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Power point of cambodia Power point of cambodia Presentation Transcript

  •  Cambodia was once a great ancient empire dating back to around the first century BC By the 12th century, Cambodia had spread into other areas, now known as Thailand, Laos, Myanma r and Malaysia (the peninsula)
  • As of July 2011 Language: KhmerPopulation is roughly 14,701,717 (French, Chinese & English) Religion Ethnic Groups Khmer Buddhish Muslim Other Vietnamese, Chinese, hill Unspecified tribes and Cham Muslims
  • Other: Vietnamese, Chinese, hil l tribes and ChamKhmer 90% Muslims
  • Multiparty Democracy under a Constitutional DemocracyExecutive Branch: King Sihamoni- Head of State Prime Minister Hun Sen- Head of Government 10 Deputy Prime Ministers 16 Senior Ministers 26 Ministers 206 Secretaries of State 205 Undersecretaries of State
  • Angkor Empire French protection in 1863 Japanese occupation in World War II Cambodia gained full independence from France in 1953 Khmer Rouge forces captured Phnom Penh in 1975 December 1978 Vietnamese invasion drove the Khmer Rouge into the countryside 1991 Paris Peace Accords mandated democratic elections and a ceasefire Elections in 1998 led to the coalition government and renewed political stability
  • Corruptions Law enforcement agencies  Very poorly paid government workers  Inefficient sectors  Lacking the independence  Ineffective investigation  Weak systems of check & balance  Scarce opportunities for public participation
  • United State and Cambodiasigned TIFA (2006) Foreign Direct Investment Cambodian’s Biggest Source • China • Vietnam • Thailand • Japan • United States
  •  Education  Social Challenges  Free public education  Lack of Human right  Lack of suitable teaching materials  Violence against children  Shortage of qualified teacher staff  Sexual abuse violence  Literacy rate of 2.1 GDP in 2011  Sex trafficking Healthcare  Unmet health system  Medical doctors not well educated  Lack of Human rights  Thousands with no medical care
  • Imports: $127 millionGDP Top import categories:  Vehicles Vehicles Machinery  Machinery Relief Donate Optical & Medical  Relief articles donated Textile  Optical & Medical Agricultural  Misc. Textile  Agricultural product
  • Exports: $1.3 billionIndustries Manage Inventory (JIT) Strongest Sectors  Tourism  Garments  Construction  Rice milling  Fishing  Wood and wood product  Rubber  Cement  Gem mining  Textiles
  • The Riel (KHR) 4000Riel = 1 US dollar Cambodia Riel exchange rate is the KHR to USD rate 1 KHR equal to 0.00025 USD, as of May 8, 2012 (KHR, 2012)
  • Angkor Wat(the seven wonder)Tourism :Exceeding2 millionvisitorsper year.
  • 2 million visitorsper year.
  • Cambodia 181,035 square kilometers.
  • Best Business Practices Cambodia Customs Schedule Meeting ahead of time  Open to FDI Be punctual  China, Vietnam, Thaila Avoid asking personal questions nd, Japan , U.S Respect the elder/one in higher status  Regulations (New) Men and women never touch Greeting: put your hands together at • Human Rights Watch chest height and bow the head saying (Migrant domestic workers) ‘susaday’ (good day’) Address your Cambodian counterparts with the honorific title “Lok” for a man and “Lok Srey” for a woman followed by their first and last name
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  • The End!