Heading Off Headaches


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Massage has a clear long-term effect on chronic tension headache lasting up to six months.

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Heading Off Headaches

  1. 1. firsthandnews headaches Tara Goulding Massage Therapy here 0404 096 730 Company name and phone number goes - Ph: heading off headaches Except for head colds, headaches are the most your muscles for ages without causing pain until common human ailment. In fact, something “triggers” them to headaches beat out backaches as the become active. Common triggers number-one cause of time lost from include fatigue, stress, poor posture, work. Approximately three out of repetitive movements at work and every four people will have at least cold drafts. one headache within the year. Massage therapy is a proven way of Some headaches, like migraines, are treating trigger points for long-term caused by a disturbance of brain headache relief. In one study, “Massage has a chemicals called neurotransmitters. researchers found that chronic However, according to Dr Janet headache sufferers had dramatic clear long-term Travell and Dr David Simons, relief after ten massages that focused effect on specialists in musculoskeletal pain, on treatment of trigger points. “It is now becoming clear that chronic tension Although you may get some relief tension headache is usually due to with general relaxation massage, headache trigger points.” long-term relief depends on correctly lasting up to six Trigger points are small knots that identifying and treating specific develop in muscles. These knots or trigger points which are responsible months.” mini-spasms make pain travel to Trigger points (small for your pain. Single muscle trigger muscle knots) in the Dr Puustijarni, different areas of the body, often shoulder muscles (X’s) points can often be eliminated nowhere near the knot itself. For quickly and easily, sometimes within Researcher example, trigger points at the top of cause pain to radiate one or two treatments. into the areas shown your neck can send pain directly in the illustration: the In more complicated cases however, into your eye. base of the skull, the temple, and sometimes it may take significant time and your The name trigger point comes from the jaw. active participation to get lasting the fact that these knots can sit in results. when should you see a doctor? In a small number of cases, severe headaches may • a headache with fever and neck stiffness be a warning sign of a more serious disorder such • a headache accompanied by confusion or as very high blood pressure, stroke, bleeding in the difficulty speaking—especially following a brain or even a tumour. The following signs should blow to the head, even one that occurred send you to a doctor immediately: several weeks earlier • you suddenly start having severe headaches, • a headache accompanied by inflamed, clogged especially if they are your first ones and you sinuses – it may be the result of infection and are over 35 years of age build-up of pus in the sinus passages • you have a severe headache during or • any increase in the intensity or frequency of immediately after physical exertion or headaches straining
  2. 2. your headache treatment guide Many people use painkillers to get worse after applying the pack, it is Slouching is particularly rid of their headaches. Don’t take possible that the cold pack may be problematic as it prevents you from painkillers for extended periods aggravating a trigger point. breathing normally and shortens the without consulting with your doctor. muscles in the back of your neck. Heat. Some people find that heat is Because some medications, even better than cold at relieving Get to the cause. A headache may over the counter drugs, have headaches. Most gel packs can also be your body’s way of telling you unpleasant and sometimes be heated. They are generally safer that there is some underlying dangerous side effects it’s always and more effective than heating pads stressful problem in your life: a best to rely on non-drug treatments because they mold nicely to the troubled relationship, an unfulfilling when possible. Here are a few shape of our neck and are less likely job, or an upcoming exam. Your suggestions: to cause burns. A hot bath or hot headaches may go away only after Relaxation training. Relaxation has shower may even be better. these stressful situations are been shown to be extremely Headaches caused by trigger points resolved. effective in the management of generally respond well to heat, Massage. This is one of our headaches. For example, one study whereas migraine headaches may be favourites simply because we know published in the journal Headache aggravated. it works so well. Many people think in 1989 found that migraine Exercise. Regular exercise helps that massage provides only short- sufferers who were taught relaxation relieve stress and tension and thus term relief. However, research exercises had 30% to 40% fewer can be an excellent way to prevent shows that not only is massage attacks over the course of three headaches. Neck, back, and shoulder effective at eliminating headaches, years. The subjects were also better stretches also help relieve tension but the relief can last for months. able to cope with the attacks when and are essential for trigger point Part of the effectiveness lies in the they occurred and required less headaches. Ask your massage elimination of trigger points. As medication. therapist for stretches that are well, regular massage can actually Cold. Reusable gel packs are an appropriate for you. retrain your nervous system to inexpensive and simple solution that decrease the tension in your muscles Improved posture. Sitting can be used in place of or as an on a more permanent basis. improperly, at a computer terminal adjunct to medication. Keep the gel for instance can create tension in the pack in the freezer. At the first signs muscles and trigger a headache. of a headache put it in a tea towel and wrap it around your neck. About 70% of headache sufferers will experience some relief with the use To reduce tension and eliminate trigger points in your of gel packs. If your headache gets shoulders and neck try this stretch: Put one hand over your head and gently bring your ear to your shoulder until you feel a comfortable stretching “Migraine sufferers sensation in the side of your neck. Avoid poking your who were taught chin forward or rotating your head. Keep your other shoulder down by reaching to the floor with your fingers relaxation had 30% or grabbing the seat of your chair. Hold this position for to 40% fewer 15 seconds and then repeat to the other side. attacks” TARA GOULDING MASSAGE THERAPY Professional and friendly massage in your own home or office, in Parramatta and the Western Suburbs Ph: 0404 096 730 | Email: mail@tgmt.com.au | Website: www.tgmt.com.au If you have specific health concerns consult your medical doctor. The information in this newsletter is educational only and is not intended to replace the advice of your personal health care providers.