Search Marketing Theatre; SEO Tips and Techniques: Impact of Social
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Search Marketing Theatre; SEO Tips and Techniques: Impact of Social






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Search Marketing Theatre; SEO Tips and Techniques: Impact of Social Search Marketing Theatre; SEO Tips and Techniques: Impact of Social Presentation Transcript

  • SEO Tips and Techniques: Impact of Social Geoff Parker Client Services Director Stand: Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Overview• Changing Algorithm – Content and Social• Strategies for Content and Social• Research – Social Sign-Ins• The Future of Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • CHANGING Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Panda or Farmer• One year anniversary last week (24th Feb 2011)Lessons1. Focus on quality of content2. Don’t scrape content (Update 2.2, June)3. Make content rich, suggest using Videos (Update2.5, Sept). Android + YT biggest winners4. Keep content fresh, use blogs and news(November Freshness Update)• Brands generally profited• Ecommerce sites with thin amounts of content onproduct pages were hit Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Social impact on Rankings• Facebook and Twitter links both impact Google rankings (December 2010)PageRank meet “SocialRank” build human authority• Reputation of content creators (authors)• Looking at quality of Twitter followers as well as re-tweets• Google did crawl shared links on Facebook Fan pages• Now it looks at likes and “talking about this”.•The same results were found for Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • SEOMoz Research The Social Correlation with Google Rankings SEOMoz Research Data (April 2011) • 42% of top ranking pages have been tweeted• 61% of top ranking pages have been shared on Facebook Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • SOCIAL & Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Sharing of Content• People want to share content socially• 25% of tweets contain a link (Dec 2010)• Twitter 2011:251 million videos shared70 million videos shared(Topsy Labs)Image: 6th most tweeted image 2011. Shuttle Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • • Beautiful People launched Shrek Virus PR (20th June2011)• 1 million site visits as a result in the next few days• The below graph shows share of voice for the mentionsof this PR• 1,600 mentionsin one day•Increase in socialauthority for thisPR and thereforeauthority for thePR links Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Google+• Are also a ranking signal and do impact on SERPs (Google Webmaster tools)• 90 million users v Facebook 800 million• Growing faster than Facebook & MySpace did in earlydays• Google+ pages useful for brand reputation in SERPs• Impact of +1s on CTR – increase of 20% (SEO Effect, Holland, June 2011)• Conflict with Robots.txt – if you +1 a page and it is in robots to not index this page itwill still index. Be careful when adding the +1 icon to all pages Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • • 1.36 million users daily• Bigger share of visits than G+ (Hitwise)• “Repins” create new links• Links are followed but no-followed fromhomepage• top 300 retail websites:60% have Facebook shares20% have +1 buttons9% have “Pin it”(The Find, Feb 2012) Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Examples:• : 144 repins, 32 likes• 9 Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • CLICK CONSULT Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • About the Research• To understand what percentage of visitors to clients’ websites were signed intosocial sites• Approximately 30 clients studied over past four weeks• Mixture of B2B, B2C and “Both” clients• Used event tracking script in Google Analytics•User Sign-Ins only tracked within the same browser Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Social Sign-Ins: Totals• Over 40% of visitors are signedinto Facebook %-age Sign-Ins by Social Platform 45.00%• Almost 20% signed into 40.00% 35.00%Google products 30.00% 25.00% 20.00% 15.00%• More people signed into G+ 10.00% 5.00%than Twitter 0.00% Facebook Google G+ Pinterest Twitter• Surprisingly low sign-ins toTwitter? • TweetDeck not tracked (unless using TweetDeck for Chrome) Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Sign-Ins Facebook Signed-In • More B2C signed in than B2B 43.00% 42.00% 41.00% 40.00% • Sucharita Mulpuru, (Forrester 39.00% Research), said about F- 38.00% 37.00% Commerce, “But it was like 36.00% trying to sell stuff to people 35.00% 34.00% while they’re hanging out with 33.00% their friends at the bar.” B2B B2C Both Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Sign-Ins Google Signed-In• Again, more B2C Consumers 25.00%signed into Google than B2B 20.00%• 19% total signed in – 15.00%potential lost data in Google 10.00%Analytics later this year (“not 5.00%provided”) 0.00% B2B B2C Both Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Sign-Ins G+ Signed-In 12.00% • G+ total at 7% 10.00% • Twitter total at 5% 8.00% 6.00% 4.00% Twitter Signed-In 2.00%6.00% 0.00% B2B B2C Both All5.00%4.00%3.00% • G+ seems to be more B2B lead2.00%1.00% • Twitter more B2C lead0.00% B2B B2C Both All Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • WHERE IS SEO GOING? Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Search Plus Your World SPYW makes search more • 7% of results personalised affected, according to our study Official Google Line •“When signed in with Google+, you’ll find personal results and profiles of people you know or follow. You can also expand your world by discovering people related to your search.” Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • Mobile SEOMongoose Metrics (2012) 9% of traffic to UK websites1 million sites reviewed comes through mobile devicesOnly 7.9% of websites wereoptimised Projected to be 20 - 25% by 2013 (Click Consult)2010: only 4.8% of websitesreviewed were mobilecompatible Mobile organic rankings mirror desktop – BUT, this may change Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • “Not Provided” • Updated on 18th October 2011 in US • Google will not pass organic search • UK update sometime in 2012 keyword referral data to Analytics if signed in • Potentially 19% of data will be lost (Click Consult) • SEOMoz: 18% loss in US (Nov, 2011) • Hubspot: 16% loss in US (Nov, 2011) • Matt Cutts estimated single digit losses • Solution: Avinash Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • HTML 5• Upgrade language from HTML 4 to HTML 5• Not all browsers support it, however thepopular latest browsers do such asOpera, Chrome, Firefox and IE• SES London – said to keep an eye on thisfor the future• No immediate SEO benefit of HTML 5• Googler John Mu: “No current advantagein using HTML 5 over older variants” Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • In Summary• Generate useful and/or interesting user content• Build social authority / human authority / socialRank to compliment PageRank• Be mindful of the growth in G+ and utilise for your Tel: 0845 205 0292
  • ANY QUESTIONS? Twitter: @ClickConsultLtd Stand: Tel: 0845 205 0292