Online Advertising Theatre; A new Generation in Customer Journey Analysis
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Online Advertising Theatre; A new Generation in Customer Journey Analysis






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  • Strongly recommend getting rid of this slide and sticking with the timeline slide (slide 3)
  • What is the key message on this slide in the context in the three bullet point
  • Good afternoon and welcome to the To Attribution and Beyond conference event.It is great to be asked to get involved in these events, particularly when the audienceThe frmat is quite tight so I am going to move through my material quickly however, I always find that the
  • In the 50s and 60s a revolution changed forever the world of traditional advertisingTraditional Media became more pervasive and Television changed our way of living creating great opportunities to distribute the messageBrands started to invest heavily to have access these new opportunities to reach their target customers Creative Agencies turned the “space” made available by publishers and broadcasters into something excitingToday we are living similarly historic momentOnline Advertising is growing and has bypassed Printing AdvertisingPeople are spending more and more of their free time onlineAs it was happening in the 60s, here is where brand WANTS to be in a SMART wayWhat can online “publishers” offer today?More of the same of what newspaper and magazines and television could offer in the 60’s: space and a growing audienceOnline Advertising has started to drive the monetization of the web to dateAd agencies have the message and creativity BUT – inaccuracies and mistakes in matching ads to page contents;Degrade brandsSacrifice click throughDistract consumers elsewhereTechnology has the potential to address this issue but: “Technology isn’t exciting” it’s been up to now very difficult to use
  • So that the right ad can be displayed based on the content being consumed in real time.
  • AdmantX offers Publishers & Ad Networks, Brands, Ad Agencies:A simple tool to develop effective online campaign based on an intuitive interface A starting point that bypasses any complexity: just type the brand description of upload the product briefAn advanced and mature technology that does the work in the background Automatically extracts the main concepts, topics, feelings and behavior induced to the reader from the page included in the textMatches each page with the best possible campaignA social experience to share the experience and reward the individual skills to develop the best ways to reach the target customersIn order, to serve the most relevant ads for the reference web page – every time & across all types of web pages

Online Advertising Theatre; A new Generation in Customer Journey Analysis Online Advertising Theatre; A new Generation in Customer Journey Analysis Presentation Transcript

  • A new Generation in Customer Journey Analysis Ellie Edwards - Quisma UKSponsored by: Organised by:
  • A New Generation inCustomer JourneyAnalysisEllie Edwards-Scott, Managing Director, QUISMA UKFebruary 28, 2012We’re all about Performance
  • Leveraging on its success in German speaking countries,QUISMA has focused on its International Roll-out since 2009All over EuropeGermany: Austria: Vienna Poland: WarsawMunich, Düsseldorf, FrankfurtQUISMA GmbH QUISMA Austria QUISMA PolandRosenheimer Straße 145d Wienerbergstraße 11/29 ul. Zaryna 2B (budynek D)81671 Munich 1100 Vienna 02-593 WarszawaFounded in: 2001 Founded in: 2009 Founded in: 2010UK: London Switzerland: Zurich Spain: MadridQUISMA UK QUISMA Switzerland QUISMA Spain13 – 16 Jacobs Wells Mews Josefstrasse 212 c/ Norias, 92London W1U 3DY 8005 Zürich 28221 Majadahonda – MadridFounded in: 2011 Founded in: 2009 Founded in: 2011France: Paris Benelux: Amsterdam Italy: MilanQUISMA France QUISMA Benelux QUISMA Italy32 rue Guersant Karperstraat 10 Via del Mulino 475017 Paris 1075 KZ Amsterdam 20090 Assago (MI)Founded in: 2011 Founded in: 2010 Gründung: 2011 PAGE 3 View slide
  • History of Affiliate Marketing•1994 -Affiliate programs are invented•1996 -Affiliate networks are born•2000 -Google launches Adwords•2004 -Google introduces quality score algorithm•2005 -Google introduces single URL policy•2006 -Voucher Code & Cashbacksites start to take off•2006 -£2.16 Billion revenue generated through affiliate•2008 -Google relaxes trademark rules•2010 -Affiliates are embracing mobile & social marketing•2011 -Consolidation of networks•2012 -£5 Billion revenue generated through affiliate View slide
  • History of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing £5bn Online Sales Revenue
  • Growth Success  Simple, effective pay-for-performance model  Access to commission-based, extended sales team  Innovation and agility
  • Attributes of Affiliate Marketing Strategic Track and Manage Payments Intuitive Affiliate Marketing Innovative Connection With Partners Controlled Pioneered Budgets Accountability
  • Attributes of Affiliate Marketing Strategic Track and Manage Payments Intuitive Performance Marketing Innovative Connection With Partners Controlled Pioneered Budgets Accountability
  • Whats Next? DATA
  • Understanding the Stages of Purchase Decision Awareness Consideration Loyalty Conversion
  • Boundaries of Classic Tracking Technology  Single medium tracking  Device change  Deletion of Cookies  External factors  Multiple tracking providers
  • Who We Are – The Facts! 11 European offices 150 Employees 2001 Established Since 1 Googles biggest customer in Germany134 millisecs RTB more than 100,000,000 ad impressions per day 430,000, transactions per month 5,160.000 Conversions in 20111 Proprietary Platform 100% Passion For Performance
  • Modelling Affiliate Display SEO Print SEA SALES Price TV Seasonal Effects Market Trends Competition PAGE 13 Insert Name / Date of presentation above header and footer
  • Benefits of Modelling How high is the ROI of my Online and Offline marketing activities? Which of my channels present the greatest potential for growth? How do I optimally allocate my advertising budget across the various advertising media available? And how does classic advertising affect buying behaviour Online?
  • Regression Analysis
  • Modelling in Action  Year-round measurement  Media Planning  Optimal management of Marketing Budget
  • Modelling in Action Pre Modelling Post Modelling
  • Impressive Results Budgets adjusted Overall sales barely dropped Display Advertising initiated more cross-media sales Clearer vision of consumer’s purchase journey
  • Future Opportunity Performance Analysis of Marketing + Consumer purchase journey  Tighter control =  Increased flexibility  Budget adaption  Greater ROI
  • Performance Marketing is about engagement andefficiency, involving a continuous process of measurement of allthe channels. 20
  • Come and meet the QUISMA UK TeamQUISMA UK and OA&A Networking BarLondon Office:QUISMA UKThe Pumphouse13-16 Jacobs Wells MewsLondonW1U
  • Attribution and Beyond: DC Storm demonstrate how to accurately value online channels Lewis Lenssen - DC StormSponsored by: Organised by:
  • To Attribution and BeyondLewis Lenssen – Commercial Director - DC Storm
  • Introduction and ContextLewis Lenssen• 5 years leading and building a search agency• 1 year consulting on social media and online PR for retail brands (focusing on measurement and valuation)• 18 months as Commercial Director of DC StormDC Storm – Optimising Digital Marketing• Delivering attribution for over five years• Over 1,300 tracked websites with configured attribution• Consulting service as well as technology
  • Agenda• What is attribution?• Understanding paths to conversion• Rules based attribution model• Attribution model design and implementation• case study• Beyond……
  • What is Attribution?
  • Sale Attribution Research Suppliers Choice Confirmation Purchase IMP IMP IMP Sale„Designer „PRPS Jeans „PRPS skinny „Matches‟ Jeans‟ jeans‟ • Actions are rarely driven by a single website visit or touch point • Actions are frequently driven by multiple marketing channels • The path to conversion is often days or weeks
  • Understanding Paths to Conversion
  • Understanding Paths to ConversionAttributes that must be understood:• Length of path and numbers of touch points• Touch points and their positions relative to each other and sale• Touch point attributes: • Device • Channel • Keyword • Creative • Use of brand• Combinations of touch points
  • Understanding Paths to ConversionUseful segments• User Attributes – M/F, age, registered, first/last visit date, visit frequency, etc.• Sales/Action attributes – First sale, product category, sale value etc.• Contributing events – Paths that include remarketing etc.
  • Rules Based Attribution
  • Rules based attributionFlexible attribution of sales across all or a subset of the visitsConfigurable rules for defining attribution period:• Fixed length of time• Period defined by visit gapsConfigurable rules for weighting:• Control of channel weighting• Control of brand weighting• Control of chain position weightingConfigurable rules for specific sale segments:• New or existing customers• Sale valueAllocation of multiple sale related values (e.g. margin)
  • Designing and Implementing an Attribution Model• The results must be used to take action• Must be well understood• Must be fair to all channels and teams• Attribution workshop • Introduce the challenge and discuss the issues • Manually attribute ten paths to conversion • Aggregate and review the results • Build an attribution model that best fits the target results • Test and challenge the automated model
  • Case study
  • Case• Successful discount travel website trading for 13 years• Foundations in selling discount hotels• Developed into flights, transfers, car hire, packages and insurance• Sophisticated online marketing optimised based on performance• Utilising all online channels
  • Case StudyHistory• Working with DC Storm for 5 years• Early adopter of rules based attribution• Attribution rules were designed for the hotels businessProject• Analyse paths to conversion and evaluate against the existing attribution model• Design a new attribution that reflects the current paths to conversion• Implement the new model and compare the new and old
  • Case StudyFindings• More varied paths to conversion for the new products• The existing model reflected the average but not the specific paths• Value being attributed to channels and keywords was not idealSolution• Implement chaining to identify contributing touch points• Attribute to brand based on the position in the path to conversionResults• 18% shift of sales value between channels• Significant shift of sale value between keywords• Overall increase in sales whilst maintaining ROI
  • And Beyond? – Multi-Channel Modelling
  • Multi-Channel Modelling• Define the touch point clusters: • Session Clusters – Touch points relating to single user sessions • Booking or Buying Clusters – Touch points relating to bookings/purchases• Identify attributes of touch points, clusters, „exposures to marketing‟ and conversions that influence conversions (decision tree analysis)• Calculate influence coefficients for the influential attributes (logistic regression)• Build an attribution model based on the attributes and coefficients• Utilise the insight to convert the non-converted paths
  • To Attribution and BeyondSummary• Huge value in implementing the right attribution model• Build a model for your business - The combination of technology and expertise is available now• case study demonstrates the valueBeyond• Multi-channel modelling• Attribution based on statistical analysis• Drive action as well as analysing performance
  • Q &ALewis
  • Removing the Barriers: How developments in online and offline data is driving online targeting to deliver greater relevancy and multi-channel Stuart Colman - AudienceScienceSponsored by: Organised by:
  • Knowing Consumers Frame of Mind = The Last Word in Targeting Damon Francis - ADmantXSponsored by: Organised by:
  • Knowing Consumers Frame of Mind = The Last Word in Targeting Damon Francis Business Development Director
  • Revolutionary Times 1950s & 1960s Today• TV radically increases marketing • Web radically increases messages marketing messages• Brands invest to reach • Brands invest to reach consumers with new medium consumers with new medium• Agencies shape messages to • Online ad technologies match make them exciting content to message - poorly
  • But also Challenging timesSymptoms Prescriptions• Declining CTR / Remnant Prices Falling • "When an ad is targeted properly,• Brand Advertisers Under-Represented it ceases to be an ad, it becomes important information," … WPP • On average, 82% of all campaigns evaluated showed a positive sales lift … for the brands being advertised increased by 22% … Comscore • [A] simple and effective way to mitigate the increasing risk associated with today’s digital advertising environment is to test the quality of an ad’s creative strategy and execution before 46 Confidential launching a campaign … Comscore
  • Targeting… today Keyword Vs.
  • “State of the Art” in Online Advertising
  • “State of the Art” in Online Advertising 49 Confidential
  • “State of the Art” in Online Advertising
  • “State of the Art” in Online Advertising
  • Semantic Targeting-Cookie-less Targeting
  • Semantic Tagging of Content semantic tagsPage contents are semanticallyprocessed & tagged usingmethods similar to humancomprehension in preparation forprecise selection by the ad server. Confidential 53
  • Understands Ad Desires Admant
  • Define AD Desire Via simple UI at user can create the profile of Profiling the content that better fits the ad. Confidential 55
  • Serve better Ads Profiling semantic tags ad server Confidential 56
  • Proof Metrics Consumer Display Ads Airlines Fashion Products Improved CTR + 200% + 140% + 160% Search Ads Admantx Google + AdSense AdSense CTR 2.63% 0.93% Click Value 0.22 Euro 0.13 Euro CPM per Page 0.65 0.13 Traffic Increase + 77% --
  • THANK YOUDamon follow us on: www.admantx.comOffice +44 (0)207 183 0305 +44 (0)7517 274206 twitter @ADmantX
  • The Importance of Customization in Data Driven Marketing Robin Davies - Mediaplex Simon Mansell - TBGSponsored by: Organised by: