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Top 10 Questions Transworld

  1. 1. 10 TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT TRANSWORLD 1. I do my own collection letters, so why We offer the power of third-party intervention, which gets should I use Transworld? substantially better results than efforts from your own office. After 35 years in the business, we know our written demands are extremely effective. And we can take tough accounts to verbal demands or even through litigation, if necessary. 2. What are your fees for written Our fees are fixed and average less than $12 per account, demands? regardless of the balance or location of the account. Transworld does not charge the usual 30% to 50% commissions typical of traditional collection agencies. 3. How can Transworld charge With more than 60,000 clients nationwide, GreenFlag works on only $10 an account? a high-volume basis and can extend the savings directly to you. 4. What recovery rate can I expect? Our rates are the highest in the industry! Barron’s magazine wrote that GreenFlag “gets an average 56% of the value of the overdue accounts.” Compare that to the typical collection agency rate of 14%, according to the American Collectors Association. 5. How does the Transworld system GreenFlag guarantees to make at least five contacts with your work? customers on a fixed schedule during a 2 1/2-month period. Our system starts early when there’s the best chance of quick recovery. 6. What if I already have a collection Many of our clients were using other agencies, but switched to agency? GreenFlag when they discovered our low fixed fee compared to the high commissions they were paying. 7. How do I keep from alienating my GreenFlag has developed a very diplomatic third-party customers after turning them over to approach designed to recover your money without alienating Transworld? your customers. Best of all, you are in control of the process at all times, deciding which customers to contact and when. 8. What types of accounts does GreenFlag collects all types of slow-paying or delinquent Transworld handle? accounts from a diverse group of service and retail businesses as well as medical and dental practices. 9. How do I pay for the service? Most customers pay their GreenFlag fees in advance via check or credit card, but we also will work on payment plans. Special discount pricing for associations. 10. What if I have a small business and I We provide cost-effective solutions for every business - small, only have a few “bad” accounts? medium or large. Kenneth D. Middleton, District Sales Manager 2001 N. Front Street Bldg. 1, Ste. 111, Harrisburg PA. 17102 Off: 717-236-3759 Cell: 717-433-1368 Fax: 717-236-3767 Email: © 2005 TransWorld Systems Inc. (Rev 06/2005) The Transworld Systems and GreenFlag logos are registered service marks of Transworld Systems Inc. NYC License No. 1155022