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  • 1. Conversion vs. Conversation Using data to plan your digital channels29.02.12Peter McCormack
  • 2. I am a Planner
  • 3. I am a PlannerMarketing + Tech
  • 4. I am a PlannerMarketing + TechData + Experience
  • 5. Acquire Convert Retain Data
  • 6. Acquire Convert Retain Selling hotel rooms £10 £40 3 CPA Per Booking Repeat Visits
  • 7. Acquire Convert Retain Optimise Using Data £9 £45 4 £10 £40 3 CPA Per Booking Repeat Visits
  • 8. Acquire Convert Retain Optimise Using DataDisplay FB Pages FB & Twitter
  • 9. Social media addiction
  • 10. Fear of the truth
  • 11. Perspective
  • 12. What do these guys do? Jeff Emmanuel Blood Sucking Vampire
  • 13. What is a Social Media Guru ?Social Media Guru: A term used to assign imaginary expertise in anascent communications field to an individual with little to no real worldbusiness experience and the professional integrity of a bowl of bananapudding.A social media guru is a delusion wrapped in illusion.A social media guru is a marketing parasite that figured out howto monetize the cluelessness of business owners.
  • 14. You don’t sell more with...Brand amplification rateApplause rate[insert fantastical metric]
  • 15. Please don’t listen to them
  • 16. How do you sell more bread?You take bread social obviously...
  • 17. I stole my boyfriends cheese and picklesandwich. I lied and said that a reallybig seagull swooped down and ate it
  • 18. I told my mum to explain to my friendon the phone that I wasn’t at home butreally I was eating a bacon sandwich
  • 19. £11m campaign“The new creatives, not only represent one ofKingsmill’s largest ever investments, they also reflectour understanding of the modern day family.”Michael Harris, Kingsmill marketing controllerLess than 20 videos uploaded in the first 6 months192 confessions on the website
  • 20. Kingsmill is the most high calorie breadever 50/50 240 per slice! What a joke!Kimberlyhunterx K ♥
  • 21. We help clients sell stuff
  • 22. We help clients sell stuffSocial media is yet toprove it can drivesignificant sales
  • 23. DisplayAdvertising
  • 24. 0.09% CTR
  • 25. PostImpressionTracking
  • 26. For every 100 orders97% were attributed to post impression tracking3% were attributed to post click tracking
  • 27. Good Old Fashioned New Media™
  • 28. Success = Data + Creative
  • 29. Planning process Planning outputsCustomer Engagement Digital Roadmap – Interviews 1, 3, 5 years – Research – Feedback Functional Specification Website (P1)Employee Engagement – Interviews Channel & Data Plan – Requirements gathering Single User Journey – Ideas & inspiration Digital and offline integration, reportingMarketing & Business Engagement Technical Blueprint – KPI & objective setting Integration, wCMS and digital platform – Brand & marketing integration – Roadmap SEO Strategy Keyword, content and link buildingTechnology Engagement – Platform modelling Programme Plan – Integration planning – wCMS planning & evaluation Projects, risk log, project board, budgets
  • 30. Acquisition Email No Display Yes Retention Did They Buy? Defined Affiliates Landing Pages Paid Search Mobile v Desktop Social Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Funnel Optimisation (A/B & MVT) Undefined Offline Landing PagesNatural Search Device Optimisation Landing Page Optimisation (A/B & MVT) Data & ReportingChannel Performance Click Stream Conversion Retention & Revenue
  • 31. Email
  • 32. I love email
  • 33. 1:1
  • 34. You said you like my product I’ll email you about a new product I’ll know if you check the site I’ll then try and drive a conversionIf you don’t buy I can email you again
  • 35. I’ll send messages about everything If you do click I don’t know I don’t know if you bought it from meI’ll then send you some more messages
  • 36. Email is not dyingEveryone with a job has an email address
  • 38. Sell more memberships...
  • 39. The data couldn’t lie...High ranking for brand termsPaying too much for PPC brand termsTraffic was above average for a legacy siteHigh bounce rate on all landing pagesStrong membership baseNo digital brand loyalty
  • 40. The data shaped the new site...Great content focused on a competitive keyword strategyReduced the PPC burdenDynamic digital platform that is device and user awareIncreased the onsite conversion rateMembership services and applicationsDigital brand activists
  • 41. Acquire Convert Retain Selling health club memberships37% 11% 65%Page impressions Onsite conversion Repeat Visits
  • 42. Acquire Convert Retain Selling health club memberships SEO optimised content Personalisation Automated event triggersDynamic, personalised email Dynamic content and journeys Dynamic, personalised email Blogger outreach Keyword specific landing pages Email lifecycle management Sitecore, Web Content Management System (wCMS)
  • 43. Keep more members...
  • 44. @petermccormackThe Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Road, London, W2 6NB+44 (0)20 7631