My digital life


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My digital life

  1. 1. My Digital Life<br />
  2. 2. Top 10 Useful Technologies<br />
  3. 3. PicNik<br />PicNik is a website very commonly used for photo editing. I really like this website because it is easy to use and you can use your creativity. The website is pretty limited if you don’t sign up, and more effects become more available if you pay for the premium options.<br /><br />
  4. 4. Google<br />Google is a very multi-purpose website. You can search it for just about anything, including images, websites , information, maps, etc. Also, you can sign up for a Google account to make things more accessible to you.<br /><br />
  5. 5. YouTube<br />Youtube is also a very commonly used website. You can search Youtube for all kinds of videos. These include blogs, improv comedy, movie trailers music videos, instructional videos, educational videos and many more.<br /><br />
  6. 6. PhotoBucket<br />PhotoBucket is a pretty self explanatory website. You can search the site for any types of pictures by categories, or randomly. If you sign up for an account, you can upload your own pictures to share them with others and edit your photos.<br /><br />
  7. 7. Facebook<br />Facebook is a widely known social network. You sign up, and then you can post status’, play games talk to your friends and keep in touch with everyone. Photos and videos of you and your friends can be viewed by others, and you can even get Facebook on your phone.<br /><br />
  8. 8. Digital citizenship in my opinion is the standard of suitable, responsible behavior with regard to the use of technology. <br />Digital Citizenship<br />5 things that I will do to practice digital citizenship are:<br /><ul><li>I will protect my information from the outside world using virus protection, backups of data and surge control
  9. 9. I will not download music illegally from the internet or other programs.
  10. 10. I will not purchase illegal goods over the internet.
  11. 11. I will not use technology to perform illegal or discriminatory acts.
  12. 12. I will use technology to keep into contact with others, and events in the world.</li></li></ul><li>Classroom Paradise<br />You walk into your humanities 20-1 classroom, running ten minutes late because your phones alarm didn’t go off. All of your fellow classmates are working silently on their laptops, iPads or net books, and few of them are using their cell phones/GPS systems or event planning /calendar device type things. Two or three people are listening to their iPods or watching movies, ignoring the computerized lesson on the smart board while texting. Your teacher is sitting at his desk with an earpiece in, answer students questions that were sent over a student/teacher chat box and marking yesterdays assignments electronically. Some students chat with others over a network used for class discussion and debates. A notification computer voice comes over the intercom, and a flashing warning appears on everyone's screens signaling them to save their work and shut down their electronic devices because “class will be ending in approximately two minutes and seventeen seconds”. Finally the bell rings and all students pack up and get on their electronic scooters on their way to their next class.<br />
  13. 13. THE DARK SIDE<br />-PROBLEM 1<br />Some students may not have access or money to help pay for these items<br />SOLUTION<br />Start a donation fund to help supply products for these students. You have to apply for the donation.<br />-PROBLEM 2<br />What happens on a day when the wireless internet is down, or a students device isn’t working?<br />SOLUTION<br />Have alternative options other then technology used to learn, incase this happens. ( textbooks worksheets etc)<br />-PROBLEM 3<br />Many students will have different devices. How do you ensure everybody can access the same software and programs, as well as know how to use their device properly?<br />SOLUTION<br />When using technology in the classroom becomes a regular thing, set guidelines for what technology to use and which programs need to be installed. After this is complete, have a walk-through day and teach everyone how to use their device and programs.<br />