Team Academy Facts

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Some facts and figures about Team Academy

Some facts and figures about Team Academy

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Team Academy Fact File
    • A special unit for Entrepreneurship in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
    • Founded in 1993 by Mr. Johannes Partanen
    • Leads to BBA and takes approx. 3,5 years.
    • There are approx. 180 young team entrepreneurs in 10 team companies.
    • Entrepreneurship rate in graduates is approx. 36%.
    • There are approx. 440 students in Partus adult-education programs
  • 3. ” Curriculum”
    • 1,5 year – laying the foundation
    • coach: encourage
    • 1 year – finding focus and training competence
    • coach: consult
    • 1 year – pre – incubator
    • or preparing for future job
    • coach: help crystallize learnings
  • 4.  
  • 5. Dialogue Learning by Doing Portfolio Entrepreneurship Intellectual Capital Individual / Learning Process Ideas Essays © Timo Partanen Learning Diary Learning Contract Applying theory into practise Books and reading plans
  • 6. Dialogue Learning by Doing One´s team Culture Network Company´s / Learning Process © Timo Partanen Sharing business-ideas Teams´s learning contract Working by using one´s team company as a tool Forging a business model
  • 7. Dialogue Learning by Doing Training in innovative knowledge community Co-production with the customer Network Report new innovations Ideas Community / Learning Process © Timo Partanen Dialogue sessions Giving Birth to new knowledge Actualization with the customer Systemisated new knowledge from the dialogue
  • 8. Learning Prosess
    • Learning takes place in real life with real people and real businesses.
    • Learning in Team Academy is mainly based on dialogue sessions, projects and theory.
  • 9. Really Different
    • No students but team entrepreneurs
    • No class rooms but open plan office
    • No teaching but learning
    • No teachers but coaches
    • No simulations but real business
    • No control but self-organizing
  • 10. GOAL The goal of Team Academy is to learn team entrepreneurship through your own team company.
  • 11. Vision 2013 Team Academy is the leading boundaries crossing top unit of team entrepreneurship in Europe