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David Boyle - Localism in the Thames Gateway

David Boyle - Localism in the Thames Gateway






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    David Boyle - Localism in the Thames Gateway David Boyle - Localism in the Thames Gateway Presentation Transcript

    • Understanding localism and
      the supplicant state
      Broadening the debate
      David Boyle, new economics foundation
      9 December 2010
    • Why only two cheers for Localism Bill?
      • Whitehall is still centralist. Our political language is centralist.
      • Local decisions are not enough.
    • Localism?
      “Department for Transport is reviewing the policy on traffic signs and will issue new advice on how to cut down on the clutter later this year.” BBC 26 August 2010
    • Missing aspects of localism
      • How to give back power and initiative to public service staff.
      • How to make public services more human scale.
      • How to hand more responsibility to service users for delivering broader services, to make real change possible.
      • How to localise economic power as well as political power.
    • Supplicants to Tesco
      “Developers are like urban Domestos. They destroy 99% of all known distinctiveness.” Hugh Pearman, Sunday Times
    • No localism without…
      • Tackling the semi-monopolies.
      • Local business decisions.
      • Local credit.
    • Number of banks per million people
      170 (UK)
      520 (Germany)
      960 (France)
    • Outcomes chart
    • Proposition 1
      It isn’t how much money you have going into an area that counts, it’s how you use it.
    • Flow
    • Money flows in
    • Money flows out again
      Knowlsey study (2001): only 8% stays put
      Cornwall study (2001):
      £1 in supermarket = £1.40
      £1 in veggie box = £2.50
    • Prince Charles circulating money
    • Dependence and independence
    • The circulation of blood
    • Proposition 2
      Not all economic resources are monetary.
    • BizFizz
    • BizFizz network map
    • Marsh Farm
    • Keeping the money flowing
    • Plugging the leaks
    • Proposition 3
      Innovative local institutions matter.
    • Evergreen co-operatives
    • Cleveland
    • Mondragon
    • Evergreen again
    • Evergreen principles
      • The new co-operatives that employ local people.
      • Redirecting the spending power of the local hospital to launch them and underpin them.
    • Avoiding supplicant status
      “Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” George Bernard Shaw
    • … local pride
    • Find out more…
      New Economics Foundation www.neweconomics.org
      Plugging the leaks www.pluggingtheleaks.org.uk
      Local money flows www.lm3.org.uk
      Evergreen www.evergreencoop.com
      Louisville business alliancewww.keeplouisvilleweird.com