Measuring Social Care in the Contact Center - webinar overview

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Webinar Overview: March 13, 2012. Expert panel from TELUS International, Oracle, and Kenna. Topic: Measuring Social Customer Service in the Contact Center - Metrics and ROI for Social Care.

Webinar Overview: March 13, 2012. Expert panel from TELUS International, Oracle, and Kenna. Topic: Measuring Social Customer Service in the Contact Center - Metrics and ROI for Social Care.

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  • 1. Measuring Social Care In the Contact Center Metrics & ROI for Social Customer Service Webinar: On-demand: Original air date: March 2012Webinar Panel:
  • 2. Webinar overview: Related white paper:  TELUS International white paper in partnership with Oracle Corporation & Kenna Inc.  Covers:  The push to serve through social channels  Metrics for running an effective social care program  Calculating ROI for social customer service Download at: 2 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 3. Webinar overview Measuring social care  Panel: Walter Van Norden Kim Keating Jim Rainville Director, Marketing Founder & CEO Principal Sales Engineer TELUS International Kenna Inc. Oracle Corporation 3 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 4. Webinar overview What we’ll cover  How traditional contact center metrics work for social care  How to use metrics to speak to (& convince) executives of social care benefits  How to develop a social ROI framework covering revenue generation, cost avoidance & total program costs  A look at @TELUSsupport  What’s next – where’s the technology? Oracle insights. 4 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 5. Webinar overview: The rise of social care in the contact center “ In 2010, only 5 percent of organizations took advantage of social/collaborative customer action to improve service … within five years we expect that community peer-to-peer support projects will supplement or replace Tier 1 contact center support in more than 40 percent of top 1,000 companies with a contact ” center. – Gartner 2011 5 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 6. Webinar overview: Measuring social care Start by viewing social care as another contact channel every ... in all contact ... to the right ...always on, always customer mediums support source aligned. contact... AGENT SELF-HELP Serve customers where they are, when they want, in a consistent manner 6
  • 7. Webinar overview: But still lots of big questions  What are the right metrics to track?  How do you measure performance when support can be provided by thousands of employees?  How do you track these conversations as they bounce around channels?  How do you connect revenue to conversations that happened in 140 characters?  How do you speak to C-levels about ROI? 7 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 8. Webinar overview – March 13 @ 10:45 am ET What are the key metrics?  Popular social media metrics such as “likes, followers & retweets” are good for measuring top-funnel activities but do not correlate to a successful social care program  Since social care is a new contact channel in a multi-channel service strategy, KPIs should complement longstanding contact center metrics  Using a contact center approach, social care metrics can be categorized into: 1 2 3 Service Quality Effectiveness Measures Measures Measures 8 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 9. Webinar overview: What’s the ROI of social care?  Benefits of a well-run social care program can be far reaching – from increases in market share to operational cost savings  Business cases require traditional formulas  We’ll discuss an ROI framework for social care 9 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 10. Webinar overview: Why TELUS sees value in social care? 7500 + resolutions Complaints are an "opportunity for #AWESOME" 10
  • 11. Webinar overview: What’s next. Where’s the technology?  Social care technology for the contact center has not kept pace  Most companies manually calculate metrics and build dashboards  Fortunately, technology is rapidly changing to automate these metrics  Oracle to share insights from their perspective 11 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 12. Webinar overview: Who are we? Why this panel? TELUS International delivers contact center outsourcing solutions to some of the world’s largest brands in the financial services, communications, consumer electronics & utilities industries. Oracle Corporation is developing a proof of concept product that merges social network listening with traditional contact center channels such as Click to Call and Click to Chat. Kenna Inc., through consulting and research services, helps organizations achieve excellence in their multi-channel contact strategies. 12 On Twitter: #scrmevent
  • 13. Watch now | download the white paper:Webinar:Original air date: March 2012Watch at: more about our social care & contact center practices: | @TELUSint