Messaging365 Flyer February 2011


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Messaging365 Flyer February 2011

  1. 1. Teqnoco Net Ltd. Innovation in Business Centre Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland Telephone: +353 949 067 077www.messaging365.comWho we are? Messaging365 is a developer and service provider of direct mobile marketing and mobile self-service solutions that enables your business to connect with customers globally (irrespective of country, network or handset) in order to boost your sales and increase your customers’ loyalty. We develop services and mobile solutions using SMS and USSD technologies for all types of businesses, content providers and Mobile Network Operators. You may have already noticed the benefits of using SMS within your business but have you ever felt that this method just wasn’t enough to retain your existing customers and/or to boost your business? USS is totally interactive and it s the best way to get closer to your USSD it’s customers! Do you require a platform that will alow you to easily develop USSD portals and SMS related services with flexible billing? g Look no further – we have all you need. WEB PLATFORM CONSULTING • SMS and USSD Messagingg g • Corporate Campaigns Planner p p g • USSD Menu Builder • Personal account manager • Mobile CRM • Interactive strategies • Two-Way SMS and USSD • Development of Mobile Marketing Campaigns • SMS Coupons • Polls and Voting using USSD • USSD Surveys and Quizzes FULL SYSTEM INTEGRATION • p Real-time Reportingg • Subscription services • Optimises IT infrastructure and its operation • Call-back service • Reduces complexity • Push USSD Menus • Saves time • Create sub-accounts for your clients • Increases productivity *The main benefits of USSD over SMS are that it is: - Interactive - Ubiquitous - Measurable - Faster than SMS - Easy to use - Cheaper than SMS - Global - Free to end-usersCopyright © 2011 Messaging365
  2. 2. Teqnoco Net Ltd. Innovation in Business Centre Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland Telephone: +353 949 067 077 Why Wh USSD benefits your business? b fit b i ? - Response rate for USSD menus is 70-80% compared to 15-20% for SMS - Successful conversion rate for USSD is 10-15% compared to 3-5% for SMS - Achieve cost efficiencies at a Global Flat Rate, which is cheaper than SMS - Free for your customers, which increases business loyalty - Choice of offers within one menu - Browsing history is measurable To see a DEMO of how USSD works and to see its benefits simply dial +353-1-526-29-28 for FREE or text DEMO to +353-87-142-3333 and wait for the menu to arrive on your phone screen. GLOBAL USSD IN COMBINATION WITH S S G O SS CO O SMSCopyright © 2011 Messaging365