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The Future of Campaign Success: Making Sense of Social Conversations. Kimberley Wood, Client Success Director, Bazaarvoice
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The Future of Campaign Success: Making Sense of Social Conversations. Kimberley Wood, Client Success Director, Bazaarvoice


Published on

Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2013, 26-27 February 2013, Earl's Court 2, London

Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2013, 26-27 February 2013, Earl's Court 2, London

Published in: Technology

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  • Argos multichannel sales comprised 46% or totally growing to £1.9 50% increase in onsite conversion Lower returns Insight Marketing uplift Giving customers access to information at point of purchase supports conversion as does the social validation you get from reviews and the ability to ask questions where knowledge gaps exist. In this instance you help not just one customer through the purchase funnel but many more after that. Amplifying this through all channels has a very strong influence on the bottom line. Ratings and reviews are little signposts left by decision-makers for other decision-makers. The people who read them are not just noodling around online. These are people who are planning to buy.
  • Overview: Customer oxygen changes corporate culture Dominos has focused on being a transparent brand since December of 2010 – we’re all familiar with their story of improving their pizza recipe based on negative customer feedback. BV is a natural extension of their new brand positioning, allowing them to understand & respond to customer feedback on their products & services. Our platform not only helps them identify ways to improve, it also reminds them of the things they’re doing well. They’re able to see what people love about their products, which is a source of inspiration for employees.   The BV platform enables Dominos to improve products and services faster 24/7 focus group generates actionable insights: Dominos pre-launched a new line of chicken wings on their website earlier this year, asking customers to share their honest feedback in a review through a series of TV commercials & online ads. Within 24 hours of launching the new line, they noticed that the products were rated below average & were able to pull out actionable feedback on the problems. They shared the feedback across their operational & supply-chain teams in the first week, and immediately started making changes to address the recipe flaws.   Real-time market research provides new level of scale: Based on the success of the Chicken re-launch, Dominos will continue to conduct market research on new products through the BV platform before officially taking them to market. This will allow them to test & improve products faster, which will lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.   Word of Mouth breaks through the clutter, drives sales Advertising : Dominos has successfully used WOM to break through the clutter of online & offline advertising, featuring customer reviews across marketing channels. They’ve incorporated star ratings & review quotes in online display ads, and are soliciting reviews on delivery boxes & in TV commercials.   Sales : Customer reviews lead to a 5% increase in sales for the American Legends Pizza (ALP) line.   Background info: Launched Ratings & Reviews in Nov 2010. Collected 10,000 reviews to date on 23 products.
  • House of Fraser implemented a Stories Christmas campaign on the theme “You Shouldn’t Have” to encourage customers to talk about their worst present experiences. Gathering 908 stories, HoF created traffic around the brand and helped develop House of Fraser’s brand
  • Not only do these reviews enable consumers to make better purchase decisions, but this “voice of the consumer” also contain a wealth of insight for us in this room to give direction on what consumers like and dislike, what they care about, and what they expect from us. Across the BV network, 12% of reviews (nearly 1-in-8) contain an explicit suggestion for how to improve products. You might assume that these are congregated in the negative reviews, and while we do see suggestions in 1-star reviews, suggestions are actually most prevalent in 4-star reviews. My own theory on this is that these quite happy consumers are most motivated to help us as brands reach that 5-star status…and we’re soooo close! Over 20% of all 4-star reviews contain a product suggestion for how to improve. So, what kind of suggestions are consumers giving us? Consumers make numerous types of suggestions, but I want to focus on a few key areas. The big dark blue bit on the right are what we call “external” suggestions related to color, style, size, etc. – things like “it would look better if it came in silver instead of black”. These all boil down to the desirability of the product. The orange block on the left and the turquoise bit on the bottom are something slightly different: the orange block are problems with the product like “it stops working after 2 months” and the turquoise block are improvement suggestions like “this machine is great; it’d be even better if it were portable”. These two groups are all about the quality of the product, either failing to meet consumer expectations or future opportunities to exceed them. If you do some quick math, suggestions related to quality or desirability of products account for 96% of all product suggestions in reviews.
  • Client : Dell Challenge: How do you leverage the power of the consumer voice to drive your business? Insight: Dell found that the conversion rate for review readers is 2X that of a non-review readers 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase? (ZMOT) Solution: Incorporate Reviews across the organization. Dell ’s product teams were required to bring their aggregate product review score above 4.5-stars or discontinue and relaunch the product. Dell’s customer spotlight campaign features a customer, the specific system they purchased, and the review of his or her PC. Dell created this campaign as a way for shoppers to get recommendations from consumers with similar profiles and needs. Dell featured the customer spotlight recommendations directly on the product details page. Benefit: Since November 2006, Dell customers have submitted ratings and reviews on in more than 62 countries in 14 languages. More than 155,000 reviews have been submitted on more than 6,500 products, and the majority of their customer ratings are four or five stars (out of five) Dell learned that the product page performed better once the customer spotlight campaign was added Client Since: 2007? Solutions Used : R&R, A&A, Syndication,
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    • 1. The Future of CampaignSuccess:Making Sense of SocialConversations Kimberley Wood Strategic Consultant
    • 2. 2/3rd’s of Millennial’s won’t even consider making a purchase decision By 2017 Millennials will have without information from friends and strangers greater spending power than any generation Bazaarvoice, 2012 Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 2
    • 3. Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 3
    • 4. ` Trust Deficit Consumerstoof best you’ll be invited in and you’ll get in Sources trust for “The days of controlling the message are absolutely over. At Decline trust 92% Of consumers 10.2 12x 24% co-create and participate with consumers.” information media consumer reviews TV advertising between trust earned are used by the average Wendy Clark - Senior Vice2009 than2011 advertising more and other Marketing above allIntegrated advertising President, brand Communications - The Coca-Cola make a decision shopper to Company Google ZMOT, 2012 Nielsen, 2012 Neilson, 2012 eMarketer, 2010 Confidential and Proprietary. © 2011 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 4Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 4
    • 5. Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 5
    • 6. 50% uplift in onsite conversionConfidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc.
    • 7. Domino’s learns from customers, drives advocacy and scales reach Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 7
    • 8. Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 8
    • 9. White Stuff builds brand awareness around their core values Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc.
    • 10. House of Fraser engage and inspireConfidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc.
    • 11. Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc.
    • 12. One of the company’s current notebooks has 20 features that engineering changed from one generation of the product to the next based on customer feedback “ We have a strong belief that customer feedback helps us improve products and services, and Bazaarvoice has given us a way to scale that process. For us, reviews were a very logical step in our journey to become more customer-centric.” Michael Buck, Executive Director, Global CSMB Online Marketing and Marketing StrategyConfidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc.
    • 13. Benefits from earned media . . .• Consistent cross-channel messages• Builds trust through brand transparency• Creates engagement and advocacy• Improves conversion• Helps with product improvement & developmentBazaarvoice • 13.8 Billion Impressions Served Monthly • 98+ Million Consumer Reviews • Deployed in 35+ Languages • 1,076 clients; 109 of Fortune 500 (20+%) • $125M+ revenue 13 Confidential and Proprietary. © 2012 Bazaarvoice, Inc. • 900+ employees