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  • 1. SEQUENCE #1Shot Description: What is Google+?: Introducing Ben who does not know thedefinition to Google+.Transition In: Fade InVideo Image: Ben, arrow, Earth, speech bubbles with Google+ inside them, Hawaiibackground, question mark and the our group name; ‘Error 404 Page Not Found’presents….. What is Google+?Audio Recorded: Narration/DialogueAdded audio: Sound effects;Transition Out: Fade OutEstimated Time of Take: 20secondsNarration/Script: This here is Ben. He came from Planet X and travelled to PlanetEarth for a vacation. During his stay on Planet Earth, Ben has been hearing aboutthis thing called Google+.[speech bubbles with ‘Google+’ appear  question mark above Ben’s head]He then became curious about what tasty thing Google+ could be.[thinking about apple]No Ben! Google+ is not food.[cut scene to ‘Error 404 Page Not Found presents… What is Google+?]
  • 2. Sequence: #2Shot Description: Explaining and summarising what Google+ is.Transition In: NoneVideo Image: A screen shot of Google+Audio Recorded: Narration/DialogueAdded Audio: Chat icon sound effectTransition Out: NoneEstimated Time of Take:40secondsNarration/Script: WHAT IS GOOGLE+?Google+ is a social networking platform which connects us to plenty of things such asinformation and people. As soon as you log in you find yourself in the Google+ HomePage. [Home icon pops up]This is where you’d see updates from your circles.On the right hand side is ‘Chat’, where you can connect with your family and friends.[Chat icon pops up]You have your own Profile, Explore what’s hot, share news with your Circles usingposts, upload Photos, add friends to your Hangouts, discover using Local, beentertained by Games, and connect to Google+ through your mobile.[corresponding icons pop up to form a circle/oval]
  • 3. Sequence: #3Shot Description: Describing Home page on Google+Transition In: NoneVideo Image: Home page of Google+ (including details such as posts and pictures), share box, notifacation(1), publishing a postand editing it.Audio Recorded: NarationAdded Audio: Notifacation Sound effect, clicking sound effectTransition Out: NoneEstimated Time of Take: 40secondsNarration/Script: HOMEAs you can see, the Home Page stream is a place where you can post your updates, share photos, videos or links.[show home page]Beneath the share box is where you have the option for choosing who you share content with, such as yourfriends, family, acquaintances, circles or even the public for everybody to see.[show the menu][show a notification come up]Oh look Ben, you got notification.[Ben says “huh?”]Well, notifications will appear when someone shares something with you on Google+.A good thing about Google+ is that if you publish a post and you realise you don’t want it any more you can access thedrop down menu to edit it, instead of completely deleting it. [show editing the status]Dont want people to leave comments or re-share it with others? You can turn that off there too.
  • 4. Sequence: #4Shot Description: Describing Profile page.Transition In: noneVideo Image: layout of profile, +1, status post, profile picture and cover photo, editing profileAudio Recorded: NarationAdded Audio: Clicking Sound effect,Transition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 30secondsNarration/Script: PROFILEYour profile is a personal page where your friends can find out the latest news about you, as well as your details.[still shot of layout of profile]This is achieved through your stream of statuses, photos, videos, and +1’s which are grouped into individual tabs for betteraccessibility.[scrolling down the profile and +1 something]All that you post on the Home tab is displayed in your profile too. It is like a collection of all your activity.[post a status on the home page  status shows up on profile]You also have the option to add a profile picture and a cover photo to your profile so that it makes it easier for your friendsto recognise you and to personalise and make your page different from all of the other users on Google+.[pictures forming for profile picture and cover photo]The ability to manage the privacy of your posts and information such as your bio, work and education, contact details andother links, is done effortlessly by selecting the part of your profile you want to edit and choosing which of your circles areable to view it.[click on ‘About’, Click ‘Edit Profile’, click on item of information then change the privacy circle option, Click ‘Save’]You may show or hide tabs for additional security of your profile.
  • 5. Sequence: #5Shot Description: Describing hangoutsTransition In: noneVideo Image: hangout layout, chat, speech bubbles saying yes, pictures of HAHA, newspaper, party popper, 9 people in video chatmode, invite button, dropdown menu, Apps button, Youtube, games, pirate hat, moustacheAudio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio: Clicking sound effectsTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 55secondsNarration/Script: HANGOUTSHangouts are a great way to catch up with friends who are online.[show Hangout layout]Ben, don’t you ever feel like you don’t spend enough time with someone face-to-face?[Ben says yes]Well with Hangouts it’s possible. You can be together, even when you’re not together. Jokes get funnier, big news getsbigger, and surprises get more surprising when you’re catching up in person rather than over the phone or whatevercommunication you use.[pictures of the words; jokes – hahaha, news - newspaper, surprise – party popper]You can video chat with up to 9 people![pictures of 9 people pop up in a video format]That’s a lot in comparison to other social networking sites where you can only communicate with one person.By clicking the “Invite” button you can add more friends to your hangout by selecting their profile picture or entering theirnames.[picture of ‘Invite’ button  name and profile pictures appear beside/under it]You can also invite groups by selecting your Google+ circles from the dropdown menu.Hangout enables you to make conversations more fun, and to think that was it!Theres always more to do when youre in a hangout. By Clicking the "Apps" button you can watch YouTube videos withyour friends, play games or share your screen[icons of Youtube, games and printscreen appear]and use various effects like becoming a pirate or grow a moustache.[Ben becomes a pirate  Ben with a moustache]
  • 6. Sequence: #6Shot Description: describing the feature photos and videosTransition In: noneVideo Image: Photos, videos,, album, share box, sidebar, share button, tag and edits on thephoto, status post, groups/circles, drop down menu, cropping image.Audio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio: Clicking sound effectsTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 55secondsNarration/Script: PHOTOS/VIDEOSAnother feature of Google+ is its Photos and Videos.[clicks on Photos button  clicks an album scroll through photos]Google+ allows you to upload an unlimited amount of high resolution photos and videos at nocharge! You can upload photos and videos through the Home page share box, the Photos orVideos tab on your profile or the Photos icon on the sidebar. When uploading, you areprompted to create an album or add to an existing album, to select which photos or videosfrom your computer you want to upload, and then the last step is to click ‘Share’.[types to create a new album titled ‘Holiday’  choose photos  clicks ‘Share’]You’re photos have now been added to your Google+ profile! But that’s not all that is left foryou to do. You may also share, tag, and edit your photos!Sharing photos and videos is the same as sharing statuses. You can choose which groups orcircles of people you give access to, to view your album.[drop down menu showing the circles]Tagging your photos is a way for viewers to know who is in that photo and also informs theperson you have tagged, that a photo of them has been posted.[circle appears around a face with name under it]Editing your photos is another bonus of Google+ and this can be accomplished by simplyopening the photo and using the top left-hand corner buttons to edit it however you want.With Creative Kit, you are able to add effects, decorate and add text to your photos.[cropping image]
  • 7. Sequence: #7Shot Description: Describing circlesTransition In: noneVideo Image: layout of circles, photos, videos, links, Ben, Bens boss circle (work), Work circle, red cross, Naomi Peris, AbigailSarmento and Thao Tran profiles. I love Ice-cream and Alien Family circles.Audio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio: Clicking sound effectsTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 35secondsNarration/Script:CIRCLESCircles are an easy way to share photos, videos, links or anything else with the right people.[layout of Circles]Say for instance Ben, you want to upload pictures with your circles so your friends can see it. But inconveniently you arefriends with your boss on Google+ and those photos are incriminating. The solution to the problem would be to notchoose to share them with the circle that your boss is included in. That way your boss can’t see the pictures, but yourfriends can.[‘Work’ circle  red X pops up on top]Creating a new circle is easy!Just hover over the circle that says Drop here to create a circle’ and click on it.Enter a name for your new circle and follow the on-screen instructions to add people to your circle.[show the process of creating a circle]Your new circle will appear on your profile and you can continue to add people by dragging and dropping them intoparticular circles.You can put the same person into as many circles as you like. For example, Ben might belong in both ‘I love Ice-cream’and ‘Alien Family’.[venn diagram of the two circles with Ben in the middle]
  • 8. Sequence: #8Shot Description: Describing local pageTransition In: noneVideo Image: restaurant, house, cafe, photos, thumbs up and down, hamburger and drinks, chicken, pizza, waiter, mapAudio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio:Transition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 43secondsNarration/Script:LOCALWith local you can now keep in touch with the outside world even when you’re inside.[shows a restaurant  then a house]Discover great places such as cafes, hotels, pubs, and entertainment venues through reviews and photos from people inyour Circles. Just add your friends, family and experts you trust to get great local recommendations in Search, Maps andGoogle+.[café appears, speech bubbles with comments]Make smart decisions with Zagats summaries of user reviews and its expressive scoring system that helps you make adecision based on Food, Service, Decor and Price.At a restaurant you may love the food but hate the service[thumbs up with hamburger and drinks  thumbs down with picture of waiter]or love the chicken but hate the pizza.[thumbs up with chicken  thumbs down with pizza]Exploring the location is now more advanced when using Google+ as you can see the Directions, street views and evenindoor photos.[picture of map]
  • 9. Sequence: #9Shot Description: Describing Game pageTransition In: noneVideo Image: games icon, directory page, mouse cursor, angry birds (game), icon ofcommas, gift and envelopeAudio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio: Clicking sound effectTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 20 secondsNarration/Script: GAMESAnd of course, no social networking site is complete without games! The games arefound by clicking on the Games icon on the sidebar.[shows games icons and click on it]The new and popular games can be seen scrolling at the top of the page. If you would liketo see all games Google+ has to offer, just venture into the Directory page, choose yourgame, click play and have fun.[shows layout of the games page with games changing at the top  cursor clicks ondirectory  chooses Angry Birds]You will need to review the permissions before playing each game.Games are made more social on Google+ by giving you the opportunity to share gameupdates, gifts and messages with your circles.[icon of commas, gift and envelope appear with title underneath them]
  • 10. Sequence: #10Shot Description: describing pages pageTransition In: noneVideo Image: pages layout, +1 comments, photos, hangoutsAudio Recorded: narrationAdded Audio: noneTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 20secondsNarration/Script: PAGESGoogle+ Pages provides businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a publicface and presence on Google+.[show the Pages page]Google+ pages interact in the Google+ world similar to the way that regular Google+profiles do. They can add people to circles, edit their profile, share things onGoogle+, +1 comments and photos, and create and join Hangouts. They are notcompletely identical though.
  • 11. Sequence: #11Shot Description: describing mobileTransition In: noneVideo Image: iphone, google+ icon, photos, hangout, text conversationAudio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio: Moblie clicking sound effectsTransition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 30secondsNarration/Script: MOBILEYou can not only access Google+ with your computer but your mobile as well by downloadingthe application, how convenient is that.[mobile with Google+ icon]Google+ Mobile is the easiest way to keep up with the latest when you’re on the go. View postsfrom specific circles, check out "What’s hot," or look “Nearby” to see what’s happening rightaround you.With Instant Upload, photos and videos from your phone are automatically uploaded to yourown private album on Google+, so you never lose a memory.You can make group plans quickly with Messenger. Chat with multiple people at once, sharephotos, or even start a hangout to turn a text conversation into a face-to-face video chat.[text conversation]
  • 12. Sequence: #12Shot Description: sumarising everything that was just said throughout the narration.Transition In: noneVideo Image: google+, titles of applicationsAudio Recorded: NarrationAdded Audio:Transition Out: noneEstimated Time of Take: 20secondsNarration/Script: CONCLUSIONGoogle+ does not just stop at that! They are a lot more applications that make use of Google+such as Search, Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Documents, Calender, Blogger, Google Earth, News, RSSReader and Chrome.[titles of the applications mentioned above appear one by one]Hop onto Google+ yourself and experience the website first hand today!
  • 13. Sequence: #13Shot Description: Credits/ bibiographyTransition In: fade inVideo Image: bibliographyAudio Recorded: noneAdded Audio: music trackTransition Out: fade outEstimated Time of Take: 12 secondsNarration/Script