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The CCMCA host it's first Total Market Industry Conference and Association launch. It is a member driven organization with the mission of providing Total Market Enterprise(tm) TME thought leadership, training, education and certification. It promises to be an exciting day as industry experts come together and discuss the New Marketplace innovations.

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  2. 2. JEFFREY L. BOWMAN THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN I’d like to first thank you and our partners for believing in the mission of a Total Market Enterprise™ (TME) and industry vertical. I am honored by your presence and overjoyed you took the time out of your busy schedule to join us. When a group of us came together with the idea of creating a new industry association, some of the thinking was met with optimism as well as hope for acceptance of a member – driven organization focused on providing thought leadership, education and training about the new marketplace. The intent of the CCMCA is to partner with existing associations, enterprise organizations, brands, agencies and provide an innovative approach to what we are calling a Total Market Enterprise™ (TME) organization. With over $300B spent on marketing and advertising services in the United States between the general market and multicultural marketing services, we know this is not going away. Today promises to be an exciting day filled with opportunities to gain clarity and learn from some of the industry’s experts. We welcome your feedback and will look for opportunities moving forward to help members navigate during this dynamic shift within the marketing and communications industry. Sincerely, Jeffrey L. Bowman
  3. 3. BOARD OF ADVISORS Bob Linden AAAA SVP Learning and Development Cheryl Stallworth Millward Brown Firefly President Colin Mitchell Ogilvy and Mather WW Head of Planning Cynthia Augustine Draftfcb Chief Talent Officer Donna Pedro Ogilvy and Mather Chief Diversity Officer Esther Franklin Starcom Mediavest EVP, Experience Strategy Geraldine Moriba CNN Executive Producer Javier Farfan PepsiCo Sr. Director Cultural Branding Jeffrey Bowman The CCMCA Founder, Chairman Jeffrey Yang The Future Company Sr Vice President Jon Cropper Future Logic Founder Julie Anderson Gephetto President Linda Crowder SC Johnson Sr. Director Shopper Marketing Lizette Williams Kimberly-Clark Brand Director Margaret Regan Future Works Institute President Singleton Beato AAAA EVP, Diversity and Inclusion & Talent Strategy Thomas Bartley Google Head of Retail Vita Harris Draftfcb WW Head of Planning Yolanda Conyers Lenovo VP Global HR Operations & Chief Diversity Officer
  6. 6. THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION LAUNCH & THE TOTAL MARKET CONFERENCE PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2013 8:00 – 9:00 CHECK – IN AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 9:00 – 9:30 WELCOME AND PURPOSE Association Co-founder and Chairman of the Cross-Cultural Marketing and Communications Association (The CCMCA) welcome guests to the Chocolate Factory and share why the Association, the ambition and desired outcomes. JEFFREY L. BOWMAN Co-Founder And Chairman, The Cross-Cultural Marketing And Communications Association 9:30 – 10:00 THE CROSS-CULTURAL ROUNDTABLE ONE YEAR LATER Nearly two years ago Soledad O’Brien was the host of a distinguished panel that featured topics around the total market industry vertical and the cross-cultural discipline. Topics covered included the Latino voter, brand planning, leadership and an emotional rollercoaster as to why no changes in brands given the market dynamics. What they did not realize was the history they were making in telling their story. We’ve invited them back and talk about what’s changed since that conversation in the spring of 2012. PANELIST: JEFF YANG The Futures Company Senior Vice President, Trends And Futures Head Of Multicultural Insights SIDRA SMITH Gatepass Entertainment Producer 10:00 – 10:30 THE MARKETPLACE SHIFT We’ve heard the numbers about spending power and how across business verticals like baby products, health, beauty and retail, the shift in consumer consumption patterns are already beginning to have an impact on how brands and businesses shift their model. Where does Wall Street think in the discussion of shareholder value for the New Marketplace? JAMES DIX Wedbush Securities Senior Analyst
  7. 7. THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION LAUNCH & THE TOTAL MARKET CONFERENCE PROGRAM 10:30 – 11:30 REEVALUATNG THE VALUE OF BRANDS Given the market place shift in the North America, what impact does this have as to how brands measure value? The brand measurement and tracking tools may have to reevaluate how brands are measured. Two years ago, David Burgos and Jeffrey Bowman charted a course to answer this question as to how a brand’s value shift based on how they appeal to the New General Market. This is a first released report on their findings and implications to brand value DAVID BURGOS Millward Brown Vice President Of Cultural Strategy Co-Chairman Of The ARF’s People Forum JEFFREY L. BOWMAN Ogilvy & Mather Senior Partner, Managing Director, The Cross-Cultural Practice 11:30 – 12:30 LUNCH BREAK 12:30 – 1:30 WHAT IS A TOTAL MARKET ENTERPRISE ™ [TME]? Where did this new industry vertical term originate? What are the implications to how the enterprise plans their business and financial investments? Some brands are already pioneering the effort into converting their enterprise to a total market enterprise. They are not there yet but evidence shows case studies and best practices are being established. The transformation is significant given it impacts how brands revaluate the market opportunity, organization design, partnerships, customer experience and engagement, enterprise technology and measurement. Two brand pioneers will share how they are navigating the movement within their enterprise. JAVIER FARFAN PepsiCo Senior Director Of Cultural Branding LIZETTE WILLIAMS Kimberly – Clark Corporation Senior Brand Manager
  8. 8. THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION LAUNCH & THE TOTAL MARKET CONFERENCE PROGRAM 1:30 – 2:30 TME ™: WORKPLACE AND ORGANIZATION DESIGN IMPLICATIONS As we recover from the “Great Recession”, talent demand will only increase and talent will be the competitive advantage in the creative economy. Are brands and organization designed to not only attract but also retain talent in the current design structure? The total market enterprise design for talent and partners determines who gains market share in the $10T market consumption shift. What are some of the best talent, partner and organization design experts seeing in the current enterprise structure? TANYA ODOM The Futurework Institute Director Of Innovation GREG KUCZAJ Towers Watson Senior Consultant 2:30 – 3:30 TME ™: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT Many brands, designers, technologist, developers and agencies are constantly trying to figure out where and how to connect and engage consumers. Is it the way of the app, social media, mobile, digital TV or all of the above? Given the change in the marketplace, how does the design of the experiences change or impact how brands invest? Some brands and service providers are starting to find their way and create impactful and memorable experiences. VICTOR PAREDES Latinworks SVP, Strategic Business Development CARREE SYREK Kinetic Social Chief Strategy Officer
  9. 9. THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION LAUNCH & THE TOTAL MARKET CONFERENCE PROGRAM 3:30 – 4:30 TME ™: ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY AND EFFECTIVENESS Designing the total market enterprise enables your brand to capture your fair share of the new marketplace. Technology is the enabler and allows you to understand your return on investments in a very dynamic way. It requires the C-Suite to work across profit and loss statements and integration in every way. Some brands have implemented technology solutions for productivity purposes, but few have integrated in such a way it impacts the overall customer experience. Our panel will share how they are impacting brands and customers. TOM HANNIGAN Ogilvy And Mather Vice President, Senior Director Of CRM 4:30 – 5:00 CLOSING REMARKS AND DAY TWO ASSIGNMENT By now you get the picture of a Total Market Enterprise model and the implications of what it means to your business. The day would not be complete without a homework assignment in prep for day two. The Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer, of Draftfcb will provide closing remarks and prepare everyone for Day Two of the Total Market Conference VITA HARRIS Draftfcb Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer 5:00 – 7:00 ROOFTOP RECEPTION AND NETWORKING Attendees will gather on the roof for cocktails, talking about the day and networking while taking in a view of the New York skyline
  10. 10. THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION LAUNCH & ESTABLISHING THE TOTAL MARKET ENTERPRISE CERTIFICAITON CRITERIA THE TOTAL MARKET CONFERENCE PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 10th, 2013 9:30 – 10:00 BRUNCH KICK-OFF & NETWORKING Conference attendees meet on the rooftop for a fabulous brunch and adult beverages. Networking and conversations about the homework assignment and prepare to form break- out groups. 10:00 – 10:30 THE TOTAL MARKET ENTERPRISE CRITERIA A member of the CCCMCA board of advisors will share the draft version of the criteria and the approach to certification process for brands and businesses. Attendees will then have the opportunity to review and provide input as to what is the starting point and implications to brands and businesses. JEFFREY L. BOWMAN Co-Founder And Chairman, The Cross-Cultural Marketing And Communications Association 10:30 – 11:30 TME: BREAK – OUT SESSIONS Attendees will break out into groups based on their interest and background. Groups will be divided into one of the following groups: TME™: MARKET VALUATION AND SIZING TME™: TALENT, ORGANIZATION DESIGN AND PARTNERSHIPS TME™: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT TME™: ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY AND EFFECTIVENESS 11:30 – 12:00 REPORT OUT Everyone will get back together and share their feedback, correction and additions to the criteria. Based on the feedback, The will make adjustments and share the final criteria with the industry, brands, businesses and members. 12:00 – 1:30 RECEPTION AND NETWORKING After a long two days of thinking about how to transform the industry and enterprise organizations, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation while again enjoying the views of New York City. Attendees are transformed, education and ready to go back change their enterprise organizations to a total market enterprise. Everyone says their good-byes and prepares to start the education, training and certification of brands and businesses
  11. 11. BIOS
  12. 12. JEFFREY BOWMAN THE CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN Jeffrey Bowman, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Cross-Cultural Marketing and Communications Association. The purpose of the organization is to prepare brands and enterprise organizations for the new Marketplace by offering Total Market Enterprise™ (TME) certification. The mission is to drive innovation within the ‘Total Market’ business vertical using the cross-cultural strategic discipline. His day job is leading the Cross-Cultural Practice at one of the world’s largest communications and advertising agencies, Ogilvy & Mather. In partnership with the Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather North America, and the Chief Diversity Officer of Ogilvy & Mather North America, they’ve created a new communications model that serves as a bridge between the general market and multicultural marketing communications models: a “Total Market” communications model. This model has been celebrated in The New York Times, Advertising Age and The Economist because it tackles Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, General Market versus Multicultural and Supplier/Partner Diversity issues within the advertising industry. Since its launch in 2011, the Cross-Cultural Practice has nabbed global brands Kodak, IKEA, British Airways, British Petroleum (BP), Bobbi Brown, MetLife, Coca-Cola and Unilever. The practice has delivered $2.0M in consulting revenues and $4.5MM in new business revenues to North America since launching. When Jeffrey is not working, he enjoys public speaking and spending time with his wife and two daughters in New York City. Jeffrey holds an MBA in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University and a BS in Marketing from South Carolina State University.
  13. 13. JEFF YANG THE FUTURES COMPANY SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, TRENDS AND FUTURES HEAD OF MULTICULTURAL INSIGHTS Jeff Yang is a senior strategist at the Futures Company whose research covers the changing landscape of media and technology and their impact on society. He is also head of The Futures Company’s multicultural insights division. Prior to joining The Futures Company, Yang was vice president and principal global strategist at Iconoculture, where he directed the company’s activities in Greater China, Japan and Korea and led the international Media, Entertainment and Technology Insights team. His focus at Iconoculture spanned such topics as the use of mobile and social networks among younger generations, the social impact of technology, the shifting nature of identity both on and offline, and the impact of changing demographics and fluid global borders on consumer tastes, habits and expectations. Yang is a sought-after media commentator for print and broadcast: His writes the weekly column Tao Jones for the Wall Street Journal Online, and can be heard regularly on WNYC and across the nation as a commentator on the public radio programs The Takeaway, NPR’s Tell Me More and WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. Yang has authored and edited a number of bestselling books, including Eastern Standard Time; I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action (the international action hero’s official autobiography); Once Upon a Time in China, a comprehensive history of the cinema of Greater China; and the graphic novel Secret Identities, the second volume of which, Shattered, was published by The New Press in November 2012. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  14. 14. SIDRA SMITH GATEPASS ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER Producer Sidra Smith is a force to be reckoned with. With more than 15 years of international and domestic experience in various aspects of film, documentary, television, stage, corporate production and advertising, she has become the go-to person for those companies and organizations in search of efficient, creative, and cost effective production services. Most recently, Sidra served as producer of the documentary “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners” an examination of the life and times of civil rights activist Angela Davis (Executive Produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay-Z). “Free Angela” debuted at the Toronto Film Festival to critical-acclaim and had a successful theatrical release through Lionsgate and AMC Theaters. Free Angela is now available on video and will premiere on BET in 2014. Sidra has produced such diverse shows and events for organizations like The American Heart Association, Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Jazz at Lincoln Center, to name a few. She worked as a producer on the reality TV shows Road To Stardom with Missy Elliott and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In West Africa, Sidra produced the Pan Afrikan talk show Time With David and a series of documentaries on multinationals doing business in Africa. She also serves as Talent Booker and Coordinator for many corporations and organizations in search of Celebrity talent to leverage their brands and events. In the area of corporate advertising, she has created special events and produced print campaigns and commercials for a variety of U.S. and international clients that include American Express, Delta Airlines, IBM and Gateway. Sidra has also worked as producer, talent coordinator, writer and/or director with such companies as ABC, CBS, Universal Studios, Fox, UPN, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Ogilvy & Mather.
  15. 15. JAMES DIX WEDBUSH SECURITIES SENIOR ANALYST James Dix is a senior research analyst at Wedbush Securities providing coverage for the media sector. Prior to joining Wedbush Securities, Dix spent nine years at Deutsche Bank, where he was a senior research analyst covering stocks in the radio and TV broadcasting and out-of-home advertising sectors, after having been an associate covering the media sector. He holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from the University of Virginia. Dix is a C.F.A. charter holder.
  16. 16. DAVID BURGOS MILLWARD BROWN VICE PRESIDENT OF CULTURAL STRATEGY CO-CHAIRMAN OF THE ARF’S PEOPLE FORUM David Burgos is the head of the Cultural Strategy Group at Millward Brown, one of the world’s leading market research agencies. His team focuses on helping clients drive growth by understanding the role of values and culture in consumer attitudes and behaviors. An industry expert in market segmentation, new product development, and brand and communications research, David speaks frequently about the changing face of diverse markets at conferences and industry events. He is Co-Chair of the Advertising Research Foundation’s People Forum and a past recipient of the ARF’s Great Mind Award for his contribution to the marketing research industry and innovative thinking. A former Navy Officer, David holds an MBA from Esan University in Peru and is author of the book Marketing to the New Majority: Strategies for a Diverse World (Palgrave Macmillan, August 2011), publication honored by WPP with the 2011 Atticus Award in the Consumer Insights category. He currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with his wife Adriana and two children, Lorenzo and Renata.
  17. 17. JAVIER FARFAN PEPSICO SENIOR DIRECTOR OF CULTURAL BRANDING Javier Farfan, Senior Director of Cultural Branding at PepsiCo, joined PBA in June 2010 to oversee PBA’s efforts to build brands and drive volume with key cultural groups (including Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American consumers and influencers). Javier is responsible for leading the strategy, program development, and communications for these groups, working closely with brand teams across Pepsi. Before joining PepsiCo, Farfan served as Product Marketing Group Manager at Microsoft and was responsible for marketing and communications efforts specifically within the U.S. Hispanic market. Farfan also served as the Director of Marketing for MTV Networks where he helped launch a Hispanic cable network, MTV Tr3s. At MTV Tr3s, he spearheaded consumer marketing and strategic partnership initiatives to drive brand awareness, programming launches and key Hispanic marketing efforts. Prior to joining MTV Networks, Farfan spent his career in the finance and consulting industry at JP Morgan Chase and Accenture Consulting, respectively. Farfan, a New York City native, holds a Master of Arts from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from New York University, Stern School of Business. He also has a Bachelor’s of Science from Binghamton University.  
  18. 18. LIZETTE WILLIAMS KIMBERLY – CLARK CORPORATION SENIOR BRAND MANAGER Lizette Williams is currently a Senior Brand Manager at Kimberly-Clark Corporation leading the multicultural brand strategy for the $2 billion Huggies business. Lizette is the first and only multicultural marketer at Kimberly-Clark and is establishing the vision and foundation for a marketing strategy that will impact the entire enterprise. In addition to running multicultural strategy for Huggies, Lizette also leads a 20-person, cross-functional Multicultural Task Force that is charged with growing the North American businesses with ethnic consumer segments. Prior to her role at Kimberly-Clark, Lizette spent five years at PepsiCo in a variety of classical marketing roles ranging from leading innovation for the billion dollar Quaker Oatmeal and Snack Bars businesses to running base business strategy for Quaker Chewy Granola Bars and leading channels customer strategy with Sam’s, Walmart, Costco, BJ’s and Target relationship responsibilities. Lizette has become a leading industry expert in the field of multicultural marketing and has been quoted in leading industry publications, served as a guest lecturer for National Hispanic University, and has been a featured speaker at many conferences. Lizette received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where her studies focused on Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Strategy & Organizations. She received her BA in Economics/ Political Science through a joint program with Columbia University in New York City and the London School of Economics. Lizette is a born and raised New Yorker (and proud “Nuyorican”/ “Afro-Latina”) and is currently based in Chicago with her husband and two children. In her free time, Lizette enjoys coaching and mentoring others, international travel and spending time with her family.
  19. 19. TANYA ODOM THE FUTUREWORK INSTITUTE DIRECTOR OF INNOVATION Tanya Odom works as an Executive Coach and Director of Innovation for the The FutureWork Institute. Ms. Odom works with corporations in the United States and Europe in their efforts to address diversity issues and create sustainable change in organizations. She has worked with such clients as GSK, JPMorgan Chase, Starbucks, the New York Stock Exchange, American Express, Capital One, CocaCola, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, and Lockheed Martin. Her areas of specialty include Race/Racism, Gender Dynamics, Disabilities, Coaching, Coaching Women of Color, Diversity and Coaching, Generational Diversity, and Global Diversity. Tanya has worked to assist many companies in their work to understand the importance of being the “employer of choice” for all groups. One unique area of focus has been in the area of diversity and the future of the workplace, workforce and marketplace. Tanya was named by Diversity Best Practices as “One of the Five Diversity Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter.” Tanya has been trained as a coach by the Center for Creative Leadership and she is certified in the Hay Group’s Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. She has also been trained in the Difficult Conversations methodology at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Tanya’s unique portfolio career has allowed her to work in the education, private sector/corporate, not-for-profit/NGO, law enforcement, and university/college arenas. Her work and facilitation skills and has enabled her to be a part of unique projects including working with Catholic and Protestant groups in Northern Ireland, and Israeli and Palestinian groups in the Middle East. The focus of these projects was intentional dialogue, and individual and group awareness and understanding. She is the co-author of Evaluation in the Field of Education for Democracy, Human Rights and Tolerance. Tanya writes the Diversity column for Diversity Woman magazine. She also is a frequent contributor to Insight into Diversity and Workshifting. She recently started blogging for the Huffington Post.
  20. 20. GREG KUCZAJ TOWERS WATSON SENIOR CONSULTANT Greg Kuczaj is a senior consultant in Towers Watson’s Global Financial Services (GFS) practice. Greg joined Towers Watson in 2003 and specializes in talent management, total rewards and compensation. As a member of GFS, Greg’s focus is on the financial services industry and specifically expanding the Towers Watson talent and rewards product offering into the Asset & Wealth Management sectors. However, over the course of his career he has advised public, private and not-for-profit organizations within various industries, helping them optimize their investment in human capital. Recent client engagements have included: -- Developing Total Rewards Strategies based on various insights, including leadership and workforce perspectives, and aligned with the business strategy and employee value proposition -- Designing and implementing performance management and career development programs aligned with best practices and organization culture -- Tightening the alignment between pay and performance and increasing differentiation for high-performers via rewards and non-rewards programs -- Developing organizational structures aligned with business strategy, structural drivers and organizational capabilities Before joining Towers Watson in June 2003, Greg attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he earned his master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, as well as his bachelor’s degree in Human and Organizational Development, with a concentration in business administration.
  21. 21. VICTOR PAREDES LATINWORKS SVP, STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Multicultural Marketing and Cultural Branding have been a core focus of Victor’s 15+ year career. In the multicultural marketing world Victor has been an integral part of managing iconic brands such as Bud Light, McDonald’s, Heineken, Johnnie Walker and MasterCard. With a healthy mix of CPG and retail experience, Victor brings a strong balance of brand building expertise and traffic driving efficiency. Through out his career, Victor has helped build and sustain momentum for clients such as Wendy’s, Old Navy, Sprint and the NFL. Victor has also led the development of great retail and lifestyle practices for brands such as Lowe’s, Kraft, Kimberly-Clarke and Marshall’s. In recent years, he has been turning his attention to helping clients maximize diversity insights towards accelerating total business growth. Today Latinworks is at the cutting edge of bringing diversity sensitivity to mainstream marketing and serves as lead AOR for brands like Aio Wireless, Stripes and the Texas Lottery. A big Latin music enthusiast; Victor began his career RMM Records and Video Corp. where he spend 3 years helping lead marketing efforts for iconic Latin stars such as Marc Anthony and Latin legends like Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. His efforts at RMM contributed to multiple RIAA gold sales certifications. The world of entertainment and channel management today inspire Victor’s drive towards inspiring best in class engagement mapping practices. In short, Victor aims to deliver inspiring strategic leadership and flawless activation and integration across all marketing communications disciplines.
  22. 22. CARREE SYREK KINETIC SOCIAL CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER Ms. Syrek joined Kinetic Social at the end of 2011 to lead the social media marketing solutions effort for the company’s brand marketer and agency clientele. Her focus is on brand management, social strategy and social media-related product development. Prior to joining Kinetic, Ms. Syrek most recently worked at WPP’s GroupM agency Mindshare Worldwide, where she held the title of Partner, Social Media Strategy North America. At Mindshare, Ms. Syrek oversaw social strategy for Mindshare clients with a specific focus on Unilever, SAP, CVS, Bare Escentuals, AMEX and Jaguar/Land Rover.
  23. 23. TOM HANNIGAN OGILVY AND MATHER VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR DIRECTOR OF CRM Tom Hannigan Jr. is a veteran marketing consultant with 15 years of experience in data driven marketing program strategy, digital strategy and performance measurement. service interactive offering. His industry experience ranges from Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, to Business-toBusiness, Retailing and Media. Tom began his career in the Boston area building one of the early marketing data warehouses in the U.S. for the Norton Company. His career evolved into systems integration and marketing automation with consulting roles at Cambridge Technology Partners and Exchange Applications, one of the originators of marketing automation technology. Tom has developed digital and CRM strategies, business models, and performance analyses for Clients such as GSK (Cervarix), UPS, Nokia, Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, VISA, and Staples among others. Tom spent the last eleven years living and working in Asia prior to returning to the U.S. in 2010. During that time he earned a reputation for delivering business-driven CRM and digital marketing strategies at OgilvyOne in Singapore. Prior to rejoining OgilvyOne in 2010, Tom was the Digital Director for TBWA Group in Singapore where he developed the digital department to a 25-person full Tom holds a BA (Psychology) from Boston University and an MBA (International Finance) from the Babson Graduate School of Business.
  24. 24. VITA HARRIS DRAFTFCB GLOBAL CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER Vita Harris, formerly chief strategy officer of Draftfcb New York, was promoted to global chief strategy officer at the worldwide marketing communications agency network in September 2011. Harris is charged with aligning and building research and strategy offerings in the network’s top markets worldwide and igniting a global strategy community to make a meaningful difference in the work. Prior to the merger of Draft and FCB in June 2006, Harris served as executive vice president and director of Insight Services at Draft New York. There she led the group responsible for bringing together the strategic planning and research disciplines with database marketing. She also pioneered a groundbreaking approach called Behavior Path MarketingSM to mine consumer insights to create fresh, relevant, and strategic marketing communications programs. Harris was named a 2010 AAF ADCOLOR “Legend” in recognition of her many contributions to the ad industry over the course of 25+ years in the business, while selflessly devoting much of her time to mentoring industry up-and-comers. She has also been named one of The Network Journal’s “25 Most Influential Black Women in Business,” and recognized by Black Enterprise as one of the “Top Executives in Marketing and Advertising” and “Top Women Executives in Advertising and Marketing.” Before joining Draft in 1996, Harris was senior vice president, group director of strategic planning and research at N.W. Ayer & Partners. Before that she served as vice president, associate director of strategic planning and research at Ted Bates. Her career began at Saatchi and Saatchi Compton. Among the many clients Vita has worked with are 2010 U.S. Census, UnitedHealth Group/AARP, American Express, Bank of America, AT&T, Gillette/ Right Guard, Citibank, Miller Brewing Company, the U.S. Navy, British Airways, and Avis. In her community activities, Harris focuses largely on mentoring youth and young adults, particularly young women who are pursuing careers in advertising and marketing. She is also a visiting teacher at Howard University and is serving on the board of the Advertising Educational