MEMBERSHIP IN TESOL Inc. - What Is In It For You?


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MEMBERSHIP IN TESOL Inc. - What Is In It For You?

  1. 1. MEMBERSHIP IN TESOL … What’s in it for You?
  2. 2. What is TESOL? • A professional association • A profession • A specialized field of study
  3. 3. History and Mission • Founded in 1966, TESOL is a global education association with nearly 14,000 members worldwide. • TESOL's mission is to develop and maintain professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide.
  4. 4. TESOL Values • professionalism in language education • individual language rights • accessible, high-quality education • collaboration in a global community • interaction of research and reflective practice for educational improvement • respect for diversity and multiculturalism
  5. 5. Why Did You Join TESOL? Was it for any of these reasons? • Keep up with the field? • TESOL publications? • Networking? • Professional development? • What other reasons? Here is how TESOL helps members do that…
  6. 6. Your TESOL Membership Benefits • Annual Convention and Exposition • Serial Publications • TESOL Publications • Education Programs & Professional Development • TESOL Resource Center • Leadership Training and Opportunities • Free Access to all Interest Sections • Affiliates • Career Services • Awards and Grants • Advocacy and Standards • Full-Time Professional Staff • Member Discounts • Web Site
  7. 7. Annual Convention The largest of its kind, the TESOL convention provides you with several days of educational experiences, access to the latest publications and software, and the opportunity to meet and become part of the global TESOL community.
  8. 8. Annual Convention • Expect an abundance of choices • Expect to meet many new friends • Expect to have questions • Expect to be tired but happy at the end of each day • Expect to take home many experiences to share with colleagues
  9. 9. Serial Publications Essential Teacher Essential Teacher offers a full array of thoughts on which English language teachers may reflect and instructional strategies that enable English language learners to make gains in learning through reading, technology, and classroom interaction.
  10. 10. Serial Publications TESOL Quarterly TESOL Quarterly, an optional member benefit available through subscription, provides a forum for TESOL professionals to share their research findings and explore ideas in English language teaching and learning.
  11. 11. TESOL Publications TESOL currently offers nearly 90 books for ESL and EFL educators. Written by experts in the field (including many TESOL members), these books provide current information on standards, technology, research, classroom practice, pedagogy, teacher education, assessment and professional development. Member discounts average 30% per title.
  12. 12. Education Programs & Professional Development You can participate in • Online Education Programs  Virtual Seminars  Webcasts  Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program • Academies Intensive workshops that cover the latest trends in teaching and technology
  13. 13. Education Programs & Professional Development • Symposia One day regional programs focused on a single topic offering forums for sharing insights about work and research on a given topic • Pre- and Postconvention Institutes  in-depth, hands-on professional development
  14. 14. TESOL Resource Center • Free online resource available to all members, that means YOU! • An online platform to find and share a variety of resources with peers in the profession • Contribute resources through a review process
  15. 15. Leadership Training and Opportunities TESOL offers many opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills, including the Leadership Development Certificate Program. Leadership opportunities serve a dual purpose of involving members in the association and securing recognition in the field as a whole.
  16. 16. TESOL Member Communities Interest Sections and Affiliates TESOL’s member communities are the perfect venues for you to network and share information and ideas with your colleagues.
  17. 17. Interest Sections • Applied Linguistics • International Teaching • Computer-Assisted Language Assistants Learning • Materials Writers • English as a Foreign Language • Nonnative English Speakers • English for Specific Purposes in TESOL • ESL in Bilingual Education • Program Administration • ESL in Higher Education • Refugee Concerns • ESL in Secondary Schools • Social Responsibility • ESOL in Adult Education • Speech, Pronunciation, and • ESOL in Elementary Education Listening • Intensive English Programs • Second Language Writing • Intercultural Communications • Teacher Education • Video and Digital Media
  18. 18. Interest Sections Why Should You Participate in an Interest Section (IS)? • Connect with members who do what you do • Learn from your peers through active participation in e- lists • Share your knowledge and experiences with others • Write for your interest section’s newsletter • Help provide content to the IS’s web site • Take a leadership role
  19. 19. STUDENTS…TESOL’s Future! • Why should students belong to a professional association? • So you are not alone • So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel • For leadership and professional development opportunities • For validation as professionals • For a voice to advocate for you and the field as a whole
  20. 20. Visit the Students area on the Web Site Find information on presentation opportunities at the convention, like the Graduate Student Forum and Doctoral Forum .
  21. 21. TESOL Affiliates TESOL has approximately 100 affiliates worldwide.
  22. 22. What are Affiliates? Affiliates are geographically based, autonomous organizations that support the mission of TESOL. TESOL and its affiliates enjoy a partnership that encourages members of one to join the other. But membership in one does not confer membership in the other, a point often confused by many.
  23. 23. Career Services TESOL Career Services assists you in seeking employment opportunities around the world via the online JobFinder job board, the Placement E-Bulletin newsletter, and the annual Job MarketPlace career fair.
  24. 24. Career Services • Post your resume, search for jobs, or just keep track of what is happening in the profession • Sign up for the Placement E-Bulletin which comes directly to your e-mail twice a month • The Job MarketPlace is an online job bank held in conjunction with the TESOL convention. • Free with your membership
  25. 25. Awards and Grants Program TESOL’s Awards and Grants program promotes the high standards vital to the development of the profession by providing financial support to graduate students, ESL/EFL professionals, materials writers, researchers, and others.
  26. 26. Awards and Grants Program TYPES OF AWARDS • Travel Grants • Research • Professional Development Scholarships FOR • Graduate Students • Researchers • Teachers and Trainers • EFL Professionals • All TESOL members
  27. 27. Advocacy and Standards TESOL’s advocacy efforts include the development of position statements on issues from the field, U.S. government relations, a standing committee on global issues and trends, the creation of content and program standards, and an online U.S. Advocacy Action Center.
  28. 28. Advocacy and Standards How does TESOL’s advocacy efforts help you? • Provides input into education policies and initiatives that impact ESL teaching at all levels • Represents the needs and concerns of the TESOL field to policy and decision makers • Issues position papers on hot topics like changes to student visa rules, language policy, professional equity and employment issues, and global issues like immigration reform
  29. 29. A Full-Time Professional Staff is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and is available to answer your questions as well as assist you in accessing additional resources and information.
  30. 30. Discount$! As a member of TESOL, you are entitled to substantial discounts on a variety of services and products. For example, members paid $295 for early registration while a non member had to pay $510; a $215 savings! Do the math…the member discount on the convention registration fee alone more than paid for your TESOL membership.
  31. 31. TESOL’s Web Site TESOL’s Web site contains up-to-date information on the association’s products, services, and activities. TESOL members have access to a searchable Member Directory and manage their own membership profile online.
  32. 32. THANK YOU FOR JOINING TESOL! For more information, please contact: TESOL Member Services 1925 Ballenger Ave., Suite 550 Alexandria, VA 22314-6820 USA Tel. +1 703-836-0774, 888-547-3369 Fax +1 703-836-6447 or -7864 E-mail Web site
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