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Email & Mobile Theatre; Top 10 Tips to Increase Conversions & ROI

Email & Mobile Theatre; Top 10 Tips to Increase Conversions & ROI






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    Email & Mobile Theatre; Top 10 Tips to Increase Conversions & ROI Email & Mobile Theatre; Top 10 Tips to Increase Conversions & ROI Presentation Transcript

    • Top 10 Tips to Increase Conversions & ROI Daniel HarariVP Client Services
    • About emarsys• Leading provider of email marketing solutions & services• Founded September 2000• Offices in London, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul and Hong Kong• 1000+ customers, 8000+ active users, 50+ countries• 50 billion emails sent each year
    • Selected Clients
    • Catch them at ‘Hello’1. Welcome Message
    • Why send a welcome message? Subscribe to Confirmation newsletter page Directed to  Subscribe to Welcome email Add value newsletter Trigger Incentive 
    • Why send a welcome message?• Signing up for newsletter indicates real interest• A simple ‘you are now registered’ is abusing this interest• Using the moment to engage the new subscriber• A welcome message can expect up to 7x higher response rates than the regular ‘newsletter’
    • Welcome Message Sent to all new newsletter subscribers Sent 1 day after double opt-in confirmation Includes voucher for first order More than 40% open rate 9.8 % conversion rate
    • Make it relevant & they will react2. Segmentation
    • Why segment & target?Email campaign All recepients 1 All content Send Conversion X% Email campaign Targeted recepient Segment 1Segment 2 Segment n Send Conversion X+n% 
    • Why and what to segment• Only relevant content gets continued subscriber attention• Relevant content: right offer to right person at right time• Segmentation criteria: • Socio-demographic data • Behavioural data (response and preference history) • Purchase and monetary data
    • Highly Targeted Incentives• Hungarian daily deal campaign• Advanced data-driven targeting based on demographics and purchase behaviour• Achieved consistent 50% click through rate• Total campaign conversion of over 7.6%
    • Save costs on manual labour3. Content Automation
    • Why automate content?Content User Email campaignsources Manual Manual Content Email campaignsources Automated (XML, RSS, etc.) 
    • Why automate content?• Content is already available in electronic format (in online shop, on website, product DB)  no need to create it twice• Technical feasibility of auto-inserting content into email from external sources• Saves time and frees up resources• Allows for fully automated email campaigns
    • Automation Daily VIP shopping deals All data driven dynamic content based on recipient preferences Content populated automatically with subscriber import file Unique opens 25% Saving 5 hours per day from manual campaign production
    • Try it, before you send it4. Testing
    • Why test before sending?Email campaign Version 1 Send 10% Conversion 2%  Version 2 Send 10% Conversion 5%  Send 70% Version 3 Send 10% Conversion 3% 
    • Why and what to test?• Testing WILL increase response and conversions• Methods: split-run and multi-variate testing• Message elements and other factors to test • Time and day of sending • Demographic and behavioural targeting • Layout and design • Sender name and subject line • Offer and text versions • Call-to-action • Landing pages
    • A/B Split Testing 2 different subject lines, 1 using personalization Sent each version to 12% of recipient list Best performing version sent automatically after 3 hours to remaining list Best version: 18.9% more revenue
    • Maybe they didn’t see it?5. Reminders
    • Why send reminders? Email campaign Conversion Responders Reminder to non-responders
    • Why send reminders?• To target recipients that didn’t react because they forgot (distracted, etc.) or they didn’t see the email because of a cluttered inbox• Reminders WILL add some additional revenue to the overall outcome of the campaign
    • Reminders  Original campaign sent to lapsed customers 6 months after last purchase  Reminder sent 10 days after initial campaign to all non-responders  Original campaign: 9% conversions  Reminder campaign: 6% conversion
    • Don’t let them get away6. Recapture cart abandoners
    • How to target cart abandoners? Reminder PurchaseCart abandoned campaign continues  Follow-Up Conversion Online buyingCart abandoned Survey process  Follow-Up Optimise
    • Why and how to target cartabandoners?• Many reasons for abandoning shopping cart• Need to find out the reasons why• Need to give abandoners the chance to continue shop process if abandoned by accident• Reclaiming potentially lost revenue
    • Abandoned Shopping Cart  Sent 3 day after order abandoned  Checking if there was technical problems, giving customer services contact details  Link to view cart – click to return to website and see items saved in cart  16.5% conversion rate
    • People who bought this also bought…7. Cross / Up-selling
    • Why cross/up sell? Campaign withBuy online additional offers Purchase again Follow-Up Conversion
    • Why and how to cross/up sell?• Amazon-principle works: buyers are not always aware of add-on products• Cross- and up-selling offers are relevant therefore receive higher conversion rates• Add-on offers can be added as early as the purchase confirmation or over the next few weeks
    • Cross-/ Up-selling Promotion  Sent 1 day after online order  Includes additional services not purchased  9% additional revenue
    • Come back soon…8. Re-engage
    • How to re-engage buyers? Buy online Email campaign Purchase again Wait Incentive
    • Why and how to retain buyers?• Goal: get a buyer to become a repeat buyer as soon as possible• Re-engage using incentives or more relevant content• Use coupons as ‘thank-you’ and incentive to buy again soon
    • Re-engage & Retain Sent to 1st time buyers 14 days after their first purchase Link to online survey, asking for feedback Voucher for next purchase as incentive Over 50% click rate Over 14% conversion rate
    • Reach out beyond the inbox9. Social sharing
    • Why add social sharing?Email campaign Recepients Social networks Send
    • Why & how to add social sharing?• Facebook and Twitter are the best viral marketing tools• We all have clicked on something that our friends posted• Extend the reach of the email message and offers beyond your subscriber base• Share options should be per offer/content element = more relevant for sharing
    • Share on Social Networks Convert subscribers to advocates Share option for individual content sections Up to 3 times more ‘Shares’ than ‘Forwards’ Reach of marketing message increased by 20% 2% ‘Social’ conversions
    • Inactivity shouldn’t be tolerated10. Reactivation
    • Why reactivate inactive users? Inactivity Email campaign Reactivation Trigger Incentive
    • Why reactivate inactive users?• Inactive subscribers drive down response rates• Inactive subscribers impact deliverability – (Priority inbox depends on activity)• Why spend money trying to reach subscribers who don’t respond anymore?• Sometimes a little incentive and reminder is all that’s needed
    • Reactivation Mail Sent to all users who haven’t purchased in more than 6 months Discount code included with money off next purchase 15% of inactive users reactivated with new purchase
    • Thank youANY QUESTIONS?
    • For more information Visit us on stand C6 www.emarsys.com@ UK@emarsys.com 020 7388 0888 @emarsysUK emarsys