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Ppt karaoke game

  1. 1. Power Point Karaoke Game
  2. 2. How To Play PowerPoint KaraokeHow To Play PowerPoint KaraokeWe will need three Volunteers to PlayyDon’t worry there is no singing involved
  3. 3. How To Play PowerPoint KaraokeHow To Play PowerPoint KaraokeThe concept of Powerpoint Karaoke is simple.  p p pLet the participants make a unprepared presentation to a randomly chosen Powerpointpresentation. Let a jury make a judgment. Its all great fun!
  4. 4. How To Play PowerPoint KaraokeHow To Play PowerPoint KaraokeParticipants have to give a 3‐minute presentation  p g pon 10‐15 slides that they’ve never seen before. The slides will rotate without regard for the participants, and they’ll have to give it their best creative shot to come up with something creative shot to come up with somethingcoherent.
  5. 5. Let s Start PowerPoint KaraokeLet’s Start PowerPoint Karaoke Player One y
  6. 6. Sometimes your passion goes against the grain.
  7. 7. Let’s Do This!
  8. 8. Slide 4 EVOLVING CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION WHERE TO START Picket Fence mers Numbe of Custom Mass Marketing CRM Highest Value g es a ue er Customers Customer Value Source: Peppers & Rogers Group The PRISM Organization
  9. 9. You dY do not j t measure t just y your heart beat
  10. 10. so et es e asometimes we fail
  11. 11. The Outcome?
  12. 12. We have a problem
  13. 13. Next Player PowerPoint KaraokeNext Player PowerPoint Karaoke Player Two y
  14. 14. All you really need: y y + + Flickr: Insanity Theory KellyPuffs
  15. 15. customer partners relationships product selection content selling stuff mass Amazon.com management on the Web customer distribution warehousing Web2.0 Amazon S3 Internet API & distribution companies product search A9 product e-commerce data services Internet search sitesAmazon.com data grid selling stuff IT infra data storage fees marketing search engine revenues
  16. 16. we are all llcyborgs
  17. 17. Module 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking1. What is Thinking? 3. What is 2. Types of Thinking Critical Thinking? 7. Characteristics of a Critical Thinker 4. Critical Thinking g Standards 6. Barriers to 5. 5 Benefits of Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
  18. 18. likeelectricityin yourhouse!
  19. 19. Put your personality on stage
  20. 20. 1998 200K2001 300K2002 500K2007 ?? More & more IT projects are starting each year
  21. 21. Facial Expressions• Face is the index of Mind• The eyes the eyes, lips and the muscles express many feelings• It can also be deceived by p manipulation
  22. 22. 6 aspects of leading by example 1. Priorities 2. Urgency 3. problem solving 4. standards of performance p 5. Ethics 6. Co-operation
  23. 23. privacy on facebook
  24. 24. Critical Thinkers Uncritical Thinkers 1.7 Characteristics of a Critical ThinkerHave a passionate drive for clarity, precision, accuracy, Often think in ways that are unclear, imprecise,relevance, consistency, logicalness, completeness, and inaccurate, etc.fairness.Are sensitive to ways in which critical thinking can be Often fall prey to egocentrism, sociocentrism, wishfulskewed by egocentrism, sociocentrism, wishful thinking, thinking, etc.etc.Are intellectually honest with themselves, acknowledging Pretend they know more than they do and ignorewhat they don’t know and recognizing their limitations. their limitations.Listen open-mindedly to opposing points of view and Are close-minded and resist criticisms of beliefs andwelcome criticisms of beliefs and assumptions assumptions. assumptions. assumptionsBase their beliefs on facts and evidence rather than on Often base their beliefs on mere personal preferencepersonal preference or self-interest. or self interest.Are aware of the biases and preconceptions that shape Lack awareness of their own biases andthe way they perceive the world. preconceptions.Think independently and are not afraid to disagree with Tend to engage in ‘group think’, uncritically followinggroup opinion. the beliefs and values of the crowd.Are bl to t to the hA able t get t th heart of an issue or problem, t f i bl Are A easily di t t d and l k th ability t zero i on il distracted d lack the bilit to inwithout being distracted by details. the essence of a problem or issue.Have the intellectual courage to face and assess fairly Fear and resist ideas that challenge their basicideas that challenge even their most basic beliefs. beliefs.Love truth and curious about a wide range of issues. Are often relatively indifferent to truth and lack of curiosity.Have the intellectual perseverance to pursue insights or Tend to preserve when they encounter intellectualtruths, despite obstacles or difficulties. obstacles or difficulties.
  25. 25. Next Player PowerPoint Karaoke Player Three y
  26. 26. Why Exercise? ?
  27. 27. Reality isn’t always fun
  28. 28. Can you draw th ? these?
  29. 29. Have you ever heardanyone say, "His actions say Hisspoke so loudly I couldnt hear what he said?"
  30. 30. To find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media  500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media –which, incidentally, is what really destroyed the old world of kings and aristocracies. Technology is shifting power away  from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite.                  editors the publishers the establishment the media elite Now it’s the people who are taking          control.” – Rupert Murdoch
  31. 31. PowerPoint KaraokeGame Over Use your clickers to vote y Player 1? Player 2? Player 3?