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Prefixes Prefixes Presentation Transcript

  • Teacher Shakira Perez Standard:Writing
  • • Prefixes are first syllables like “non-” and “re-” that have their own meaning.• Prefixes combine with words to create new meanings. 1. Pre + View = Preview (first look) 2. Super + Star = Superstar (top player)
  • • Prefixes add meaning to thousands of words.• Learn a few prefixes, and you open up the meaning of thousands of words.• The four most frequent prefixes are 97% of prefixed words!
  • 1. Anti = against : anti-war2. De = opposite : destroy3. Dis* = not, opposite of : disagree4. En(m) = cause to : encode, embrace5. Fore = before : forecast6. In(m) = in : intake, implant7. Inter = between : interact
  • 1. Anti A. between2. De B. cause to3. Dis* C. against4. En(m) D. in5. Fore E. before6. In(m) F. not7. Inter G. opposite
  • 8. Mid = Middle : Midway9. Mis = Wrongly : Mistake10. Non = Not : Nonsense11. Over = Over : Overlook12. Pre = Before : Preview13. Re* = Again : Return14. Semi = Half : Semicircle
  • 8. Mid A. Wrong9. Mis B. Center10. Non C. Not11. Over D. Half12. Pre E. Again13. Re F. Above14. Semi G. Before
  • 15. Sub = Under : Submarine16. Super = Above: Superstar17. Trans = Across : Transport18. Un* = Not : Unfriendly19. Under = Under : Undersea20. In, Im, Il, Ir * = Not : Injustice, Impossible, Illiterate, Irreligious.
  • Remember:A root word is a word that has a prefix, suffix, or both added to it. Underline the root words in the following slides. Circle the prefix or suffix.
  • dismountunloadingtramping
  • dismountunloadingtramping
  • disappointment unfriendly beloved
  • disappointment unfriendly beloved
  • 1. I have a different idea; I __agree.2. That can’t be; it’s just __possible.3. Say that again; please __peat it.4. Aliens look bad; they are __friendly.5. Tina took the car since she want__ it.6. Now the car is run__ down the road.7. Tina is in a hurry; she’s driving quick__.8. Do you think that she has any ticket__?
  • How did you do? If you need more practice, visitSearching for Root Words or Words and Roots.