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PAGE   4           Bravo Company - Hangar Rats           By MAJ Del Boyer                        Army Commendation Medal  ...
VOLUME            I,   ISSUE         29                                                                                   ...
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VOLUME       I,   ISSUE   29                                                                           PAGE       7       ...
PAGE      8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continued    Receiving these joyous news and a         supported each...
PAGE9                                     BRAVO PICTURES   SPC Becker clearly not having fun at a company   MAJ Boyer, liv...
PAGE10                                 CHARLIE PICTURES230: Specialist David Reynoso graduates from Air Assault    197: Pr...
PAGE11         ALPHA PICTURES                      Top Left: AH-64 Apache Helicopter re-                      fueled by Al...
PAGE12         HSC PICTURES                        PICTURES FROM HSC ORG DAY!                        TOP LEFT: FRSA, FRG A...
PAGE   14277th Aviation Support Battalion          277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade   ...
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Oct 12 277th asb long version newsletter


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Oct 12 277th asb long version newsletter

  1. 1. Liberty TimesTASK FORCEMOUNTAIN EAGLE277TH AVIATIONSUPPORT BATTALIONHOT TOPICS Alpha FRG Meet- V O L U M E I , I S S U E 2 9 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 . ing: Thursday, October 11,2012, Eagle Commander’s Corner 6:00pm.. Bravo FRG Meet- ing: .Thursday, October 11, 2012, 5:00pm, at Crescent range qualifying in crew served you can expect for the next year as we get Woods Community weapons as well as individual weap- combat ready. This overview known as our Center. ons. Confidence and proficiency in Road to War will provide you some clarity Charlie FRG Meet- our assigned weapon are fundamen- and predictability based on what we know ing: Thursday, tal needs to be ready. We did not now. Many other events are also on the October 11, 2012, have this before but we do now. We calendar and those we will highlight and 4:30pm, at Monu- have also continued to provide ex- push out through all our communications ment Ridge Com- ceptional service and support as we media. The areas that we are not doing so munity Center. sent Soldiers to the National Training well in right now are sponsorship, newborn HSC FRG Meeting: By LTC Enrique Ortiz Center in California to augment Task programs, Single Soldier activities and Face- Thursday, October Battalion Commander Force Six Shooter for their rotation. book friends. Here is where I need your 11, 2012, 5:00pm at We also just sent a significant num- help. We need ideas that will jump-start HSC Classroom, Mountain Eagle Families, ber of the Battalion to High Altitude/ these critical programs and ultimately care 20345 Anaconda Rd This has been a great month for Mountain flight training in Colorado. for all our Soldiers and their families better. Mountain Eagle. We have begun They will sustain the Aviation Bri- I have some ideas but they are likely not as pushing and challenging our Soldiers gade as they train and qualify in one good as yours since teamwork always deliv- in an effort to get combat ready. of the toughest environmental flight ers the best solutions. My goal is to have This push was badly needed since we training modes – Mountain flying. programs that ensure every family coming to had (key word is had) an organiza- We also provided TF Phoenix, TF Mountain Eagle is welcomed and hosted intoCONTACTS tional climate that lacked a sense of Knighthawk, and TF Tigershawk Fort Drum; that every newborn and their urgency and purpose. There were with additional people to set them up family get an A list treatment filled withBATTALION STAFF many contributing reasons some for success in their training rotations. fond memories and joy; that our Single Sol-DUTY DESK justified and other not but truthfully So as you can see, we are doing well diers are remembered, care and recognized315-774-1200 with what I like to call the opera- like if their own families were here caring this battalion had a tough deploy- ment that will forever be remember tional side. We are moving in the for them; and finally that we grow our Face-CHAPLAIN right direction on a long journey book in the next two month to over 2000 for the exceptional performance of(CPT) LOVE your loved ones. My task at hand probably at a slower than desired likes (now at about 750) so that we can share315-681-0883 now is to change the cultural to a pace but we are getting better every- this tough and challenging journey together. combat ready unit. This is happen- day and accelerating. A journey that will be marked by selflessFAMILY READINESS ing now. Although we are not there I share all this with you because I sacrifices by those who are the Strength ofSUPPORT yet I can see the transformation tak- think it is important that you know our great Soldiers – You, the Army Fami-ASSISTANT (FRSA) ing place and I hope you are seeing it where we are doing good and where lies.MICHELE GALLOWAY too. I have begun by focusing on the are not. The area where I am not as Please send in your ideas to our Family315-774-1206 basics. You have probably noticed happy with our progress is our fam- Readiness Support Advisor – Michele Gallo- that your Soldiers are attending PT ily support program. We have made way at orMILITARY FAMILY on a more regular basis. Physical great improvements in our Family our Battalion Family Readiness Group Advi-LIFE CONSULTANT fitness is more that just exercising Readiness Group. We are starting to sor - early in the morning. It builds mo- get volunteers and our teams are I look forward to seeing you on the 26th..315-405-7449 rale, foster‘s teamwork, builds forming. On 26 Oct, we will have bonds, tests our determination and our first battalion event at our han- Sincerely,315-212-6919 commitment and creates the founda- gar. I look forward to this event to Mountain Eagle 6 tion for esprit de corps. We also meet you and to provide all attendingARMY COMMUNITY spent most of the last 30 days at the families with an overview of whatSERVICE (ACS)INFORMATIONAND REFERRAL Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates315-772-65571-800-826-0886 By Diana Ortiz parents: HSC: Sasina, Allison & CPT Kevin Kane. FRG Advisor Sarah & PV2 Erik Sordillo, Kel- Alpha Company:MILITARY sey & SPC Christopher Piper, Rachel & SGT Joel LevitenONESOURCE Dear Mountain Eagle Families,1-800-342-9647 Corrine & SPC Jaime Contreras, Bravo Company: Wonderful news! Ten babies SPC Scarbrough, PFC Kyle Adams were born in September! Con- Liliana & SGT Maidenbaum, Charlie Company: gratulations to all the new PFC Kara McKittrick & Tim Kristine & SPC Arnold Smith For the rest of the article, go to page 8.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Headquarters & Support Company - Talons Jose Balp, PV2 Peter Balzi, PFC Owens, PV2 Londrell Campbell, Cody Barnhardt, SFC Patrice PV2 Jacob O‘Neal. Brown, 2LT Daniel Carpenter, SPC The next company FRG meeting Paul Clerkin, PFC Heather Copen- is on 11 October at the HSC, 277 haver, PFC Vernon James, PFC ASB classroom, Building 20345, Brandon Jones, PV2 Jacob O‘Neal, Anaconda Road (on the airfield). If CPT Michael Palmieri, CPL Brittany families would like free child care, Roberts, SGT Allen Saito, PV1 Joey please contact Ms. Michele Gallo-By CPT Natalie Nissen Sam, SGT Jerry Shore and PV2 Ra- way, 774-1206. Child Care ContractsHSC Company Commander keem Wiley. must be in thirty days prior to an Unfortunately we have to say event. Names are due fifteen days Families of HSC 277 ASB, goodbye to the following Soldiers, prior to an event. HSC is in need ofOctober is definitely bringing in SGM Randolph Adams, SPC Devin volunteers, specifically key callers.the fall weather. Children are in Harris, MSG Melvin Pagan, SPC Key callers are the people who haveschool and holidays are around the Albert Tremlett, SPC Dana a set amount of spouses/family mem-corner. We were pleased to wel- Womack, PFC Crystal Gallardo, bers that they are responsible forcome COL(P) Piatt on 12 Septem- 2LT Timothy McDonald, SGT Vic- calling when any information isber who presented the FORSCOM tor Molina, SGT Jasmine Moore, needed to be passed out and/or up-Army Award for Maintenance CW3 Dari Pfeiffer, SPC Scott Stew- dated. If anyone is interested, pleaseExcellence to Soldiers in the mo- art and 2LT Matthew Vishnevsky. contact myself or our FRG leadertorpool, arms room and Chemical, On 21 September we had the op- Dawnmarie Degrave.Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear portunity to promote SPC Alexis(CBRN) room. Alford, SPC Matthew Jeffrey, SPC Natalie Nissen I would like to welcome the Joshua Seal, PFC Alisha Burgess, Talon 6following Soldiers and their fami- PFC Bryanna Gibson, PFC Richard (315)774-1465lies, PV2 Jediel Acevedo, CPT Family Readiness Group NotesDawn Marie DeGrave cially during the holiday season. I easy, but crucial position in orderHSC FRG Leader am open for suggestions for any to keep information flowing for our events/ideas. families. If anyone is interested,Hello Everyone, Some of our Soldiers had to go please contact me through email or Hope all is well with each of to different areas for training notify through the unit The warm summer is gone which may have caused mixedand now it‘s almost fall. The emotions for some families. As the Until next month,trees are getting beautiful with FRG leader, I am prepared to help Dawn Marie DeGravetheir different colors. Along with assist and guide our families with 315-777-6152this time of year is my favorite any and all situations that may, Halloween. We will be come up. I want the families ofdoing a Halloween haunted han- HSC to know that there is supportgar this year within the Battal- here and we as a FRG team areion. Some of it is kid friendly so here for support any time. I be-the little ones dont get scared. lieve that if the Soldiers and fami- We will also be doing a spe- lies stick together through anycial event for our Single Sol- situation, then we as a group candiers. For this event, we would make it through anything.need some volunteers to help us On another note, if there is any-make it memorable. We really one looking to have some volun-need to come together so we can teer time or just wanting to makeget more ideas on what we can our team better we are in need ofdo for the I single TSoldiers espe- L BER Y TIMES Key Callers. This position is an
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 29 PAGE 3Alpha Company - AtlasBy CPT Bryan Bolin one of you. Jennifer will be sending outA Company Commander contact emails to everyone and we will begin to schedule monthly FRG meet- Soldiers and Families of Alpha Com- ings. I look forward to working withpany. everyone! This will be my last newsletter “On our shoulders!”article before my Change of Com-mand. I want to thank all of you for CPT Byron Mulderall your support over the past months.I have enjoyed working with you and 315-774-1041our Soldiers and want to extend my gratitude for all your hardwork. It was a pleasure to be yourCommander and I wish all of you thebest of luck. CPT Mulder will be replacing me.He and his wife Jennifer are greatadditions to the Alpha Company Fam-ily. I know that Alpha Company is ingood hands and I know you will allcontinue to excel. Greetings Alpha Company Soldiersand Family Members, my name isCPT Byron Mulder. My wife Jenniferand I are pleased to be joining theAlpha Company Family. Jenniferwill be stepping in as the Alpha Com-pany FRG Leader and we both lookforward to meeting each and every Alpha Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesJennifer Mulder FRG meeting on Thursday October 11th atA Company FRG Leader 6:00 pm. I look forward to meeting lots of new people and getting to share thoughtsGreetings from Alpha Company FRG! about the future of our FRG. I hope to see The month of September brought some many of you at the meeting and can‘t wait tochange to our FRG. My name is Jennifer share all the great things that Alpha Com-Mulder, and I am the new FRG leader for pany and 277 ASB Battalion have plannedAlpha Company. I am excited to be work- for its soldiers and families in the near fu-ing with the wonderful soldiers and families ture.of Alpha Company. My husband has beenin the military for 14 years, and we are ex- Our Soldiers, Our Family, On Our Shoulderscited about our new home here in FortDrum, the best kept secret in the Army so Jennifer Mulderwe have been told. A little about myself, I 423-506-0034am a Pre- K teacher at Po Valley CDC and jenblossom1981@yahoo.comhave a handsome 10 month old son Luke,and 2 wonderful stepsons Jaxon and Wyatt.We as a family are looking forward to work-ing with all of you to make Alpha Companya strong FRG and a great resource for oursoldiers and families. We will be having a
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Bravo Company - Hangar Rats By MAJ Del Boyer Army Commendation Medal diers we wel- B Company Commander and the Army Achievement come a new Medal were awarded respec- child into our Greetings Hanger Rat Fami- tively to SGT Sanders and PFC Army family. lies: Kopper as they transitioned out Eli Brook, at a The summer is officially of the Army. The Army healthy 5 lbs 9 over and the company is con- Achievement Medal was also oz, was born 20 September 2012 tinuing to change in person- awarded to SPC Havens for his at Samaritan Hospital to PFC nel. We‘ve had a busy couple PCS. David Brook and his wife of weeks behind us and the We also received and wel- Melissa. Congratulations! pace shows no sign of slow- comed outstanding Soldiers to ing down. This past month our formation this summer. We we‘ve participated in a multi- tude of ranges and somehow squeezed in a bit of fun. 1SG Snyder guiding his boat On 14 September we had a into the raging might of the great turnout for our company Black River while SFC Spak fun day with 58 Soldiers takes the bull by the horns and working on their team build- SSG Tarlton fears for her life. ing and communication skills while whitewater rafting down the Black River. The company distributed welcomed 1LT Donohue, SPC multiple awards this past Haney, PFC Reuger, PFC Muel- month to Soldiers as they de- ler and PV2 Quintero. Our MAJ Del P. Boyer parted the unit in route to newest additions are greatly Hangar Rat 6 their next duty station and to welcomed to the family. (315) 772-4239 those leaving the Army. The In addition to our new Sol- Bravo Company Family Readiness Group Updates Karri Boyer We‘d like welcome a new addi- vided. Childcare is free at all B Company FRG Leader tion to our Bravo family. Eli FRG meetings! Our FRSA needs Brook, at a healthy 5 lbs 9 oz, was 30 days notice, with names two Bravo Company Happenings!!! born 20 September 2012 at Samari- weeks prior to each FRG meeting On September 14, Bravo Com- tan Hospital to PFC David Brook event. Please Email pany took to the water! 58 rafters and his wife Melissa. Congratula- for enjoyed the waves and many more tions! more information ASAP. rallied together at the Dexter raft- FRG Meeting: The next meeting Volunteers Big thanks to any- ing company grounds to BBQ, will be OCT 11 @ 1700 at the one who said they wanted to help play, and socialize together. All Crescent Woods Community Cen- with key-calling! Many spouses together 150 or so from the Bravo ter, on Arbor Lane-just behind the came out to ACS to train and oth- family enjoyed a late summer day PX and commissary. At this meet- ers are signed up to train at the on the river! Thanks to the BBQ ing expect to meet & greet others, next class; which is November 9th experts for cooking! Thanks to all maybe win a prize, celebrate new- @ 2 or 5 PM at ACS. Calls will families who joined us & those that comers, new babies, and plan for be happening to ‗test‘ our call provided sides/food & drinks! It fun events over the holidays on the roster. If you are interested in was a wonderful north-country way! Pastry chefs, bakers, and helping Bravo company, call ACS afternoon together. candy-makers ~ please bring a little to register for the next class, 772- Our next company outing is of the sweet goodness from your 0470/2848. tenatively set for the new Clayton home. Dessert pot-luck for anyone Mrs. Boyer, FRG leader, is al- L I B E R T Y T I M E S October riverside pavillion in mid- interested in sharing. Hot and cold ways ready to hear from you – use —TBA. drinks + table wares will be pro- the above email.
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 29 PAGE 5 Charlie Company - Ravens (HCLOS) team, consisting of Specialist Adela Lira to enjoy some great food, and hopefully great desserts! and Specialist Ramona Gately. The team did an There is also an indoor playground for children. If outstanding job deploying their equipment and you don‘t think you can make it right at 4:30, that‘s providing critical communications that allowed ok, the first hour will just be a social hour to enjoy the Task Force Six Shooter to effectively support the food, so show up when you can! I hope to see all of ground maneuver elements preparing for future you there. combat operations during the training exercise. As some of you know, our FRG Leader, MeganBy CPT Matthew Thompson Back here at Fort Drum, the Ravens have been Wilson, has had a challenging pregnancy and we‘veC Company Commander all over, supporting numerous aerial gunnery exer- asked for a co-leader to step in to help her out. Jamie Fall is in the air, but it might feel more like cises, combat lifesaver training, military vehicle Elkhill, Specialist Kevin Elkhill‘s wife, has agreed towinter to those just returning from training in the driver‘s training, running rifle ranges, and prepar- step in and help out. So I‘d like to personally thankhot Mojave Desert at our National Training Center ing and deploying another CPN to NTC to provide and recognize her for volunteering her time to help us(NTC) in Fort Irwin, California. Sergeant Aaron communications to our brigade‘s Task Force Phoe- out and help get the whole team ready to deploy. WeKalinowski‘s Command Post Node team spent the nix who is supporting our 2nd Brigade Combat are also looking for some Key Callers to help with themonth of September providing communications Team during rotation 13-01. We also sent a team to monthly call out. Fortunately, the Raven‘s are a smallsupport to our brigade‘s Task Force Six Shooter, support the brigade‘s Tactical Command Post band of brothers and sisters, so that doesn‘t take toowho was providing Aviation support to the 1st (TAC) providing reach back communications to much time, but is still critical to getting the messageBrigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division our Joint Network Node (JNN) team supporting the out, especially once we deploy.during rotation 12-10. It was a great training op- brigade‘s Tactical Operation‘s Center here on the We are in a demanding time, an intensive trainingportunity for the team, which also consists of Ser- airfield to enable Mission Command for the bri- cycle, which has kept us working long hours andgeant Steven Williams, Specialist Edward God- gade‘s Aviators conducting High Altitude Moun- spending time away from home. It is definitely chal-frey, and Specialist Shereena Martinek and was tain Environmental Training at Fort Carson, Colo- lenging, but its purpose is to get us ready to go to theaugmented by our High-Capacity Line of Site rado. fight and to ensure we all come home safe. That said, I‘d especially like to thank all of our family I do sincerely thank all of you for the support you give member‘s that turned out last month for our FRG to your Soldier, it takes the whole team to fight andOnline VMIS FRG meeting at the company. This month we will be having our meeting at the Monument Ridge Com- win, and each of you are a part of that team, and I recognize the sacrifices that come with that commit-Volunteer Registration munity Center, on Thursday, October 11, 2012. We will release at 1530 (3:30 PM) and then meet at ment, so again, thank you! And I hope to see you all at the FRG meeting at Monument Ridge on the 11th! the community center at 1630 (4:30 PM). We willVisit have a potluck, so please put on your baking orThere are options to Login with your cooking hat and make a special treat and come outusername and password or Register ifyou don‘t have a profile. Charlie Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesFill out your information. By Jamie Elkhill Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday, C Company Co-FRG Leader October 11th, 4:30pm at Monument RidgeWhen you‘ve created a profile, click on Community Center. Please consider becoming Hello everyone!―Volunteer‖ on the top right section of a Key Caller for our unit. Communication is My name is Jamie Elkhill and Ithe page. This will take you to the Vol- vital to our unit being a strong family. am from Hampton, Virginia. Myunteer Management Information System husband is SPC Elkhill and we have a Until next month-(VMIS) three month old German shepherdClick on ―Opportunity Locator‖ puppy named Peanut. We have been Jamie Elkhill at Fort Drum since June of this year. 757-759-1086Select ―Fort Drum‖ under Military I have almost completed an associ-Community and ―FRG: 10 AVN– 277‖ ate‘s degree in psychology and wouldunder the Organization and click Search. like to continue on to a Bachelors andChoose the volunteer position you‘d like Masters degree in the same apply for. When the new page loads, Eventually, I would like to be a coun-click Apply. selor for both Soldiers and Military Families.Check out the FRSA Flash! My ultimate goal is to provide aidThe 277th ASB FRSA Flash has lots of and encouragement to our Soldiersin-formation and is our Bi-weekly News- who have served overseas and areletter for our Family Members and Sol- wounded in a way no one can seediers. If you are not receiving the FRSA directly. I‘m stepping in to help outFlash, please contact the 277th FRSA Megan while she finishes up herMichele Galloway at 315-774-1206 or pregnancy and I‘m excited to get know everyone and be part of the Raven FRG team!
  6. 6. PAGE 6 FORGIVINGDID YOU KNOW? By SPC Holle, Christopher things that hurt us very deeply. against us. For if you forgive menArmy Community Service Chaplain‘s Assistant Sometimes people make mistakes when they sin against you, your(ACS) has clinical Military "Forgiveness is Gods inven- that upset us. But we must for- heavenly Father will also forgiveFamily Life Consultants tion for coming to terms with a give them or we carry the heavy you. But if you do not forgive(MFLCs) available for walk- world in which, despite their consequence unforgiveness men their sins, your Father willin confidential consults? If best intentions, people are un- brings. not forgive your sins. (Matthewyou feel you need some- fair to each other and hurt each To forgive someone you must 6:14-15 NIV) It‘s apparent from other deeply. He began by for- fully forgive them. Some aren‘t God‘s word that we must forgiveone to talk to or are hav- giving us. And he invites us all clear on how to completely for- others because our God and Fa-ing marital problems, give. It is not forgiveness if you ther forgives. "Do not judge and to forgive each other." Lewisplease call them at 315-212 say ―I forgive the person but I you will not be judged. Do not B. Smedes-6919 or just stop by M-F There‘s always going to be will let God deal with them.‖ If condemn, and you will not be8 a.m. – 8 p.m. someone that upsets us and we you want God to judge and pun- condemned. Forgive, and you will don‘t want to forgive them. But ish them, that is not forgiveness. be forgiven. Give and it will beACS also has a Financial this creates a root of bitterness If you say things like, ―I forgive given to you. A good measure,Readiness Program that that can grow in a person be- the person but I do not want to pressed down, shaken togetherprovides free counseling or cause of unforgiveness. This see them or talk to them again.‖ and running over, will be pouredadvice on financial matters? root of bitterness can block the What if God said to you I forgive into your lap. For with the sameThey can provide all types flow of any peace from getting you but I am going to avoid you measure you use, it will be meas-of financial assistance: pull into your heart. It also blocks and not speak to you, would you ured to you." (Luke 6:37-38 NIV) the flow of God through you, feel forgiven? Saying you for- Start fully forgiving and you willcredit reports, budgeting, making it difficult to experi- give a person but still holding see the change it will make indebt management, invest- anger and hateful feelings to- your life. Above all, love each ence Gods love for, etc. Call 772-0050 for wards them is not forgiveness. other deeply, because love covers Failing to forgive can lead tomore info. depression. Many people have When you fully forgive someone, over a multitude of sins. (1 Peter yet to forgive others and are anger is replaced with pity for NIV) unaware of the side effects of them. Until next month, that are occurring deep inside. We must forgive everyone that SPC Holle, Chaplain‘s AssistantBehavioral Health Con- Sometimes people do and say offends us, and everyone that sinstacts: Suicide Resources/Hotlines CONTACT INFORMATION BN Staff Duty 774-1200Connor Clinic Appoint- 24-hour BDE Staff Duty 774-1100ment Line: 315-772-2778 FRSA 774-1206 email FRG LeadersAfter Hours Emergency HSC – Dawn Marie DeGrave cell: 315-777-6152;Services (Holidays and Before 9:00 A Co – Jennifer Mulder, cell 423-506-0034, JENBLOSSOM1981@YAHOO.COMpm: Acute Care Clinic, B Co—Karri Boyer-cell: 315-767-6067, Bco.277_frg@yahoo.com315-772-5236 C Co—Jaime Elkhill cell: 757-759-1086; Megan Wilson-cell: 818-279-3927, M-MURDOCK@HOTMAIL.COMAfter 9:00 pm: SamaritanMedical Center Emer- FRG Advisorsgency Department: 315- Marion Harris - cell: 315-955-9106; MISSA93DE@YAHOO.DE785-4100 Diana Ortiz – cell: 571-228-1962, email dianaortiz2410@gmail.comLocal 24-Hour Crisis Line:315-785-4516National Suicide Preven- BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTHtion Lifeline: 1-800-273- DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTHTALK LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH NATIONAL DIABETES MONTHSuicide Prevention ActionNetwork (SPAN): STAY HEALTHY THIS MONTH! LIBERTY TIMES
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 29 PAGE 7 October 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 DONSA 67 8 HOLIDAY 9 KEY 10 11 12 13 CALLER CLASS14 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 BN ORG 27 DAY28 29 30 31 Training/Classes FRG Suspenses HALLOWEEN BDE/BN/CO FRG Meet- ings/Training/Events Community Events Upcoming Key Caller Need Help? Call or visit Military Class Dates: Family Night Every Tuesday, 5-9pm, at October 9th OneSource to find infor- the Commons. All Classes are at ACS from mation about taxes, par- Oktoberfest Dinner Special, October 2-3:30 p.m. or 5-6:30p.m. enting, deployments, 3, 5-9pm, at the Commons. finances, taxes, counsel- Middle School Dance, Grades 6-8, Oc- Call Mobilization and Deployment to ing, PCS moves & more! tober 6, 7-10pm at the Youth Center. register at 315-772-0470. EFMP Support Group, October 9, Personal Financial Counselor is avail- 6pm, at ACS. able . Call him at 315-523-3765 to Federal Employment Workshop, Oc- help set up a budget, check your tober 11, 9:30-1130am, at ACS. credit, develop a plan to get out of Clothing Give Away Drop Off, Octo- debt, get started investing, or what- ber 1-14, 8:00am - 4:30pm, at ACS. ever you need assistance with. You can also always call Financial Readi- ness at 772-0050 for this same type of assistance.
  8. 8. PAGE 8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continued Receiving these joyous news and a supported each other during the exciting the phone or saw them through Skypecall from a dear military spouse who is nine months. Looking back it was not easy while delivering their baby. Many ofnow expecting her fourth child in Thai- to expect your baby in a foreign country these communication channels were pre- pared through the FRG, as they madeland made me think about how military where most hospitals are off post; they sure that the Soldier was on the phone orfamilies experience these important mo- mostly speak Korean and have other tradi- next to the computer and could at least bements in life in all kinds of places and tions when it comes to delivering a baby in some way closer to his wife when thecircumstances. It makes a big difference and dealing with pain (the Korean culture baby arrived. Also when Soldiers areto a pregnant spouse to have a good sup- does not believe in pain management). Also deployed and their spouses have new-port system when she is moving her home your family is very far away to visit and borns or young children at home it isfrom base to base. Sometimes the only support you before and after the delivery. I comforting for them to know that they can reach out to the FRG in case of areliable support a family has nearby is the encountered situations in which very young family emergency. Through these andFRG and its members. spouses had literally no one and called me many more actions the FRG members In our case our family moved seven the day of the delivery of their baby asking can help the expecting mothers feel a bittimes in the past 10 years and I was a me to look after their first son or daughter more sheltered at home no matter wherepregnant spouse in three very different while they rush to the hospital. Another she is.Family Readiness Groups. In one I was family called me from the government pro- Currently, we have over 30+ Soldiers and spouses pregnant in our Battalion.called, welcomed and immediately vided temporary rooms on post sharing with Lets create a strong team of volunteers tothrown a baby shower so I got to know me that they had somehow spend their sav- support expecting families during theother spouses two weeks after arriving in ings and had no money left. I took what I coming months! If you have somethingAL. In KS I remember meeting a young could find in our fridge and pantry to make you would like to do like for examplepregnant girl while our husbands were on sure they would have a healthy meal in ad- you can sew blankets, babysit for a fewduty the same weekend and only a few dition we invited them over for dinner. We hours, like to organize Baby Showers orweeks later she called me up the night she left more food and other necessary items at prepare meals then please share your interests, gifts and wishes with your FRGwent into labor offering me the option to that shelter to support other expecting moth- leader. They will be excited to let youhold her hand and be inside the room ers while they were all alone waiting for the know how you can make a difference!while she gave birth to her first son at contractions to start and to deliver their If you are one of the expecting spousesnineteen years of age. It was an unforget- maybe first child. All in all, I look back and need help in any way, please do nottable moment and very dear to my heart. today and realize that although there was no hesitate to contact either your CompanyFor me it was an exciting first view to the active FRG, our family and other neighbors FRG leader or our FRSA Michele. If webirth of a baby and for her a needed acted as a small FRG for many spouses. know your needs - we can help! Wishing you all a wonderful end offriend in a new place and new stage of What a difference it makes to an expecting summer and beginning of fall & will seeher life. A year later that FRG group in military spouse or a female Soldier to have you all again at our Battalion Fall Organ-KS prepared for me a baby shower even people celebrating and supporting them izational Day (October 26th from 2-6pmthough my husband had received orders during this special time! FRG members can mark your calendars!)and we were supposed to move two be a second family if the first family is far Military Coloring Page for Kids –months later. In TX the FRG prepared away or unavailable to travel. Contest! Have your kids color the Eagle Drawing on page 13 in any creative way.wonderful baby blankets that had a cozy So many small actions can be done! Write her/his name & age and bring orsoft neutral fabric on one side and the Here are some ideas - supporting an expect- email the colored Eagle to our FRSAmilitary pattern with the Company crest ing mother during the last months if she Michele Galloway. Our Command Teamon the other side. Three amazing volun- needs bed rest, visiting newly parents at the will choose the 1st and 2nd best & uniqueteers created 20 of these very useful blan- hospital, sending a note, bringing a small page.kets for all the babies born within a year gift, leaving some balloons at their homein that Company. entrance or offering a meal for the first days Until next month, The most recent and different experi- - just to name a few. Dianaence while pregnant was last year in I have to admit that in between of theSouth Korea. There we had no active many moves and various deployments IFRG so two friends and myself decided have been lucky to have my husband by my side when I gave birth to our children but Ito throw our own baby shower and we do know many who had their husband onLIBERTY TIMES
  9. 9. PAGE9 BRAVO PICTURES SPC Becker clearly not having fun at a company MAJ Boyer, living proof that mid-thigh, baby blue function. Hawaiian swim suits are in fact still fashionable. SPC Henderson and crew cooked for theSPC Torres and wife. event.
  10. 10. PAGE10 CHARLIE PICTURES230: Specialist David Reynoso graduates from Air Assault 197: Private First Class Landon Griffin and Specialistschool and is awarded his qualification badge by his pla- Kevin Elkhill set up the Satellite Terminal Tacticaltoon sergeant Sergeant First Class Ramon Collazo. (STT) for their Command Post Node.206: Private First Class Alexander Troung receives pre- 223: Sergeant Frank Ervin makes adjustments to hisliminary marksmanship instruction on the M16 rifle before front sight post while zeroing his M16 rifle at thefiring at the range. range.
  11. 11. PAGE11 ALPHA PICTURES Top Left: AH-64 Apache Helicopter re- fueled by Alpha Company Soldiers. OH-58D Kiowa Helicopter leaving Al- pha Company refuel point. Bottom Left: UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter refueled by Alpha Company.
  14. 14. PAGE 14277th Aviation Support Battalion 277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade In February 2006, the 277th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VII, where it provided combat service and support to the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Falcon. The Unit redeployed in February of 2007 after earning the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker Award for best Aviation Battalion in 2006 and the Meritorious Unit Commendation.20125 Hangar Access Road In October 2008, the 277th ASB deployed to Iraq in sup-Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield port of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, where it providedFort Drum, NY 13602 support and combat services to the 10th CAB, Task Force Lightning. The unit redeployed in October 2009 and earnedPhone: 315-774-1206 the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker award for the BestFax: 315-774-1231 Combat Service Support Battalion for the work performedE-mail: during its 2008-2009 deployment.“Freedom and Liberty”