Content Marketing for B2B: Understanding the paradigm shift in thinking for marketers, Marina Lumley, Course Director, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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Marina Lumley, Course Director, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Marina Lumley, Course Director, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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  • When I was asked to present today, there was quite a lot of discussion around what to say in the 30 minutes. I’ve been creating marketing communication strategies for 18 years… before I had a computer, an email address and the internet was something that might take off… BA – World Wide Win 27% response rate
  • Prospects distancing themselves from sales for longer Hubspot – Marketing director was speaking recently has he quoted consumer stats US stats 86% skip tv ads 91% unsubscribe 44% never open DM 200m people say don’t call
  • Hubspot are leaders in content marketing. And they coined the phrase “inbound marketing”. They built a business on it. They say that now 75% of their leads are inbound – I.e. their content marketing ecosystem bought in prospects that they had not directly communicated with
  • Hubspot stated at the recent econsultancy funnel event that it cost them $346 to get an outbound (paid) lead into the business And $135 for an inbound lead
  • And they were better leads – 3 times more likely to be convertible opportunities – it’ s a strong argument if you can get it right
  • You need to be there when a prospect becomes – just that – and enters the buying cyle – albeit anonymously and discretely To do that you have to aim high -you have to aim to be the best at the niche that you create for yourself And have to get the balance right – so all content shouldn’t be behind a form fill And not all tweets should go to lead forms – balance between content and form fill Mustn’t kill the engagement
  • And don’t forget – if you have a marketing automation solution in place – you can score your prospects based on the content that they interact with…. Someone who watches a webinar and has downloaded a whitepaper is more engaged than someone who has just visited a product page on your website… I know who sales would be more interested in…
  • Topic 10 must have’s in your digital acquisition strategy ; What GPs predict in 2013 as health issues ; Caffeine Intake on the up – a bad thing? ; Audit of 15 marketing automation systems Author Event content , 3 rd party content , Customer content , Industry experts , Guest bloggers , Internal content Format On page text/copy, Social feeds, Blog, Event, Articles and documents, FAQ & glossaries, White papers , Discussion , Webinars Video, Infographics , Competitions , Surveys , Games Distribution PPC, SEO , Email Marketing , Affiliate Marketing , Twitter , FaceBook , Youtube LinkedIn , Blog, Influencers , Slide Share , RSS syndication , Article Marketing Content optimisation and seo Competitor analysis Link building Keyword research On-page optimisation SMO Technical performance Keyword research Critical importance to getting your content found and engaged with Not easy Challenged by the popularity of the key words, the global volume of search, and how competitive the environment is Need to focus attention on this Balance between the reader and visibility in SERPs
  • Cisco – The “Less is more” product launch – launched only on social media Reached 90 times more people and cost 100k less Won an award
  • Amazon example of content marketing
  • Your content hub Could be an online magazine or a resource centre section of your website, or your news room/section
  • “ Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate over 5x more traffic than those that blog fewer than 4x per month ”   “ Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate nearly 4x more lead s than those who don ’ t blog ” Source : Hubspot


  • 2. We are here to representand develop themarketing and salesprofessionsand enhance thecareers of practitioners
  • 3. Each year we support over 50,000 people at every stage of their career. We do this throughWhere do you want to go? providing training, internationally recognised We will help you get there qualifications and membership resources.
  • 4. What skills # you need? do We will help you develop130 training courses in keyareas of marketing, salesand business.Flexible marketing andsales qualificationsthrough CIM Academy.Tailored programmes toimprove the performanceof marketing and salesteams.
  • 5. Joining as a professional member brings you a number of options to boost your career and gain access to resources.Members can register for theChartered CPD Programmewhich provides a framework foryour development and the meansto achieve Chartered Marketer How far can you go?status. That’s up to you
  • 6. B2B Content Marketing Planning TFM&A Marina Lumley Course Director CIM @marinalumley LinkedIn: marinalumley
  • 7. Marina Lumley @marinalumley• Practitioner and trainer in Marketing Communication strategy Formerly integrated agency Board Director• 18 years Marketing Experience• CIM Faculty Member and Trainer• Teaching in the digital & marketing space
  • 8. Thoughts you might be having that bought you to this seminar today What is How can youContent marketing benefit? Why is it such a all about? hot topic? Does it require Does a a paradigm Marketing Can it really shift in thinking?Manager require impact your new skills? bottom line?
  • 9. Content marketing “How a brand creates, delivers and governs original or curated content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately motivating a change in behaviour” Joe Pulizzi “Get content, get customers”
  • 10. Hot topic! - 3-5 years old and powered by social media• Its got traction• Thought leadership/ credibility• Lead quality and cost• “X factor” peer generated brand referrals• Gets you found!• Competitor advantage• “Me too”
  • 11. Content isCould it also be the futureof SEO strategies?
  • 12. Search queries for Content Marketing The Future?Econsultancy & Outbrain Content Marketing Survey Report2012. 1300 respondents: Clients, agencies and publishers B2b Content marketing Trends – 2012 Survey Results. By Holger Schulze, author of the blog “everything technology marketing”. Sponsored by IDG Enterprise. 740 responders from a LinkedIn community
  • 13. B2B vs. B2C
  • 14. 70% of the customer buying cycle iscompleted before a prospect is willing to engage with an actual person
  • 15. Engage with more of your prospects and convert more sales
  • 16. Can cost less than an outbound lead
  • 17. Inbound marketing leads = X3 conversion rate. Hubspot
  • 18. Beat the competition to the prospect
  • 19. Persona led marketing Senior Marketing Manager IT Director Do they have the same criteria for evaluation? Do they search for the same thing?
  • 20. Map content to the prospect journey What your persona is Reasons to want interested in. to give data Education, case studies vs. a hard sell ACQUIRE PARTICIPATE Price and Product Reviews and SHARE features. forums. Content ENGAGE Compelling disseminated from argument acquire and participation phase
  • 21. 3 Key Pillars of Content Marketing• Content Optimization & SEO• Keyword Research
  • 22. Social site for socialcontent 700,000 Fans on Facebook Over 30 blogs 1.5m views on YouTube 18 Twitter accounts Exec – 1.5m followers
  • 23. Content ecosystem Content Hub Blog
  • 24. Blog BlogCreate a calendarWhat’s daily? – Three new blog postsMonthly? – webinarQuarterly? - ebook
  • 25. Make the most of online resources e.g. E.g. Econsultancy; Mashable; Social Media Examiner, Hubspot; Marketing Week
  • 26. Any questions? Marina Lumley Course Director CIM @marinalumley LinkedIn: marinalumleyIntellectual PropertyAll training materials provided by CIM Learning and Development remain the intellectual property of The Chartered Instituteof Marketing and its partners, who assert their right to worldwide copyright unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.© Marina Lumley and The Chartered Institute of Marketing 2013