize voters especially evident leading up to campaigns when suddenly they visit neighborhoods, senior venues and every festival funeral or whatever maybe be happening during these months leading up to an election. This practice has to stop no more can we be expected to tolerate this disrespectful practice and it should be remember public appearances should also include areas that seriously effected by quality of life issues. Believe it or not some politicians have offices located in these areas and watch as neighborhoods deteriorate and instead of taking initiative to make a change they’ll instead start the process of moving to a different cleaner or safer location. In other words they are ashamed of the current location where a certain un-named elected officials office is located. Is there any particular reason an elected official with state backing can’t or should I say won’t be the leader the community expects and takes it upon them self to make an impact on the community in which he or she may have been raised and quite honestly make a difference?
  • 27. Constituent Priority (continued)
    It is unbelievable how divided Ward F is particularly the lack of cohesion makes whatever needs this community really has un-important in the eyes of city government. Constant quarrels between community residents questioning each other’s motives or incentives and loyalties in association to politics. This November 2011 for instance last count 20 candidates will be seeking the vacant 2 councilperson seats and it’s turning into a popularity contest oppose to what it should be constituents have to thoroughly research the careers of all eligible candidates in this election, it should be noted that one seat is an At Large position currently held by Kalimah Ahmad who was appointed to replace retired councilperson Willie Flood by the Honorable Mayor Healy. Kalimah in my personal opinion has done a great job during this early stage so let’s not be too quick to be judgmental about her performance.
  • 28. Constituent Priority (continued)
    I have in the last few years been very fortunate to be on terms with most every elected official where they will at least take a phone call from me if I felt the necessity to conference about any subject at all. Shamefully there are certain elected officials who number one priority is to control any and everything associated with this city. Sometimes I find it humorous to see how immature some officials actually are and how the can have nerve enough to hold grudges against those who didn’t support or campaign for them. It’s sad but true certain officials use the influence of there positions as leverage bullying those who are naïve enough and keeping those with intelligence at a reasonable distance always avoiding issues an possible dialog from those considered outsiders or unfriendly to their furor like vision and tactics of running the cabinet or position they preside upon.
    Morning breakfasts at local dinners are tradition with many elected officials but there are those who will publicly dine with a superior like presence defying anyone to disturb them. We all are worthy of conversing with anyone at anytime not just during the months leading to campaigns. Certain officials conduct meetings held exclusively to strategically map a plan of attacked and long term goal for the anticipated dismantling of city government and changing of the guard in City Hall. Fact is extremist have vision and this is to exclude those who don’t or won’t be converted to main streamed philosophies which are expected of those who desire to be viewed as favorable. There is a master plan being designed which will not include everyone but will of course be implemented with no doubt.
  • 29. Constituent Priority (continued)
    Let’s examine the historic city we have witnessed change drastically in the last decade especially people of all cultures reside throughout the city. And as mentioned earlier some are under the impression that they are not even citizens of Jersey City almost as if it is demeaning to be categorized as a resident here. Target wise economics speaks volumes and of course some of the newly migrated citizens are welcomed with open arms and the entire downtown Newport and waterfront beautification is something that is proof that economics and money being the main incentive will instantly impact this community. In other words what impact if at all does ward f in particularly have when we look at the future of Jersey City?
  • 30. Constituent Priority (continued)
    Quite honestly can you imagine 10 years from now the quality of life in the ward f area at the rate that crime prevention and public safety is addressed the chemical waste on Garfield Avenue a Chromium nightmare for over a decade or more and still toxic and poisonous. The shameful appearance of Martin Luther King Drive sadly has a statue of the great iconic man at the NJ Light Rail stop located at Virginia Avenue.
    I am currently 51 years old and I remember the day when this avenue in particular was a centralized shopping location from the beginning of the avenue to the end at Currie Woods. I to remember the days of my youth when there was hope for children. One day take public transportation or travel to a main transfer point for buses trains etc. and just watch our children. Innocence no more it is tragic listening to the dialog the lack of respect and this is because we have provided them especially here in Jersey City with nothing. Jersey City has turned into that place where natives Jersey City residents have totally just thrown there hands in the air, and become disenchanted with the conditions as well the quality of life. And this is exactly the opening that our progressive political hopefuls have been thirsty for. This enables them to successfully deploy and engage without resistance in other words an uncontested surrender.
  • 31. Constituent Priority (continued)
    I find it repulsive when I see the behavior of especially African American elected officials who in some instances have attended the same schools that are suffering through these economic hard times. I am sure many went to recreation centers at public schools like PS # 14 PS# 22 PS#9 PS# 41 PS# 11 and so many more that I can name. Along with my brothers as youth our problem we had was making our minds up what gym we were going to play at that particular evening. All children especially young boys knew each other and played competitively with each other hard and clean. Being competitive was healthy and friendships that have last a lifetime were established during these vital years of sportsmanship something that is so overlooked today due to the fact that these same venues were primarily used by minorities. Some don’t care at all about the non-existent venues throughout the communities because now there is another competitive sport being launched and it is called racism.
    Let’s be very care this is a racist act being committed and ignored by certain African American officials everyday I pray everyday for especially these misguided young men who don’t know anything but conflict. Because they are always being pushed and pulled and shutdown and have nothing at all. True there are some who maybe beyond help but I remember people use to say this about me and many of my friends who are productive citizens right now just imagine if someone would have given up on me or you?
  • 32. Constituent Priority (continued)
    Truth is there are some within Jersey City who do not want to read or have anything content wise addressing some of these issues dispersed within the community at all but as always be forever mindful that THE WHEEL SPEAKS not to offend but it is time to do more than just talking about these issues my friends. Continue to love Jersey City as always and god-bless you all.
    The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live
    Basil Thomas born in Jersey City in 1960 attended public school #24 and Lincoln High School as a youth benefitted from having various mentors throughout his child-hood. Basketball was very instrumental in his life especially the relationships that were established mentors like Coach Charlie Brown made sure Basil took care of business and made him tough as nails. In addition Basil loves music and has traveled the world having performed in places like Japan, Italy and various other locations internationally and domestically.
    Professionally Basil in 1986 was appointed a sergeant’s position for the Hudson County Department of Corrections and during his tenure mentored many of todays most respected citizens and elected officials during those years.
    Basil also was a graduating member of the prestigious first class of City University’s elite Campus Police having received and completed extensive training at John Jay Criminal Justice College. Sergeant Basil Thomas supervised details for President William Jefferson Clinton and various other dignitaries during his tenure with the department.
    Basil has worked for the National Reconnaissance Office supporting aerospace as systems administrator and team lead in addition co-creating a national operation center standard operation procedure for the Homeland Security Information Network 24/7 international support desk.
    Basil received his certification and training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona as a Biometric Automated Toolset FSE and was deployed to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Basil trained military-police-judicial representatives per orders of US Armed Forces Department of Defense for 2 years.
    Basil since his return back state side has of course created THE WHEEL in addition has served as the Lead Strategist Campaign Manager for the senate election of the 31st district of New Jersey in 2011. Although the candidates bit was unsuccessful the experience alone has made Basil more aware of the challenges our city does truthfully face and has inspired his beliefs even more so today than ever.