Cannes cmo summit


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Cannes cmo summit

  1. 1984: The conference
  2. 2006:TEDTalks
  3. 1500talks viewed1,400,000,000times
  4. But why?
  5. Actually, people love to learn.
  6. Make him a rock star
  7. Reach people everywhere.Flickr: Harris ShawReach people everywhere
  8. Evoke contagious emotions.
  9. feed the hunger for participation
  10. From: Jan PomianowskiTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  11. I’m a 19 year old student from Poland. I want to helpyou spread ideas. If you want me to, I can translatevideos into Polish.From: Jan PomianowskiTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  12. From: Stacy HongTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  13. I want to translate your videos into Korean.From: Stacy HongTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  14. From: Neil JordanTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  15. If I could provide you with Hebrew subtitles, wouldyou host subtitled versions of the TEDtalks?From: Neil JordanTo: TEDSubject: TranslationTEDThankYou
  16. TED Open Translation Project
  17. 40,000translationsin 100languagesby 9,000volunteer translators
  18.  Arabic  BulgarianChinese Dutch   French German  Greek  Hebrew  HungarianItalian  Japanese  Korean PersianPolish Portuguese Romanian  Russian Serbian SpanishTurkish
  19. Anwar Dafa-Alla900+ translations in Arabic
  20. Dear TED.We’d like to host anevent with you in Amsterdam.
  21. Dear TED.We’d like to host anevent with you in Brazil.
  22. Dear TED.We’d like to host anevent with you in China.
  23. 7000TEDx eventsin1900cities150countries50languages
  24. Ideas into action
  25. JR Inside Out Trailer
  26. REPLAY
  27. LearningLateral
  28. – Amanda PalmerThank you,I SEE YOU.
  29. – Meg JayTwentysomethingsare like airplanesjust leaving LAX...
  30. – Lesley HazeltonDOUBTis essentialto faith.
  31. – Sonia ShahREFRAMINGMalaria
  32. – George MonbiotRewilding.
  33. TED ConferencesTED Lifestreams in your companyTEDxTEDTalksTEDInstitute“Adopt a Fellow”Engagement with TED
  34. What’s next?
  35. Institute
  36. TEDx in a Box
  37. CUSTOM PLAYLIST: TED worked with BCG to curate custom collections of TED Talks that align@BCG
  38. By the Numbers@Intel
  39. TED@INTEL CHANNEL: Videos from the event areavailable in a special channel on Three ofthe talks were also selected to be featured on the home page.@Intel
  40. CUSTOM CONTENT:who traveled to India and Israel documenting the impact of technology onwomen in different cultures.@Intel
  41. InstituteDiscussion:Transforming Corporate Culture