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Email & Mobile Theatre; 2012 Strategies: Using Customer intelligence to make communications that count

Email & Mobile Theatre; 2012 Strategies: Using Customer intelligence to make communications that count






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    Email & Mobile Theatre; 2012 Strategies: Using Customer intelligence to make communications that count Email & Mobile Theatre; 2012 Strategies: Using Customer intelligence to make communications that count Presentation Transcript

    • KITBAG.COM Case study: iPhone optimisation1 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Kitbag.com • Kitbag.com is Europes leading online sports retailer • Lyris customer for 9 years – Currently using Lyris HQ • Exclusive rights to operate the official online stores of Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Everton and Celtic • Online and offline direct mailings / catalogues, call centre operations, and pick pack parcel distribution and warehousing 2 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Why are mobile devices important to emailmarketers? • Morgan Stanley predicted that the population of mobile users will exceed desktop internet users within five years. • Mobile e-commerce is ramping up faster than online e-commerce, now making up 4% of total retail sales • Research by Nielsen shows that Email accounts for 42 percent of mobile internet time (compared to just 10.5 percent using social media, for example). 3 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • What are the main issues?  What does your email look like on a small screen?  Is it hard to click on links?  Do your subscribers have to zoom in to read the content?  If you have optimised the email for a mobile device, what does it look like on a large screen? 4 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • Testing method • Litmus email analytics tags added to Kitbag emails from December 2011 – February 2012 • Top email clients analysed – Apple iPhone was used by 22.49% of recipients making it the most popular email client among Kitbag subscribers • Apple iPhone subscribers flagged within Lyris HQ • Lyris and Kitbag develop iPhone optimised email templates which are 400 pixels wide rather than 750 pixels wide • 50% of flagged iPhone users are sent a regular sized version of the Kitbag newsletter and 50% are sent the iPhone optimised version 5 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Popularity of reading environmentsamong Kitbag.com subscribers 35% of opens from Kitbag.com subscribers come from a mobile device 7 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Top email clients used by Kitbag.comsubscribers 8 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Top mobile email clients used byKitbag.com subscribers 66% of Kitbag’s mobile opens come from the Apple iPhone 9 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Top email clients used by iPhone users 98% of iPhone users view their emails with the built-in mail client 10
    • Engagement across email clients Desktop Mobile Webmail 11 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Option 1 – Removing fixed width tables One of the most widely used solutions to this issue is having a table that is equal to 100%. This means the email will automatically fill 100% of the screen it is being viewed on. Pros Cons • Easy to do • Not appropriate for image only • Usually looks good on mobile emails devices • Can look very bad on larger screens • Doesn’t always look good on a mobile device, especially if there are images 13 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • Option 1 – Removing fixed width tables Example of an email with 100% table fully open in Outlook 14 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • Option 2 – Add a view on mobile link toyour email Add a link to the top of an email which points to a mobile friendly version of the email. Pros Cons • Easy to do • Requires subscriber to click on a • Looks good on mobile devices link to view • Takes longer to code the email • Often gets overlooked because the link is usually quite small on a mobile device 15
    • Option 3 – Intelligent CSS Use CSS media queries to remove unnecessary elements of your email when viewed on a small screen. Pros Cons • Allows you to change the look of • Requires a coder to implement the email depending on screen • Not effective for image only size emails • Looks good on large and small • Can take longer to code screens • Adds weight to email due to • Gives you the ability to remove extra code unnecessary parts of your email • Doesn’t work in Gmail’s Android app 16 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • Option 3 – Intelligent CSS Outlook iPhone iPhone without CSS with CSS 17 Lyris Ltd – Confidential –
    • Option 4 – Design your email for mobile users Reduce the width of your current email to between 300 – 500 pixels and use a single column layout. Ensure the email text is large enough to read on a mobile and the call to action is easy to click. Pros Cons • Not hard to do • Could look slightly strange when • Easy to read on a mobile without viewed on a large screen having to zoom in • Links are easy to tap 18
    • Regular email design – Within iPhone • 750 pixels wide • Very small pre-header text • Small navigation buttons • Multi-column layout • Unreadable text • Small calls to action – can be hard to click through on desired link 20 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • iPhone optimised email design • 400 pixels wide • No pre-header text • No navigation buttons • Single column layout • Larger text • Large calls to action that are easy to tap • Unnecessary content has been removed • Main message is clearly visible at the top of the email 21 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Non-iPhone users Full size emails sent to all non-iPhone users Key Metrics Results Average unique open rate 12.3% Average unique click rate 2.3% Average click to open rate 19.11% 23
    • iPhone users sent full size email Full size emails sent to 50% of iPhone users Key Metrics Results Average unique open rate 39.8% Average unique click rate 5.3% Average click to open rate 13.31% 24
    • iPhone users sent optimised email Optimised email sent to 50% of iPhone users Key Metrics Results Average unique open rate 43.4% Average unique click rate 4.9% Average click to open rate 11.37% 25
    • Average unique open rates 26
    • Higher open rates for mobile optimised emails? Why would the mobile optimised emails consistently have a higher open rate? 27 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Size matters! Average Email weight Average open rate Full size version of email 17.42 KB 39.84% iPhone optimised version of email 9.35 KB 43.38% Light weight emails = Higher open rates on mobile devices Internet download speeds can vary greatly on mobile devices so it makes sense that the faster downloading email would have a higher open rate on a mobile. 28 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • How about conversions? Although we received great open rates from our iPhone segment we did not see an increase in conversion rates. There could be several reasons for this: • Kitbag.com does not have a mobile optimised version of their website • Subscribers are most probably not in a position to purchase when viewing your emails on their mobile Kitbag.com on an iPhone 29 Lyris Ltd – Confidential
    • Why bother? Why bother optimising for mobile devices if conversion rates are not higher? We believe that it’s still important to optimise for mobile devices because: • Open rates from mobiles are much higher than other email clients • Having a clear mobile optimised email design will encourage these subscribers to return directly to your website or shop at a later date – via their desktop or tablet 30