Online Advertising Theatre; Viva Attribution! Revolutionising Digital Spend


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  • First in tag management – a fundamental piece of the attribution puzzleGrown and led the industry – winning awards150+ clients globallyetc
  • 1. Lots of pages / web properties / brands 2. Lots of partners, which means lots of campaigns3. Lots of data AND isolated by campaign, partner, internal and external views4. Many rewarding commission based on last click (double paying and wasting money) – disproportionate amount of attention to channels/campaigns delivering ‘last click’
  • Add in stat around data overload – do Which leads to data overload and lack of confidence in marketing investmentMarketers:Are concerned about spending budget wiselyAre commonly blinded by conversions (eg. investing in PPC because it delivers conversions, but don’t take into account the full path a customer takes to sale because they don’t have visibility)
  • Everyone has an attribution model already – whether it’s last click, best click, flat, linear. It’s important to start from the beginning and understand the fully journey each of your customers take to sale. You can then see each event in the path and how each channel is influencing your customers
  • About TUI
  • TUI Challenges Disjointed brands - multiple websites, multiple tags Isolated Data Long deployment times Success measured through last click <MENTION DISADVANTAGES WITH LAST CLICK> Which campaigns assist in sales?
  • TUI – StrategySmart containers across all brandsRehoused 3rd party tracking tags in TagManIgnore conversions with just one step in the pathMove to an attribution modelReal-time deduplication of affiliate spend via applied attribution
  • SEO spend up 6 foldGeneric PPC up 3 foldSite development priority changesIncreased online marketing budget overall!IdentifiedCross over between channels 77% of the time and brands 18% of the timeSome campaigns stopped, others paused – testing different attribution models based on customer journeyAble to launch new campaigns with Trip Advisorand Where Are You Now quickly
  • Boden – apparel retailer. Started out as catalogue only – today 75% of sales done through webSimilar situation – battling unsuccessfully to reward credit and sales commissions more fairly across all online channelsNo visibility into roles that online channels pay in the path to conversion (including SEO and Direct to Site)
  • Single view of Cust – Informed view of impact of online display and exactly what search terms are contained within the paths to conversionActionable Insight – Optimise paid search campaigns (generic search in path / branded terms most often deliver last click)Instant Savings through CPA Deduplication – email strong to existing customers and play little part in buying decision. Pay commissions only where email didn’t appear in conversion path (attribute based on channel and path)
  • Quips from other clients: VAA, Glasses Direct, AnecdotesAllison Wightman, head of marketing systems, Virgin Atlantic Airways “The complete view of all the channels that played a part in a sale that TagMan provides is fantastic and, on deduplication alone, delivers an ROI of 41:1
  • 1: Make sure you have clean data
  • 2: Analyse your data to gain actionable insight.TagMan offers one online marketing dataset that can integrated into site analytics to give the advertiser off- and on-site data in one place, AND/OR into bigger data platforms to join online media reporting with offline, demographic and macro data.
  • 3: Attribute, but don’t stop there. Continue testing and updating. Attribution isn’t a one time thing.
  • Online Advertising Theatre; Viva Attribution! Revolutionising Digital Spend

    1. 1. Revolutionising Digital SpendJon Baron, CRO and Co-Founder, TagMan #TFM2012 @tagman
    2. 2. AGENDA• Quick intro to TagMan• The attribution landscape• Challenges• Getting started – TUI Travel• Boden – another take• 3 tips to quickly improve your ROI• Takeaways #TFM2012 @tagman
    3. 3. About TagMan #TFM2012 @tagman
    4. 4. Typical Ecommerce Company Landscape #TFM2012 @tagman
    5. 5. Leading to Data Overload #TFM2012 @tagman
    6. 6. So, where do you begin? #TFM2012 @tagman
    7. 7. Case Study: TUI Travel Specialist Group  Winter & Summer holidays  Operating in 180+ countries with over 30 million customers  19 million web visits annually  Annual revenue of £590m #TFM2012 @tagman
    8. 8. TUI’s Challenges #TFM2012 @tagman
    9. 9. STRATEGY• Manage marketing tags in TagMan• Understand and analyse full customer journey to sale• Ignore conversions with one step in the path• Attribution Model Testing• Real-time deduplication of affiliate spend for immediate savings #TFM2012 @tagman
    10. 10. RESULTS• Increased marketing budget overall!• SEO spend up 6-fold• Generic PPC investment up 3-fold• Site development priority changesAnd...• Better understanding of brand and channel crossover• Testing attribution models – ease of switching campaigns on and off• Launch new campaigns quickly and easily #TFM2012 @tagman
    11. 11. A different take: Boden First Click Assist Assist Last Click ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? #TFM2012 @tagman
    12. 12. Results Optimise all online campaigns! • Single view of customers • Actionable insight • 10% Instant savings on CPA #TFM2012 @tagman
    13. 13. It’s not just TUI and Boden who are benefiting... #TFM2012 @tagman
    14. 14. So, what now? #TFM2012 @tagman
    15. 15. Step 1 #TFM2012 @tagman
    16. 16. Step 2 #TFM2012 @tagman
    17. 17. Step 3 #TFM2012 @tagman
    18. 18. Thank You!E: jon.baron@tagman.comT: @tagman #TFM2012 @tagman