Area & production, productivity,export potential,and national scenario of fruit crops

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  • 1. -J.Delince
  • 2. *Area –The total area of cultivation in hectares *Production-The yield gained in tons *Productivity-The yield per unit area in Tons /hectares. *The area and production is the data is used to assess the productivity of the country. The productivity refers to the efficiency of the crop growth in our country *Export potential- this refers to the potential of a crop for exporting for a particular country So we are going to see the Area ,Production, productivity, Export potential, National scenario of fruit crops of the year 2010- 2011
  • 3. *Area-2297000ha *Production-15188000MT *Productivity-6.6 *Though we got moderate productivity we got high production in mango *Uttar Pradesh stands first in production 3623200MT which is followed by Andhra Pradesh *Tamilnadu ranks sixth with production of 823700MT only *Total export is 55220.8MT and mostly exported to UAE(63%)
  • 4. *Area-160000ha *Production-1424000MT *Productivity-8.9 *This is the highest yield we got in Sapota with higher productivity *Karnataka tops in rank with production of 377000MT while Maharashtra follows second but Tamilnadu ranks fourth with highest productivity of 27.0 *The total export is 2039.3MT where 52% of fruits are exported to UAE
  • 5. *Area-830000ha *Production-29780000MT *Productivity-35.9 *Banana got maximum production in this year while the productivity is somewhat reduced(maximum is 37 in 2008-2009) *Major contribution given by Tamilnadu with productivity 65.8 and then Gujarat stands second in productivity *Total export quantity is 56304.6MT ,mostly to United Arab Emirates 26.7% so having great potential *India ranks first in total world banana production
  • 6. *Area – 846000ha *Production-7464000MT *Productivity-8.8 *The name citrus includes lime ,mosambi , Mandarin orange *The area , production, productivity are all reduced .The maximum productivity at 2002-2003 was 10.1 *Andhra Pradesh stands first in area as well as production with the productivity of 14.1,Maharastra stands second followed by Punjab *Citrus has very high export potential at Bangladesh of about 94.39%.The total export is 13961.9MT
  • 7. *Area-111000ha *Production-1235000MT *Productivity-11.1 *Though the area of cultivation has increased the production and productivity is very reduced. The peak value in productivity is 25.9 *Maharashtra contributes 774000MT of grapes with productivity of 9.0.And Karnataka stands second and Tamilnadu stands third but with higher productivity of 19.3 *Total export is 93609.3MT .Having high export potential in Netherlands of about 31% *India is in ninth position in total grape production
  • 8. *Area-205000ha *Production-2462000MT *Productivity-12.0 *This is the highest productivity with higher production and under less area *The major contributors are Maharashtra (12.6%) and followed by Madhya Pradesh(11.4%) *Guava has moderate export potential mostly exported to UAE(35%).the total export is 289.3MT *India is the major producer of mango and guava
  • 9. *Area-106000ha *Production-4196000MT *Productivity-39.6 *The productivity of papaya has a moderate value but lower than the previous year(40.9) but has highest production *Andhra Pradesh stands first with the production of 1138000MT and Gujarat stands second *And Tamilnadu had got highest productivity with 164.1 *Total export is 15235.6MT of these 37% of the fruits exported to UAE *India ranks first in the production of papaya
  • 10. *Area-107300ha *Production-743100MT *Productivity-6.9 *Maharashtra stands first with the production of 492000MT and it is followed by Karnataka and Gujarat *Tamilnadu stands fifth but with the highest productivity 27.6
  • 11. *Area-89000ha *Production-1415000MT *Productivity-15.9 *There is Higher production and the productivity *West Bengal stands first with the production of 303700MT and Assam stands second *But Karnataka has highest productivity of 62.0 *Total export is 1812.6MT of which 35% exported to UAE *India ranks sixth in pineapple producing countries
  • 12. *Area -78000ha *Production-497000MT *Productivity -6.4 *Though the area of cultivation is increased we got moderate production and average productivity *Bihar contributes first in production of about 227000MT and West Bengal stands second of about 85100MT *The export quantity is 1186.1MT and 82.42% was exported to Bangladesh
  • 13. *The area of cultivation is 289100ha *The production is 2891000MT *The productivity is 10.0 *Due to improved technology in crop cultivation the productivity has raised up to 10.0 which is the highest in the apple yield *Jammu & Kashmir stands first with the production of 1852400 that is more than half yield also has the productivity of 13.1 *We are exporting apples mostly to Bangladesh .total export is 47075.6MT.So it has great export potential with Bangladesh *India is in fifth position in Total world apple production