CRM & Multi-Channel Marketing Theatre; How HRS use Magiq's real time personlisation & targeting technology to "mobilize" their web presence, their marketing and telesales teams

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  • 1. How HRS use Magiqs real-time personalisation & targeting technology to "mobilise" their web presence, their marketing and telesales teams Jon West, Managing Director, HRS UK Malcolm Duckett, CEO, Magiq The Hotel PortalCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 2. Agenda • About the companies • HRS’s application of Magiq • Next steps with LifecycleMAGIQ for HRS • LifecycleMAGIQ • ConclusionsCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 3. Magiq • Magiq is the Lifecycle Marketing Company – LifecycleMAGIQ is a real-time cross-channel Lifecycle Marketing solution for online Marketers • LifecycleMAGIQ is built on sister company Celebrus’s award-winning technology – Celebrus technology used by leading brands and businesses, including AXA, Hiscox, HSBC, GHD, Hilton, Compare the Market, Shop Direct, JD Williams, and more …. • LifecycleMAGIQ is a cloud-based service, using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform – Secure and trusted – Global and scalable – Affordable pricing that can grow with your successCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 4. HRS & HRS Corporate • HRS – The Hotel Portal. – The world’s largest hotel booking portal – 10 million visits each month – Celebrating 40 years of operation in 2012 – Head office in Cologne, with offices in London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Shanghai, Warsaw and soon Singapore. – Over 250,000 hotels, bookable online with real-time availability and instant confirmation – Over 30,000 corporate customers from small SMEs to global players – 100% fee free - no joining fee, no commissions and no hidden charges – Unbeatable rates – corporate discounts of up to 30% off BARCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 5. Initial Application Lead GenerationCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 6. HRS & Magiq • HRS were one of Magiq’s first customers, and have been using Magiq on our UK site since 2010 • Our initial application was to capture details of “hot prospects” to provide leads for our sales teams • Magiq worked well because: – It automatically captured visitor data (phone, company, location) – Automatically scored visitors, and identified very active visitors, making their data available for instant download – Required zero setup or management to do this, once the one-time Magiq Insert was in place. – We have downloaded over 7,000 records this month alone • These records also provide visitor profile data, – Like device type, search terms, campaign responses etc.Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 7. The Mobile ApplicationCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 8. HRS Mobile AppsCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 9. HRS Mobile AppsCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 10. Dynamic Mobile Personalisation The same page on Front page on PC iPhone, optimised by (Flash and AJAX) MAGIQ to promote iPhone App No Tags, No changes to site or CMS Implementation time: 20 minutesCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 11. Many applications, and affordable too! • …and we did exactly the same for Blackberry • Magiq proved super easy to use – A single Trigger, overlays appropriate content based on user’s device type – Triggers are set up by marketing team (not programmers) – No changes to site or web pages • Today we have around 25 triggers that personalise the site based on visitor’s history, search terms and registration state • Its affordable with full budget control – so no nasty surprises!Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 12. Where Next? • We are waiting to upgrade to LifecycleMAGIQ • We anticipate that the ability to extend our personalised marketing to email and CRM channels will be very powerful • The ability to track individual visitor’s lifecycles will extend our ability to target them with the right message at the right time – …and we are expecting to emulate the conversion success stories other Magiq customers are reporting. • We are also looking forward to being able to define new customer behaviours on-the-fly, and use these to target visitors and customers even more accuratelyCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 13. LifecycleMAGIQCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 14. How does LifecycleMAGIQ work? • Captures data from each web visitor – Visits, Behaviours, Campaign, Search, Entered Data, Environment • Uses this to build “MAGIQprofiles” for each visitor – Updated in real-time, maintained over long-term – Uses combination of cookies and customer data to track over time, devices, and even dropped-cookies. • Lets the user build Triggers that fire when a visitor matches a defined profile • Triggers fire Actions that: – Push content into the visitor’s web pages – Call dotMailer to send email campaigns – Create/update new customer records in dotMailer or – Send Alerts/Tasks to – Can be integrated with other systems via its SOAP API • …or in pictures…Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 15. How does LifecycleMAGIQ work?Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 16. What will LifecycleMAGIQ do for me? • Lifecycle & relevance marketing are proven techniques to increase sales, conversions and customer retention. • We have seen customers: – Increase conversion by 15% with a single personalised banner – Run targeted telesales campaigns with a 30% close rate – Increase average revenue per email by 10 times… • LifecycleMAGIQ supports a wide range of Solutions, with a broad set of Features, each of which works to deliver on these business objectives…Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 17. LifecycleMAGIQ Features & SolutionsCopyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 18. Conclusions • Cloud-based, real-time personalisation really works • LifecycleMAGIQ is the world’s first Lifecycle Marketing Solution • LifecycleMAGIQ is a Complete Solution – Visitor Profiling and Tracking – Real-Time Cross-Channel Messaging & Personalisation – Performance Measurement, Management & Optimisation – Campaign, Messaging, Conversion and Purchase Attribution – Complete Data Capture • Talk to the team and find out how LifecycleMAGIQ could help you..Copyright Magiq Limited 2012
  • 19. Come to stand F28 to learn more about Magiq Thank you Questions? or visit www.hrscorporate.comCopyright Magiq Limited 2012