How to Serve the Millennial Customer: from CRM to IT innovation


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Providing customer service to Millennials has its challenges. The generation born 1980-2000 has grown up in a connected world, renowned for their social-media savvy and exceptional multi-tasking. Their digital coolness also comes with a few labels: impatient, demanding, and seekers of instant gratification. For many companies, the Millennial Generation is a game-changing force.

On the front end, should their unique attitude change how companies roll out customer service? On the back end, is IT stuck when it comes to serving this highly-wired community? What do Millennials expect and how can companies better respond?

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How to Serve the Millennial Customer: from CRM to IT innovation

  1. 1. How to Serve the Millennial Customer: from CRM to IT innovationWebinar overviewWatch! View on demand here.Originally recorded Nov 2012. Guillermo Valiente Peter (Scotch)Scocimara TELUS International | @TELUSint Google Apps for Business
  2. 2. Webinar overview We’ll look at 2 angles:  Outsidelooking in – what Millennials expect from customer service  Inside looking out – how business can adapt to this evolving consumer behavior2 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  3. 3. Understanding generations Baby Gen Y Gen Z Gen Alpha Gen X Boomers 1945-1964 1965-1979 1980 - 2000 2001 - 2010 2010 - 2020 Mass Media Era Micro Market Era Nanotechnology Development of mass production Cable TV Internet TV Advertising Social Networks Cellphones Smartphones Millennials are growing up and becoming a powerful financial force3 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  4. 4. Why Millennials matter to businessDid you know?  Gen Y will be 36% of all US workers by 2014, & projected to be 46% by 2020 - UNC & Young Entrepreneurs Council  By 2017, Millennials will have more spending power than any other generation - Gen BuY – Kit Yarrow & Jayne O’Donnell4 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  5. 5. Their frame of reference, culture & codes Influenced by reality shows They watch what they want when they want They are social 24/7, share opinions & ask for feedback Everything is one click away5 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  6. 6. Companies are paying attention  Business strategies are shifting6 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  7. 7. How can we serve them better?We’ll look at:  Top 5 customer service strategies for Gen Y  The right CRM channels  The importance of customer service training  Leveraging your own Millennials7 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  8. 8. The Google view  Consumerization of IT8 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  9. 9. What’s the impact on business?Big questions we’ll discuss:  Does your business align with these new consumer expectations?  Is it possible to work the way we live?9 On Twitter: #GenYCRM
  10. 10. Questions? Have a question for our speakers?  Email us –  Send a Tweet - @TELUSint Learn more at: TELUS International Google View on demand now!